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  1. I think I found the solution, I thought about taking something with fast fire rate and hoping that small amount of time would be enough, but then I realized Taking something with innate punch through (Lanka in my case), if I line the shot up right I can kill the dargyn and the pilot within the time frame. I used max range / duration Limbo to freeze them with Banish / Stasis (Mod for negative strength as sometimes the pilot will just die from the banish damage) then it was really easy to line up a good shot. Thanks for the help!
  2. Hi friends, I received a riven mod from today's sorties and I'm having trouble completing the challenge. As the title implies, the challenge is "Kill 5 Dargyn pilots before they hit the ground". I cant shoot the pilot out of the Dargyn because that doesn't count, I tried Limbo shenanigans to no avail, and it seems that no matter what, whenever I try to kill the Dargyn so the pilot will fall and then I can kill them, the Dargyn exploding instantly kills the pilot which also doesn't count. Any suggestions?
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