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  1. fortuna update ++ riven disposition changes -- DE trying to make some weird balance
  2. i think that will be great or in the same chat add filters for each type of item
  3. every modification ( not correction) on a skin already in the market it's a disrespect to all players
  4. Wonderful Designer Glyph Pack, This Will Make a Fine Addition To My Collection
  5. its hard to put these links in order? another request: complete the job and add a prime/umbra details toggle for umbra.
  6. IGN ► Simione MR ► 24 Country ► Brazil Current Clan ► Remnants of the Void Time played ► 1200 hours Member since► 2013 Discord ► Simione#0778 Want to join ► Quasars or Quasars Lite I will be honored to be part of your ranks.
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