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  1. We just finished a run of 1 hour index. The Hotfix came at ~59:40 minutes. We would then got a host migro, every one ending up in his own mission. As Titania. 50 points to go to finish. also, half the group did not load into the mission, ended up in their ship, had to deploy the hotfix -rejoin blocked- and lost everything. That was the hardest and most bitter earned autogramm poster.
  2. invisible boss: http://prntscr.com/ns3w04 so, we decided to jump trough with operators to perhaps do something to him...
  3. http://prntscr.com/ns3w04 so, is it intended for the boss to be invisible and invincible...?
  4. I dont get why you would "fix'the phase one skip. At least make only 1 thermia destroy all the ice then...
  5. Awesome, cant wait for 8-man action if that ever comes back tho. RaidRaidRaidRaidRaidRaidRaidRaidRaidRaidRaidRaid
  6. Thanks again! Anything new to Raids? hohoho
  7. Please make the Cutscene of that backyard room skippable, at least on second visit...
  8. Thanks for the quick fix, we had to autosolve the ai spawn problem with a restart 😃
  9. Thanks, i cant wait to hunt down those spiders even tho it sounds like theres only 1 huntable right now? (currently patching) Mesa Prime, YIKES! :DDD How about some fixed Raids? 🎅
  10. Thanks as always! ...Please give a meaning for those poor Ventkids tho, right now the only reason to gear up there is mr exp. How about Rivens on maxrank for 25k influence?
  11. Awesome work,... Remember that collecting Animals in the vallis (especially Kubrodons) often bugs the lobby and leads to no spawning of the capture animal or not being able to loot it.
  12. So, there are game freezes and server connection issues all over the place. for me, for clan mates, and porpably others too. #fixpls
  13. Please either increase the dropchance in bounty #3 for Medical debts or make the more often obtainable on ticker. Awesomework tho, especially thanks for fixing the fetch mod and the ui bug :)
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