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  1. It's nice that we can buy another octavia blueprint from cephalon Simaris, but... we still need a mandachord to build Octavia. We can currently only obtain one from the quest and only once. So basically we need a part that we can't get. Could you please add the mandachord and its parts to Simaris' offerings (or literally anywhere besides the quest)? Because currently the Octavia blueprint is just a waste of standing.
  2. I've noticed that with almost every unvaulting we're getting less and less farming options. During the previous unvaulting we were able to get them from bounties, farming them that way was actually fun and effective (you pick which relic you want to farm, the locations changed ocasionally so it didn't get boring quickly, good drop chances and a possible bonus reward if you're good enough), but now we are forced to grind the same mission over and over and over for a specific relic with 10% drop chance or even lower. Combine that with actually opening the relic and now there's no reason to farm these. It's better to farm literally anything tradable and get the necessary plat to buy the unvaulted items.
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