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  1. For what the game is right now the problem is not AOE weapons but the maps themselves. Take Helene for example...it's literally just 4 walls with two stairs that bring in a room even smaller. Even if you're there with your rubico and the other 3 with a Soma...your'e the one that is going to get overshadowed in the killing department, it's not the explosions the problem, the problem is that in missions where the maps is THAT small with walls computers everywhere it's always going to be harder for you to kill with a sniper rifle and for that matter, incredibly easy for the guys with their somas. of couse the game is not only Helene but most maps are corridors and small rooms...there are big rooms and even open worlds where you're the one that will benefit the most from the enviroment. but again....of course in a game where we invade spaceships and kill everyone inside them it's mostly going to be a problem for you and your sniper rifle.
  2. Because you like to use sniper rifles. asking DE to nerf guns just because you don't like to play with them it's really not it. For example...i really don't like Wukong because it's overused and for people that want to play afk. Why should i ask DE to take away someone's favorite frame just because i don't like him? i totally get that sometimes it gets annoingly overused to use determinate frames or weapons but my tip on that is to just play solo until you feel ready to go back in coop and deal with everyone's choices. if DE starts to deal with everyone's likings the game is going to become a toxic-fueled game where we only ask to nerf to the ground everything just because we don't like them. And you really don't want that.
  3. Never in my life i thought i would see someone getting mad because they get buffed...
  4. i like that people can decide what to play without worring about blowing themselves up. the fact that Ogris exists doesn't mean that the Rubico is trash. you can play with all the snipers in the world and still have your fun and people can play with their Ogris and have their fun. why should we advocate for taking away the fun of others just because we don't enjoy what they enjoy?
  5. or...DE can leave it as it is, since 95% of guns, AOE or not, are viable and very powerful people can actualy decide what weapons to use based simply on their necessity or liking. Why should DE nerf AOE weapons? at the end of the day it all comes down to what you enjoy playing with. if you don't enjoy AOE weapons...don't use them. it's not like Warframe is a competitive game where more kills means more rewards.
  6. Y'all lived for years with the melee powercreep and everything was fine. now that guns are strong it suddenly became a problem.
  7. Great! you made a build. still doesn't mean that meta exists.
  8. nothing against you and you opinion but just let me say.... "No, self-damage doesn't need to be added back. All those who cry because they stagger themselves for the nth time with their Bramma should just learn to keep their distance and to actually aim at enemies that are farther than meter away from them."
  9. Being able to do basic math is not "meta", it's common sense. if there is so much of a meta in warframe why is that i can oneshot lvl 190 with Yareli just by using her passive? isn't she the "worst frame in game"? weird....maybe there is no meta? All of those are changes that DE made because players were using only those things. like with Bramma or Acceltra... two of the most "meh" weapon there is in the whole game. even before the nerf people called id "the best weapon in game", when even the Lenz did twice the damage the Bramma did pre-nerf. what people like to use because a youtuber made a video on it calling it "the best weapon in game" is not the reality of a game like warframe where even with a Braton prime can bishot a lvl 190 with the right build. besides this...i was talking about weapone, not builds or mods like you did. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
  10. So you are trying to slow down murmur farm just to feel like you're in charge. thanks for proving my point. sad but ehy...you do you, sooner or later youìll find yourself not fining any players to play with with this mindset. enjoy the "ignore" button in game i guess...
  11. "free murmur"? like if it was actually hard to fill up all murmurs. The problem here it's not that i don't want you to play the way you want, the problem here it's that people that play like you do slow down incredibly the murmur farm. if you don't want to give "free murmur", again...this statement is laughable in my honest opinion, go farm murmur solo. Or are you trying to be the jailer of other people? "oh, it's my lich? good, now i'm in charge!" dude lol.
  12. Since there is no opinion by the OP and he's too occupied being toxic to people just because people point out that we too have a reccomandations on youtube and don't need someone on the forum to tell us what to watch, i'll give mine. 1- So damn tired of these youtubers making a video with a title like "OMG THIS GAME KILLED MY MOM!" and in the video "oh no, the game is fine an fun." ....really? the you can smell the clickbait on a low simmer. 2- Gets the lore wrong several time. 3- "The plot in warframe serves the same purpose as the plot in unreal turnament. technically it's there, technically no one cares." ehm....no. Just annoying when these kind of youtubers don't even TRY to pay attention and regard their lack of attention with "oh, it's just the plot that it's not that strong or interesting!" 4- Uses some great points but doesn't try to take the game as something with it's own rules and it's own way of playing it. He seems to need the game to take his hand and pull him everywhere to do stuff. like if every game ever made didn't tell you to do the next mission you would just stay there in the HUB doing nothing because "the game didn't tell me what to do"....come on. 5- The video starts with "the game is not a MMO". proceeds to 26 minutes to say "this is not an MMO part" or "this is the MMO part". dude...it's not or it is an MMO? 6- it's overall a good video but i don't think it adds anything we didn't ear before. even from the developers themselves.. a lot of the video is him enyoing how the game is a power-fantasy. good, but we know that. the developers talk about it at every stream, every post on their socials, every thread in the forum, so much that it's quite hard NOT to have head it from them. 7- IMHO if you have to make a review of a game you go from start to "finish" and then make the video, this is just the first impression of a youtuber. aaaaaaaaand i don't care that much about what anyone else thinks about games i play or i don't play. TLDR: The video didn't add anything we didn't already knew and doesn't even give the developers constructive criticism to make it better. it's just a "first impression".
  13. Yeah but people aren't really sharing anything. If your going to link the video, at least give your opinion on the points made in the video, at least SOMETHING.
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