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  1. Don't play Warframe if you have bad connections / a toaster of a machine.
  2. Because its the more efficient choice ? people can do it without it ? most likely ... they most likely could do it with a mk1 braton but its not gonna be any less dumb choice than what you are based your argument on ... you can be as bad player as you want , you can always search for a group as bad as you , but its not necesary to try to justified it .
  3. " Either remove this test or I stop playing. Simple as that " There is the door .... nobody cares if you stop playing . Simple as that .
  4. I have a decent conection without any problem and i would use that option because i prefer not to host ... so a lot other people would do that .... you cannot "predict" what people is going to do , if all (or a mayority) choose that option you will have absolute no way to make the matchmaking works ... its common sense , you can not let the viability of an entire game system (and a really important one) to the player choice O.o .
  5. Connection "Mbps/s" has almost nothing to do with your ability to host or lag (i used to have a 6 mb conection and now i am using 100 and the ping its exactly the same ) .... the game barely use some kbs of transfer ... the problem usually is in the route or distance . "why cant we have a clear option in the settings that lets you opt out entirely from being host?" And if all the players use that option ? we destroy any kind of matchmaking to help you ?
  6. Its not based in "usage" ... maybe the said its based on that , but in practice its not even close (gaze , aklex ,etc are clear examples ...)
  7. You need to be carefull .... "buying"/trading coupons its against the ToS , and its a reason for ban . He did not make any action against the game rules so NM cant do anything to him . He ask for plat and the other player gave it to him ...
  8. " the double resource multiplier " Honestly i have no idea what do you mean but even if it does .... you can get boost totally free , so maybe you need to learn what P2W means .
  9. Its amazing how sad this new generation of "gamers" are .... learn for yourself pal .... explore , try , fail , learn . I miss when the games have absolute no tutotial and didnt say step by step what to do to the player like they where mindless beings without brain .
  10. If you think that why just dont ...... wait till january (whenever they release the other parts) to play it and problem solve , the people that want to play the incomplete mode can do it and you can just wait .
  11. No ... its not a single player game .
  12. " Why do they force me to play in PoE or Vallis? " Because they are part of the game ? if you dont like it , bad luck .
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