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  1. .... gtx 1060 ... there is not ever a remote chance that is a "graphical settings" problem ( that card can easily play warframe all max at 1080 without go lower 60fps ) . " Bear in mind I have excellent internet connection " No , you most likely havent . You have 2 options , port problem or conection problem (most likely the second ).
  2. How do you want to stop that ? No internet no warframe ... its pretty simple , there is no magic way to stay conected without conection .
  3. .... not everyone are going to be able (and shouldnt) to reach the top rewards ... as simple as that . If you dont have max standing of "stupid solaris" its your fault , Forma you can take the time to build it so you dont need to rush or buy them ... again , your problem . Play with "friends" ... it takes 30 seconds to ask for someone in the recruit channel that need to do it and be friends for 5 minutes . The problem is that lazy players think that are entitled to rewards or to do only what they want for them .
  4. The lesson is ... being lazy has a cost .
  5. Dont waste time .... if you want your account you need to pay the amount of negative plat , there is no other way to solve this .
  6. What you ask its not FP ... and no . DE or any other game shouldnt adapt to any individual player ... if you want a FP game go and search for one . I want the option of playing an RTS ... so , warframe its supose to become a strategy game to give me that option ? or maybe i should go and play an RTS ? .
  7. Lazy players problem ... not a general problem ... lazy people should have problems , so they learn to not be lazy .
  8. Or you can learn to play (its even more sad that you cant do it with "cheese" method like using titania ) ... the test has no "issues" , if other people can do it so can you .
  9. No ... its not gonna be an "update" for that .... you dont have the minimun requierements for the game , its your fault/problem .
  10. If only you could cancel the quene of the mision if you see that someone dont use the correct relic .... wait ... you can ! ....
  11. It works really bad against armor (barely gives you any shield back ) (And for the build ... not putting adaptation its inaceptable .... its the only DR that affects shields and has really good sinergy with the gate system in shields ) .
  12. Against Corpus its a pretty good tank ... against anything else its crap .
  13. Aside from the fact that plat its not equals to cash and for that "paywalled" its incorrect .... you can get her playing , just go and complete the scan event .
  14. So because people its lazy or dont like "x" content DE need to stop using it ? sure ... sounds legit . If you dont like it play any content you like , make plat and buy her .
  15. So the world its not a secure place for you in where you can be bad without people tell you a bad player ? wow ... this generation of kids its annoying as hell with the sensibility to anything .
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