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  1. To be fair you seems to have a very "slow" mind .... "Railjack missions (you need to know exactly what u are doing or you will fail)" What? ... you just go .... pew pew the S#&$s and done :S . Now after the neft its almost imposible to fail . "Fish Rare fish..." takes less than 10 minutes . "Nightwave 3 - The Clue Search/Puzzle game. Even with watching a video guide took me like 10 hours to solve the puzzle" .... takes an hour at most without using any guide .... with a guide you have to be very "special" to not being able to do it in minutes . "Hydralist? Never seen one, Never fighted one, Dunno how to fight one." You have more then 1 year here :facepalm : .... Learn how to do , same as in any other game with bosses . "still dunno how it works even after hours of video watching and wiki reading. " Another thing of your "special" mind .... Kill kuva baby with the weapon you want , kill thralls and the lich in the nodes their control to farm murmurs .... kill the lich with the correct parazon mods and profit ..... its so hard that you need a guide ?
  2. Dont play several games if you dont have time for them ?
  3. If the feedback it isnt for us learn where to post it.... as they said , its a 30 minutes grind at most .3 Years in the game and you basically know nothing about it .... sad .
  4. .... I can oneshot a lvl 165 gunner/bombard with the Toomfinger one .... that does not seems weak O.o . Its like a mini kuva bramma with infinite ammo .
  5. You started in november .... so ..... 7 months and you couldnt farm 2 weapons and finish the main quest (that can easily be done in 2-3 hours at most being slow) .... sounds legit .
  6. If you dont nerf abilities its imposible to do something hard ... you have frames with absolute CC and Defense capabilities that make enemies TOTALLY useless against a target . And you have frames with invul or near invul abilities making enemies irrelevant to them (you go to an extermination mision using your argument ... all enemies can be eximus lvl 200 and they are not even going to do a "dent" to Inaros for example .
  7. Of course its gonna be a punish for fail :S (and it should be) .I fail to see why that makes my explanation "not applicable" .
  8. If you dont want to read or watch a guide then dont expect to do it at first try . The game tells you all you need to know to play it .... if you want to be "good" at it you need to try things or search for the results of people that tried things .... its how games works since the beggining (sadly , the new generation of games hold the players hand so much).
  9. " but if it turns out 90 seconds requires a speedframe build" No . "and a specific mission node" No . Its not bad desing ... you are just a bad player .
  10. If you have no idea please dont answer ..... its a riven that works with any rifle/bow .
  11. Really , you are crying for having to paid 4k of points (that you can made in more or less 25 min ) when people that got those arcanes before needed hours and hours of grinding ?
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