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  1. Any interaction is reason for ban .... being in the same clan is an interaction .
  2. You can buy plat in 1000 accounts if you want .... as long as you dont trade or interact between the accounts its not against the rules .
  3. So anyone that its not on board with your incoherent thread is "toxic" ? ... nice argument , no wonder you came up with this thread .
  4. Was said A LOT of times by A LOT of members of DE ... if you want a copy of the contract no , nobody is gonna give it to you pal . And if you dont find "believable" that sony would not like to allow to player to leave their platform ... sorry to tell you but you seems to not be so smart .
  5. Eidolons are not designed for new player or solo player ... as simple as that .... learn the meaning of "progression" , you want to "test" endgame builds but you dont have even the basics things ? .
  6. MR 10 ? is a "mostly vets" .... a MR 10 usually does not even know the more basic mechanics of the game (usually when i find one ... he does not even know how to "parkour/move" in a decent way ). As for the idea .... NO , if you want to help , help . The only this would achieve its an insane amount of people using alt accounts to get those "tokens" and for that making DE speding time searching and banning those players ..
  7. You didt foud anything online ? .... are you blind ? . There are like 500 threads about this .
  8. You really went "full noob mode" with wikipedia today eh xD
  9. It was alwayas that way ... its amazing how not very smart players bring atention to things they should not like to be "check" ..... because at the momento mirage 1 its indeed not "working as intented" and if it is fixed it would be a huge nerf .
  10. Its the same platform . There is no option for not being "cross-save" because there is nothing to "cross" .
  11. No , it does not . Any progress pass from one to another its a violation of the "contract" that DE has with sony .... and would cause that sony take out the game of their console .
  12. No they are not ... if that would be the case all player would have the problem ....
  13. Go to one room , put gaze on an enemy .... stole some weapons , use resonator and you can almost AFK ..... even in Steel Path .
  14. Seems that your problem its that you are useless ..... i did Steel Path bounties every day to cap standing and i never had a problem with it .
  15. Then you wait ... blaming a company for your "not first world countries" (not even that ... a 100mb and SSD is far from being something that only can have people in first world countries .... 80-90% of countries have access to that for mid class people) problems is the stupid part .
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