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Hi! I like Warframe, browsing the forums and roleplay. 

Sudoko Anirab



Name: Sudoko Anirab

Race: Tenno

Occupation: Wandering Tenno

Age: 20

Appearance: A dark skinned Tenno wearing Cenno Armor with a Ki'Tier breathing mask for safety

Default Loadout: Inaros (or Nidus) Corinth, Venka Prime and Azima

Status: Alive

Special Equipment: Ocantis Device, with it Sudoko can change his Warframe without having to go back into the Liset, however it will leave his body exposed and he cannot do so in rapid succession, it is currently physically bound into his forehead and seems to be a part of him.


Personailty: An energetic and emphatic Tenno, Sudoko has always seemed a bit... Different. None the less he's determined, Honor bound and does any mission to the best of his ability. 

He fancies the Perrin Sequence and New Loka the most due to their intents and seemingly peaceful natures and ideologies. 

He despises the Orokin and has even gone as far as to actively seek out and destroy some of their greatest monuments, saving some only the technology that fascinated him enough to keep around, He tries to play peacemaker (no, not like Mesa) but often ends up destroying the opposition instead.



Doxa De'lahn


Name: Doxa De'lahn

Race: Tenno

Occupation: Roboticist and illusionist

Age: Unknown

Appearance: The default Mirage frame with the Harlequin helmet and purple energies

Default loadout: AkZani, Tigris and Dex Dakra

Status: Alive

Special equipment/abilities: Illusions, via manipulation of void energies and her Warframe, Doxa is able to make just about anything appear as if it really were there.

Personality: Doxa is suspicious and trust very few. Regardless, if you manage to sway her to your cause and get her to trust you she's very loyal. She's very calm, reserved and "easy going", even when mad she seems very under control.

She is loyal to Arbiters of Hexis and Cephalon Suda, Suda because of her hunger for knowledge and the Arbiters due to their belief that the Tenno can be more, something she always strives for.



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