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  1. Well the update is... garbage

    Melee has been murdered as the best damage dealer,its now a fancy joke. Condition Overload nerf. Combo counter nerf. The fact you cut apart all the stances and mixed them.

    The lich system which is basically arbitration 2.0,where you have to clear missions on a planet.

    Also,why the #*!% is the kuva lich "immortal"??? And why even does it count as its victory if you dont have the parazom mods when you can extract with literally any other assassin

    Onto the liches: they seem mildly interesting but they are locked behind a S#&$ty grind... yeah.... 

    Glaive changes have murdered chroma in eidolons... just why do you hate that frame so much? Its not like glaives had any use other than that,maybe now they will be a bit more used.... no they wont. Cleaving whirlwind is spin 2 win now,but worse ofc.

    Heavy attacks are a joke,damage they do is S#&$,and the new suspension effect is also S#&$,make it more like rhino stomp and not titania lantern. 

    Everything gets rag dolled now and its annoying as S#&$. Please remove impact from everything but blunt weapons.

    You buffed all the S#&$ty and decent weapons a bit,but nerfed the meta ones out of existence. Catchmoon nerf is nice,should have been nerfed more imo.

    Tl dr im more dissatisfied with this update then ever, as are a lot of the old time players.


  2. Dear DE

    I would like to bring to your attention that before this patch there were some exploiters who ammased enourmous scores,which is extremely unfair to all those who competed in the event fairly.

    Banning them may be a lot of a punishment,considering the time they have invested,but please give them atleast some form of punishment like a chat acces ban for a long perioud of time,3 months and above.Or make some other form of punishment. Then again they have violated the terms so the banning them is also an option.

    In the end the only thing which I,and the biggest part of the community would like to ask you is to wipe the leaderboard,so everyone can have a fair chance for this competition and atleast have an equal chance of getting first place.

    Please make a fair decision DE,with love,a dedicated player.
    PS: sorry for my bad english,its not primary language

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