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  1. Skip to the bottom part for a TLDR Backstory: So,here i am at MR20 and 1k+ hours not knowing what to do in the game anymore. There is a lack of anything rewarding in the game to do at this point in time. Fashion? Boring,no point in doing it anymore.Also thats not content. Rivens? If they added more ways to get rivens or make them less random,sure,but the way they are right now its just a crap. Salties? Yea.... lets not talk about them... Arbitrations are utterly boring past the first 5-10 times you do them,the rewards were nice,but then again farming relics or ayatans and selling them is the faster method of obtaining the mods from it, which you wont need untill you are past level 150 or so Grinding mastery is also boring,theres no point in grinding it except flexing which is pure vanity.Also dont pull the "YoU cAN GeT a FrEE AuGumEnT pER dAY", thats again pointless grinding since you dont even need more than 20 auguments right now. The new weapons are cool and shiny stuff but i cant be bothered to care about them,since theres 100 other alternatives i can use,of which 15 meta weapons are viable and dont feel like crap to play with. Thats about the players, the enemies are just utterly boring to play against. Its easy and you have many ways to surive any amount of damage,and im not joking btw,you can survive currently any amount of damage indefinetely. Covert lethality is a thing,albeit extremely boring,and with garuda and nova you can oneshot anything currently in game Scamming is a part of the trade chat,try to advertise warframe.market so newbies dont get scammed,and forlen for the riven things. Ahem. Now onto the quick fixes Rivens The original point of rivens was to make all weapons viable. the fix Is simple but it will sound stupid. Double the disposition range, from [0.5,1.5] to [1,3]. And make them available from a few more things. Currently nothing is more pathetic than logging in and getting a few fieldron samples... So a quick suggestion would be to throw out resources COMPLETELY out of the daily log in reward system,and put in bigger endo rewards,some rare mods like condition overload,and rivens. Reduce the prices of rolling rivens,or just increase kuva farming efficency. Best thing would be to introduce a kuva centered game mode,which can be archwing, where the rewards can go up to 10k kuva if you get lucky,or 1k at lowest.(example balancing,but make kuva more rewarding) and it takes 10 minutes tops If its going to be ground and not AW based Also scale it to 60ish and add a effect like for sorties,but make it disable a random weapon category instead ( no primary/secondary/melee) or even 2 categories. It will make all weapons fun to use,and will somewhat improve the economy of the game,considering that mara detron rivens were going for 80k for a while Archwing. No point in doing it. In short the best thing you can do to archwing is increase the combat speed,and increase the arch weapons damage. Sounds cheesy but AW is extremely boring to do right now and unrewarding,since theres nothing to do there. About combat speed : the best thing to do would be to add blink from itzal to every archwing,by slotting it in the 5th ability slot is,where operator mode is. The only used AW is the itzal and thats because of the eidolons. Best fix for making the other archwing viable is with railjack,thats by far the best bet IMO. Make it also drop arcanes like eidolons, but dont make it too hard or unrewarding or take a lot of time. Operator mode its boring,the movement is slow compared to the frame and the only 3 things its used for is madurai for eidolons,zenurik for energy and magus lockdown.add mods for it,and no dont design custom mods for it give it the primary weapons mods. Sounds broken but the operator mode is boring as heck. Just downscale the amount of damage it does,all i can say. keep the rest of the stats so a proper modded amp becomes more useful than amps now,it will make the eidolon community a less salty place (well i hope so atleast) Dont touch melee if you do decide to buff riven dispo. Melee Blood rush and condition overload are the core of melee. Right now you have 2 options: Buff blood rush,or nerf condition overload blood rush requires 10 times more time and effort to do the same amount of damage condition overload does Also rework covert lethality so resident sleeper cant do 14hours of survival anymore... Either add a base 200 damage to knives AND +1000 base damage on finishers (before the calculation) or let it work on all weapons. personally id nerf it. Another quick fix you could implant is adding a cooldown to maiming strike,ranging from 5-3 seconds, which goes down per rank. Grind The whole game has a huge grind,which is why its not interesting for newer players. Add more choices newer players can make,allow around 7 or so frames to be starter frames,and REMOVE flawed mods. Let the new players pick between a few mod packs which containt some starter stuff like streamline, continuity etc Let the clasic palette be completely unlocked for new players, and add chat warning instead of a outright ban by the bot,and make a list of all the things which will get you banned from chatting. Remove mastery restrictions on weapons,not rivens,and add mods to each mastery rank,which they can use,UNIQUE mods which arent specific to weapons,but will be interesting to use.Like using the whole clip in a single shot or doing X under X circumstances,like aero set but actually usefull.Add for the people who grinded mastery more and more rewards which will make them want to stay in the game. Add "redeem a relic" for daily login,let it be a small chance of obtaining it,around 5%,which lets you pick any relic you want,will make vaulted things easier to obtain and feel less grindy toward newer players Add more gamemodes,you can even bring raids back on a weekly rotation and make them give eidolon arcanes. Make the spiders less annoying to kill,the profit taker is the second most boring thing ive ever done Eidolons are the first thing because i have 150 caps there... Make clans more interesting,and not just glorified weapon shops. Reduce the time it takes to build weapons and warframes,its wayyyyy to long. PvP is dead and theres 1 thing which you can do about it,make it the SURE way of obtaining somethng,like allowing condition overload and the rest of the essential mods to be gotten there. TL:DR Reduce the grind,more UNIQUE mods,more ways to get rivens,double riven disposition range,slight buff to crit if no riven changes are made,more ways to get kuva at faster speeds and bigger "challange curves". Scam preventation too. More gamemods,even raids can be brough back,make em drop eidolon arcanes,but they are slower by a bit but grant 3 arcanes and can be done once weekly. Make it overall more rewarding,add rifle mods to amps but nerf their damage so dps is slightly higher with best builds.AW content drops arcanes,not hard or boring or long to do,add blink to every archwing as its 5th ability.Profit taker is a time gated bullet sponge,as is the exploiter,as are eidolons,remove timegates. Be more newbie player friendly,will help grow warframe quickly.Add remove some of the RNG. >>>>>>>Extreme TL:DR : THE GAME HAS POTENTIAL TO SURPASS A LOT OF GAMES AND BE AMAZING,BUT THE GRIND IS TOO LONG. also sorry if i made any grammar mistakes,english isnt my primary language ^^ these are some suggestions how the game could be improved,i dont hope they are implanted the way they were described by me,but just try to reduce the pain of grinding for everyone,and make it seem less grindy toward newer players
  2. Dear DE I would like to bring to your attention that before this patch there were some exploiters who ammased enourmous scores,which is extremely unfair to all those who competed in the event fairly. Banning them may be a lot of a punishment,considering the time they have invested,but please give them atleast some form of punishment like a chat acces ban for a long perioud of time,3 months and above.Or make some other form of punishment. Then again they have violated the terms so the banning them is also an option. In the end the only thing which I,and the biggest part of the community would like to ask you is to wipe the leaderboard,so everyone can have a fair chance for this competition and atleast have an equal chance of getting first place. Please make a fair decision DE,with love,a dedicated player. PS: sorry for my bad english,its not primary language
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