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  1. Will Melee 3.0 come with a move that lets you throw enemies, and maybe yourself, up in the air for a better mix of aireal combos? Since we are getting better with melee combat in the air, I think a move like this can add a level of depth for the blade players to master with the new combos mixed in.

  2. I have a few questiosn:

    1. This may in the far future, but is comming a rework for archwing movement and systems with the upcomming Railjack?
    2. Is Sigor Savar going to be in to be in Fortuna?
    3. Can we expect something for our operators there too?
    4. Is Revenant comming from killing eidolons, dojo research, buying him from the Quills at high price or another mission? Because you guys said you wanted to make this one's grind a bit lighter than Khorra.

    And I'm done, thanks again Dev Team for such and amazing game, and now a really catchy song that will never leave my brain.

  3. 2 hours ago, AnGeL_KRoM said:

    If not today then it could be thursday (they are used to drop patches on tuesdays and thursdays)

    If not, then next week

    Sorry, but it's not comming this week, nor next week. We have the little teasers this friday, and after that, no more NOTHING until (if things go as planned) Mid-june.

    Of course, could be awesome to see it sooner than later, but still, big chance.

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  4. il y a 17 minutes, VisionAndVoice a dit :

    Far away in distant future, I, Simaris, the digital master of data amassed an unspeakable amount of knowledge!

    But foolish Tenno warriors wielding oversouped weapons stepped forth to steal what I amassed.

    Before they breached the final barrier I tore open a portal in space and flung them into the Sanctuary where my word is law!

    Now they seek to return to the real space and steal all the loot from the trove of knowledge and treausre that is Sanctuary Onslaught!

    This is the most funny thing I read all day. Thank you dude, you made my day.

  5. To Steve, 2 Questions:

    1. The tweet you sent the other day about the quest's script being done is a good signal; however, do you think the sacrifice is still aimed before tennocon?

    2. In said quest, will you allow us to finally give Lotus/Natah/Space mom a hug?

    2.5. Are you gonna wear your pink shorts at tennocon?

    And for good ol' geoff:

    How are the concepts of the operator melee? We'll be able to switch it up with our amps like we do with primary and secundary weapons? 


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  6. Well, I have some questions myself:

    1. Is the nikana type comming before Khorra? Considering it's almost done.
    2. Operator melee: Any progress on that idea?
    3. The obligatory 'The Sacrifice' question. However, I would like not to ask the WHEN it's comming, but rather, if you can give us a % number for it's progress. You can be completely general like 'overall it's x% ready' or more detail like 'script is made x%, animations and sounds are at y% and grind is at z%"

    Thank you, and stay frosty :D

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  7. Welcome back Devteam! Glad to see you refreshed.

    As for my questions:

    1. Does Scott have plans for how the 'morality' system is going affect general or operator gameplay?
    2. How's the idea of operator melee going?
    3. More operator fashion when?
    4. A tease of the sacrifice or at the very least 'the apostasy' proper?
    5. #Givebackspacemom

    Thank you for reading, and best of luck in this fifth year!

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  8. Before doing the obligatory and pleasurable festive wishes, let me do some questions:

    1. Is the most awaited melee weapon, the nodachi, comming with Khora's update?
    2. Fashion operator, any news on that? and on that note...
    3. How are the operator melee weapons going?
    4. Have you considered making another 'joke' quest like A man of few words?

    And now that I'm over that; my favorite moment of the year was: First entering the Plains like in the trailers, and the whole octavia quest.

    I hope you all have an incredible christmass day, and an even better new year!

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  9. à l’instant, maddragonmaster a dit :

    well at least your better at stating what you don't like on this skin and not trying to insult de or anything. geez some people act overly negative with some of these deluxe skins.

    I know right? But anyways, I was thinking that the nova and Ember skins looked wierd at first, all I had to do was to tinker them and I actually found them really cool.

    Plus, I really don't like Volt's normal design, this skin might make it look better for me!

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