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  1. Another mainline update that breaks the look of dojos, with brighter lighting ruining the atmosphere of the rooms, to the awful new metallics. Leaves are still bugged too obviously. Edit: Metallics seems to be fixed now, lighting and shadows still broken.
  2. Really disappointed with the decision, all those promises of good rewards and making the new mode rewarding, just to add a bunch of relics (no Axis), lower drops of kuva and so on. The only thing that was saving it was the promise of the Universal Syndicate Medallion working on Conclave, and even then it only would give 1k standing which is nothing. And now it was scrapped because 1 conclave player complained to Steve on Twitter... I could be a pretty good copypasta from now on.
  3. Clan Name: Furud Clan Tier: Storm Clan Platform: PC Clan Role: Architect Featured Image: Waterslide. Built so you only have to hold ctrl and slide into a secret cave under the observatory! There is a hidden floor under the lower limit, so no one will fall into space, you can actually take a stroll in space. Album https://imgur.com/a/3Sj8nLd Things you will see in the album: Main room which looks like an old village in the moonlight. A giant robot you can actually climb Nightclub with an upper dancefloor Orokin Hall with a RoboViking holding the stairs to a hidden club Space garden Panzerhund style dragon statue coming out of a waterfall A giant phoenix statue Snake robot that goes trough a mountain wall Floof Kingdom, with shops, a diner, a bank, a park, a temple, throne, and more Hall of trophies with an Atlas statue. Variety of gardens and many more. Hoping people like it and thank you to anyone who checks the album.
  4. Update 25.4.3 and the bug is still there. I know DE showed on Tennocon a new renderer that will change shadows, but I want to remind that this is a problem with the leaves, they are not a solid object anymore so the light doesn't cast shadows of them. I also noticed that the grey ones, Maple tree (Intertwined) and Maple tree (Single), don't have this problem.
  5. Update bug is still there. The Orokin Trascendence Interface decoration also still bugged. I am sure there will be a huge Tennocon reveal about new Maple Rendering Technology.
  6. Update 25.1.0 and the bug is still there, almost 2 months has passed. In the meantime another thing is broken now as well, the Orokin Trascendence Interface decoration, which doesn't have the blue lights like before. Here is the thread in case DE notice this one in a couple of years:
  7. Even after the last mainline Update 25.0.2, the bug is still there. Restore #GloryToMapleKind
  8. Hotfix 24.8.2, bug still there. #DojoLeavesMatter
  9. Clan Name: Furud Clan Tier: Storm Clan Platform: PC Clan Role: Architect Featured Image: Main hall Album https://imgur.com/a/3Sj8nLd Good luck to all participants, and DE please fix the maple tree leaves, since the last mainline update they don't cast shadows and impact the look of many dojo rooms.
  10. Aura forma drop chance and requirements: I really hate this trend in new modes: Release a low % chance drop (mods), wait for people to burn out farming until they get it. Then release another low % chance drop item (ephemera) and wait for them to burn out. Then add another one (aura forma), rinse and repeat. If the reward cycles weren't so long I would understand the low chance but each rotation is around 10 minutes, except excavation.
  11. Bumping with another image, as of Update 24.7.1 released today, the bug is still there.
  12. Since Update 24.6.0 all the Maple trees in the dojo have leaves which don't cast shadows. As seen in the next image where only the branch shadow can be seen: The leaves are also a little transparent if you look at them at certain angles which makes them look worse than before, specially when looking at light sources, as seen in the next comparison: Before the update: After the update: Those 2 issues combined have changed the look of a lot of rooms that relied on the maple trees as decoration. A fix making the leaves solid again would be appreciated.
  13. As someone that reached the old limit cap on all rooms, I am really happy to see this. Thank you!
  14. Did you let him load in first? I did it with a pub squad, when I joined only his discovered caves appeared on the minimap, so I had to find them all again. Also did you enter all the caves first? because if he entered it before you it won't count.
  15. Had this problem since November, 29/30 bugged even though I visited all 30 caves and had them appear in the map. Triple checked all 30 caves again and nothing. Well, today I finally completed Vallis Spelunker by following some hints from other threads. Here is how I did it: First, you MUST NOT be the one hosting (so no Solo). Edit: If someone else is hosting make sure they load into Orb Vallis first. Join someone hosting Orb Vallis, make sure that person haven't found any cave or a low amount of them, it will increase the chance of "finding" your bugged cave. So your best bet is to join some newbie or randoms, to be sure go to his profile and check his "Vallis Spelunker" progression. Edit: When you join you should only see the host's caves on the minimap. Go through all the caves while he is hosting, your bugged cave will trigger the moment you enter it. >Edited to add more info.
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