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  1. Confirmed stuck at 60. It sucks too because I have 30/50 creds and I need that JawSword BP!!! I can do missions but receive no standing for doing so. Sen 20creds or JawSword BP ty Clem have mercy
  2. I submitted a support ticket and got the generalized response "u should check the sub forum and your problem hàs been solved" (I did/It hasnt)
  3. I first noticed this with the Sari Syndanas on Loki, Rhino, Chroma (primes) but have since noticed it on several other frames and Syndanas (Banshee p etc)... Either it sits slightly rotated to the left or off center, kind of like their back is turned more than it is... Pls Bump if you heard this and fix Sari Syndanas because my Rhino Prime won't be complete without Scarab skin Titania Noble animations and Sari Syndana.
  4. Because I was trying to use my abilities, and I died by 1 hit. So I only had to press it twice. I think its stupid to tell me "don't push A" when thats the main button you going to be pushing and I hope this happens to you, so than you can say "shouldn't have pushed A" to yourself lol
  5. Exactly as described in title, not once but twice this has happened to me, mashing A because you're dying and it asks if you want to quit and forfeit all rewards? This BS, last time I was @ round 59 in Arbitration Def, next thing I know I've wasted over an hour of my life for literally nothing. I've submitted a support ticket but I know how that works... They'll tell me to check forums and that my prob is solved, not even a "TY for wasting your time"... GL out there Tenno don't push the A button!!!! LOL
  6. I was at round 59 in Arbitration Def and ACCIDENTALLY quit because mashing A. Next thing I know I've wasted over an hour of my life for literally nothing. TY DE
  7. I think its the Rstick and quick menu interaction. I have this issue as well but noticed a work around to select the gear item in the quick wheel and COMPLETELY let go of the stick, make sure the item you want is highlighted and press action. Think it moves off the item slightly and cancels the action, that or you moved your character after the action.
  8. Def need a few more seconds to pick, and collab what you have rad ETC.. No time in between rounds to do anything but blind pick basically.
  9. I had the same issue, they gave me Mirage Chass instead of Wukong Chass. I submitted a ticket and they said they solved it by telling me it was solved... Hope that helps
  10. Same issue here, I posted under UI in Forums about this. Works better than sending a support ticket, like the one I sent about Syndanas being crooked AF on Rhino, Chroma, Loki etc...
  11. It gave me two (2) dailies both Kill 150 enemies with Primary. I think Operator mode messed it up cause I noticed it count them but restarts count at 0. After every mission kill count on both is 0 and resets multiple times a mission for unknown reasons... Plz halp Can't upload pic from mobile but here's a gif because reasons
  12. Yeah I noticed the weapons fireing from the camera when youre being revived. 90% of the time you shoot your teammate, even if he isnt in line of sight.
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