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  1. Same issue here, sometimes Ill get 10-15 notifications stacked.. Have to say ok to each one and use the old conclave-start-nav OR play solo and change to public once I pick mission
  2. I recently bought the Nova Asuri skin ans I am extremely disappointed. I have been playing warframe for over 2 years, it has never once failed me on any level. I do alot of trading and stuff to earn plat, and I had the Nova Asuri skin on my wishlist for nearly a year. Assuming that the spectral arms would be a part of the skin like the boosters are on Nova prime. So I finally had some extra plat and bought it using a coupon for 25% off. Needless to say the arms are not always visible, only under certain conditions. You have to use the noble animation set for them to work AT ALL and than the arms only come out for about 5 seconds tops, during idol or when you use an ability and than quickly disappear.. After doing some reading online and learned that I am not the only person that bought the skin SPECIFICALLY for the arms and was dissapointed to learn that they are not even visible. I just want to exchange the skin for a diff one, or my plat refunded to buy a diff one.. Not to mention that minus the Shiva arms, the skin is a trainwreck. I have been using the regular Nova Prime skin because it looks much better. I feel like the pic in the market leads people to believe that the Arms are actually part of the skin (Like Nova prime's boosters, Zyphers Prime's blade feathers or Wukong's hoop, Valkyrs straps, Garuda's Claws etc) When the photo is actually a still image of a very short animation that only takes place in combat (when you aren't looking) or when you aren't looking because you went to the bathroom. Than, IF you actually see them, they spiral out and disappear in less than 5 seconds. Definitely not worth the plat, especially since the skin makes Nova look like a homeless person wrapped in a table cloth with cereal bowls for armor and a broken lampshade for a hat. (Why?) I will not be using the Asuri skin. So, I was going to ask that you please delete the Asuri skin and helmet from my inv and refund my plat, or give the arms a toggle switch so that players can decide when they are visible. I assumed they would always be visible, and make Nova look like the god of death that she is, instead she looks like a refugee from the junkyard disguised as a pile of laundry. Of course this minor issue will not cause me to quit playing, I love this game, the depth, immersive storyline, and customization is incredible. Not to mention the over the top action, incredible agility, diving hundreds of feet through the air while spraying down hordes of enemies with duel Grakatas and landing in a slide, with swords drawn. To make short work of any survivors, feels so fluid and looks amazing, graceful and deadly. I still laugh at myself, back when I first started playing, I was running up stairs and taking elevators, until I saw other players and realized that jumping is much faster and looks freakin sweet as hell. Clearing 4 flights of stairs like nothing, while shooting and slicing your way through anything that objects. There is no other game on the planet that straight killed video games for me, I have like 300 other games on the Xbox and haven't played anything but Warframe since Fallout 4 came out. Every time I think I beat it there's another update, and countless pending. I can only hope that I never beat the entire game because there is nothing that touches it, I tried Tom Clancy's Wildlands at a friends house last week and the guy you play as can't even jump at all!! How the hell am I supposed to go from playing as a Cyborg Ninja, vaulting through low gravity to playing as an old man that can't step over a a shoe box? Plus Archwings and Hoverboards now too? My single complaint is that stupid Asuri skin and the amount of plat I payed to look like a refugee that isn't a living embodiment of Shiva. Can't wait for RailJack tho. Please halp I would gladly trade the Asuri skin for the Nova Corpra skin or the refund of my plat. Thank you Since I first wrote this my issue was graciously fixed but I was informed that plat purchases are final. I was advised to post this here, in the ongoing effort to help make Warframe as flawless as possible
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