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  1. Mine did this as well. I changed my graphics acceleration or whatever it was called from DX11 to DX10 and it works again. DX11 has worked before on my system so no clue what the issue is.
  2. Why do mining resource notices and whatnot also have that UI filter that mutes the colors now? It makes everything look so muchworse and makes it harder to tell things apart. Could we at least get an option to turn the filter off? Preferable everywhere in the UI (resource gathering activities, inventory, trade, etc.)
  3. Yes please increase the enemy density, especially on lower player counts. I've seen suggestions for Arbitrations spawning enemies as if there was always a full party, regardless of the actual player count. That would be great solution if that is possible.
  4. Please consider adding options to the operator suit changes. I would like to see a collar on/off button just like the hood already has. Some of them looked quite nice and more options for cosmetics is never a bad thing.
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