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  1. 5 per second might be enough, its hard to tell, i just really like having the 10 energy per second :"d
  2. hey I finally came and read it and its really good, I realy like it, I hope DE can get a look at this, i dont know how to get it exposure. honestly this is the best ember rework suggestion i've seen, none of the others have really stood out to me, but this is great, the kit synergies with itself, its great. I especially like the idea of snapping fingers. the one thind id want to change is the energy gain from 3, id like to keep a similar amount of energy gain that we got from the old passive, consider simply making it 10 energy per second over 10 seconds, unless, i guess, would it be increased by ability strength? A base 5 energy per second would be fine in that case. Theres pros and cons to both, if you don't let it be increased by ability strength id say it should be at 10 per second because thats what the old passive gave! then it turns into 75 energy gain which is enough to sustain yourself a bit and cast other abilities. I don't think this would be OP as the energy gain already exists in game with similar energy costs for abilities, actually yours are higher in some cases! I have other input like, fire blast isn't completely useless right now, but i don't mind it being replaced.
  3. looks like theres a bunch of unwanted changes, well at least two, in this patch, I hope DE becomes aware of them.
  4. yea the javlok didn't do high self damage and now they removed this : ( we also know there are ways do both, make javlok a "signature" weapon of embers and bring the self damage back except for ember, we know they can do it implementation wise.
  5. my ember is dead : ( please revert the self damage DE or better yet make it a signature change for ember or just straight up let ember self ignite with a charged 1
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