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  1. I agree it would have to be capped at 3 or something pretty sure hallowed ground displays an icon when you are on it because its making you immune to status effects?
  2. i don't know, take a picture of it and upload it to imgur because if that IS happening its a very weird bug unique to you, whats more likely is that you are mistaking another icon for renewal. here this page goes into complete detail about all of oberons abilities https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Oberon/Abilities it isn't secret. yea it takes 10 seconds tops and its even easier in all the other map types
  3. ah yea I agree I posted a topic about it : ( I wish they would let you toggle it or something...
  4. peacemaker, undertow, world on fire, mend and maim, pacify and provoke, hysteria, absorb, sandstorm, razorwing and soundquake all cost more than renewal's base cost of 2 knightcole thinks this is a huge amount.... I didn't even list all the abilities that cost more than the base because its the majority of them.... dude just straight up does not understand how the game works, which would be fine except he is being aggressive in wallowing in ignorance and demanding the game be balanced based on it. so even if rage and hunter adrenaline didn't exist oberon would still have one of the lowest costing skills and because they DO exist oberon has effectively the lowest cost channeling ability because the drain is effectively negated by energy gain on health damage, the only channeling abilities who come close to oberons cost are hydroid's and valkyrs because they both have self heal, unless im missing one.
  5. at least you admit that this is a thing... knightcole for some reason insists that hallowed ground is applied by renewal look I can see how it could be frustrating, i think DE should bring down the energy drain to zero for nekros minions or if that ends up being too powerful, 0.5, thats only 3.5 energy drain with 7, with rage or hunter adrenaline that is very much a level that is sustainable, especially if you aren't like op and don't go for negative duration and efficiency increasing the drain on renewal by a lot. I have 55% efficiency with no negative duration and I can sustain nekros shadows for a good amount of time so I imagine halving the cost of the drain would make it perfectly easy to deal with. Bring a energy syndicate weapon, dig or the dethcub mod along with hunter adrenaline, very easily sustainable, especially at higher levels where you WILL be taking damage, at lower levels? you don't need to keep renewal on all the time.
  6. im not going to discuss this with you if you are gona mis-represent things, you know thats not what its going to be like.
  7. yaknow people might listen to you if you don't act so hostile in the way you type your post? anyway quick switch is pretty great but there are various issues, channeling, no manual block and right clicking messing up various things like valkyrs hysteria augment and combos
  8. the only thing close to a speedster is volt but thats only one ability, having multiple abilities based on the theme of going fast is cool and im excited for the new frame, yall are extremely nitpicky
  9. the passive is great there just needs to be a reliable way to trigger it, there isn't any reason why we shouldn't be able to have ember self damage with javlok but no one else self damage, have a toggle to turn off self damage on certain weapons, because setting yourself on fire as mirage does stuff too, even better have a way for ember to trigger the passive built into the kit along with a way for mirage to change light levels. there are various reasons why that isn't a great replacement, one of the big ones is that not everyone has access to that mod because it was during the first nightwave, the other is that its just inferior.
  10. im glad! Id love to see a continuing trend of different body types for frames, we have hildy now lets get a fem fat frame ! just gotta think of a theme
  11. As a true hardcore gamer, graphics and aesthetic are pointless, every game must look the same and have nothing differentiating enemies, all maps must look the same, no story, no cinematic's, abilities look should look the same, games only need one thing and one thing only, nothing but pure, unadulterated, gameplay, ah yes, truly this is the epitome of peak gaming as decreed by the gamer high council. don't spend 40-60 bucks buying the prime access then, problem solved.
  12. not having manual blocking literally causing issues with various existing mods and weapons like the steel meridian melee... be more compromising, it could at least be a toggle option where everyone is happy because you can choose we also need changes to the right click during melee in general because of how it messes up so many combos, especially valkyr's exalted.
  13. yes but if your response to that is "lol" then im not going to argue with you about it.
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