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  1. the passive is great there just needs to be a reliable way to trigger it, there isn't any reason why we shouldn't be able to have ember self damage with javlok but no one else self damage, have a toggle to turn off self damage on certain weapons, because setting yourself on fire as mirage does stuff too, even better have a way for ember to trigger the passive built into the kit along with a way for mirage to change light levels. there are various reasons why that isn't a great replacement, one of the big ones is that not everyone has access to that mod because it was during the first nightwave, the other is that its just inferior.
  2. 5 per second might be enough, its hard to tell, i just really like having the 10 energy per second :"d
  3. : ( did my post not save... dangit edit: nevermind wrong post
  4. hey I finally came and read it and its really good, I realy like it, I hope DE can get a look at this, i dont know how to get it exposure. honestly this is the best ember rework suggestion i've seen, none of the others have really stood out to me, but this is great, the kit synergies with itself, its great. I especially like the idea of snapping fingers. the one thind id want to change is the energy gain from 3, id like to keep a similar amount of energy gain that we got from the old passive, consider simply making it 10 energy per second over 10 seconds, unless, i guess, would it be increased by ability strength? A base 5 energy per second would be fine in that case. Theres pros and cons to both, if you don't let it be increased by ability strength id say it should be at 10 per second because thats what the old passive gave! then it turns into 75 energy gain which is enough to sustain yourself a bit and cast other abilities. I don't think this would be OP as the energy gain already exists in game with similar energy costs for abilities, actually yours are higher in some cases! I have other input like, fire blast isn't completely useless right now, but i don't mind it being replaced.
  5. sure but right now its more likely to get them to semi revert the javlok change instead of letting ember activate it through powers, both of those options are still better than getting a new passive that might be good might be equally useless
  6. the passive is great... just give ember ways to use it, let ember use javlok or even better let ember trigger it by charging 1 or some other way through abilities.
  7. i didnt brush past it I just dont spend all my time on the forums, ill check it out if you want?
  8. exactly, people completely glossed over that they can HAVE that change thats good for them and we can keep the self damage for ember, because DE can implement different effects depending on the frame that uses it, as we have seen with signature weapons, it would be a small change to hold us over until whenever they get to making ember usable what you can do is use the penta mod from nightwave, if you have that, possibly buy it? idk, you can also use cautious shot with a gun like the zarr or another self damage weapon? im not sure how good that works tbh im planning on trying to use the zarr but im not happy about it
  9. sigh these are the kind of responses i expected... no one touches the changes I suggested for ember while they work on a larger rework, I just get dismissive replies, have a little compassion for other peoples fun being taken away. the thing is that they could do many many things so we both get what we want without making largescale changes to ember, they could make javlok only self damage ember or even more of a pipe dream, they could add self ignite to embers 1 when you charge it. Yes they could just make ember better, but its obvious that isn't going to happen anytime soon, so the least they could do is not ruin any fun play styles that ember players come up with. Especially because this is a case where you CAN have your cake and eat it, you can have both changes. I really wish people weren't so dismissive, oh well.
  10. looks like theres a bunch of unwanted changes, well at least two, in this patch, I hope DE becomes aware of them.
  11. the javlok changes nerfed ember with the ability to set yourself on fire and trigger the passive, yea we have Cautious shot and the penta napalm now but its really not the same, the penta mod is locked behind nightwave and while the cautious shot is accessible to all you do need to grind arbitration's to get it and the javlok has good status chance. DE please revert the javlok changes or better yet simply make the javlok do self damage only for ember, signature weapons exist so we know its possible to do that and its a fix that no one should be unhappy with, its also not a change that I imagine requires a lot of work to implement, I anticipate some dismissal in reply but playing a staff wielding fire mage made ember fun and much more viable even in the current state
  12. yea the javlok didn't do high self damage and now they removed this : ( we also know there are ways do both, make javlok a "signature" weapon of embers and bring the self damage back except for ember, we know they can do it implementation wise.
  13. my ember is dead : ( please revert the self damage DE or better yet make it a signature change for ember or just straight up let ember self ignite with a charged 1
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