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  1. Foxfire_kad

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

    Helios is far less tanky than a MOA. Helios does not have the damage output of my Four-legged-Cloaking device (Huras Kubrow), let alone the ability to cloak me. If I want a companion that can revive me when playing solo, I'll select Shade, because it's ridiculously infrequent cloaking might kick in at the right moment for it to complete my resuscitation before enemies shoot it down. Why would I carry a fragile balloon toy with me into the Valas if the one thing it can do that all other companions can not.. has been removed? It's not like the lore bits provide some sort of advantage in battle once obtained in game. Also, why remove the MOA's ability to hack a console that can still be gimmicked with a cypher?
  2. Foxfire_kad

    Fishing Spear Gone From Inventory

    Add me to the list of "this is my problem too"
  3. Foxfire_kad

    Any warframe you feel attached to?

    Mesa is my treasured Warframe. I admit that I do not have the reflexes, let alone aiming skills of younger players, so I do lean on warframes that can "press 4 to win", but Mesa is a bit more to me than that. Her design is beautiful. Initially in warframe, I was a bit turned off by the design of the warframes; simular to Micheal Bay's Transformers (and I DEEPLY APOLOGIZE to DE's design team for making this comparison) my problem with warframes was the unrecognizable geometry they were incased in. Protrusions that made no sense, bits of color that flowed about the form in strange ways. But Mesa... here was an ideal female silloutte in a jacket, with boots, and a blindfolded helmet that added a slightly cocky flair to the entire frame. She looks good, and she looks unique among the warframes to me.
  4. Foxfire_kad

    The Final Profit Taker mission is not fun, here's why

    trst, I appreciate the information: knowing that the Orb Mother has a specific magnetic attack for those directly under it, I can work around it. My topic was not a complaint about the difficulty: indeed, I have a dedicated team, and we have defeated this thing a few times so far. My complaint was that loss of control is an unfun mechanic, and Corpus seem to have that effect in spades. I certainly think the Orb Mother is the right level of difficult, I just wish I could see being shoved one direction or another coming, and the magnetic attack from thing above me was an actual mystery for me until now.
  5. I do not wish to sound like I am whining. I know my experiences often vary from other players, but at the same time, I am confident DE will at least read this.And, if other players share the same discomfort I do, this should articulate why and maybe offer solutions. I am now at the point where defeating the Profit Taker is no longer the capstone of a Fortuna quest but rather 'the only means to acquiring X substance". This takes the experience from the exciting conclusion of a story to a mechanical 'job'. Not much can be done as a solution for this, other than tinkering with drop rates, I suppose. I'm not asking for that, though. The major discomfort of my newly obtained job is that Control of my character is arbitrarily removed, as per the modus operandi of the Corpus Division of Tenno Annoyance R&D. This is exasperated by the fact that it often occurs during windows of opportunity. Example one: Bouncing pads. It is difficult to line up critical shots when moved away suddenly, and with little warning. Profit Taker's "shield walls" are ok. They telegraph themselves, and I can at least know when I am about to be pushed by them, but the little Vauban-Troll-relics that are thrown on the floor by bursa wannabes are near Invisible. They are near invisible, because unlike normal play, we are looking UP at the Orb for most of the battle. I am kindly asking that maybe this particular function be removed for this battle only, or toned down. Example two: Summoning the Archwing weapon. In the amount of time it takes for me to summon this forced decision, Nef has enough time to call the Corpus Fun Police from their comfortable homes, inform them that there is an emergency, negotiate overtime for them coming in on their day off, and provide them further time to put on their uniforms and carpool to my fixed position on the field. I realize I should examine how far from battle I can go to safely pull out my Archwing weapon and return with it in time to use it; That's on me. Here are some solutions that DE could consider; Invulnearbility during summoning. Freedom of movement while summoing. Being able to deploy and use ARCHWING weapon while in ARCHWING. Example three: magnetic status: ability cancelation. This one is pretty much entirely on me: I know the Corpus are likely to have nullifier bubbles, combus interfence, and energy-draining magnetic status effects that are going to prevent me from entering Screamy-slashy mode with Valkyr (read: Hysteria). I do not expect any change to the game on my behalf, but since the topic of this post is why the Profit Taker battle is not-fun, I feel I should mention it. In summary: I find the Profit Taker mission frustrating because control of my character disappears during critical moments, and it is 'worse than normal corpus fights' because of both the time consumption of this particular grind, and the windows of opportunity that show up during boss fights. If you read this far, thanks. I wanted to vent, offer some suggestions, and at least, articulate what I don't like about the Profit Taker battle.
  6. Foxfire_kad

    K-Drive Stories

    So I'm planking back home, yeah? See a launch on the way.. think 'yeah, I might as well soar on the way'... only I shoelace just as a I hit the umf. Rag doll the moment I lift off the ground, soar feet up for a good five blinks, and hit a pylon all cartoon-style. Too funny to be embarrassed about it.
  7. Foxfire_kad

    Developer Workshop: Saryn Revisited 2.0

    Can I get an augment that changes her spores back to viral? or maybe it's naturally viral as before, but introduce an augment that can change it to corrosive? As for the voice... No offense to the AWESOME voice talent you guys employ, but I'm not sure I like the idea of the warframes having a voice at all... it helps to make them more of a machine. I approve of Valkyr's screams, mostly because they do not seem human, but primal, and her specific story seems to allow for it. Just me.