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  1. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uIhs9Wz1PScG3ArFbREn6C0ZZ7193g1j I'm KuvaGrl18 I've got everything you want. I'm cute, rich, live in a palace that literally travels wherever I want to go... And I'm not afraid to admit I do lots and lots of Kuva. ❤️ Likes: Kuva, eating, admonishing the help Dislikes: ineptitude and scrawny people.
  2. Helios is far less tanky than a MOA. Helios does not have the damage output of my Four-legged-Cloaking device (Huras Kubrow), let alone the ability to cloak me. If I want a companion that can revive me when playing solo, I'll select Shade, because it's ridiculously infrequent cloaking might kick in at the right moment for it to complete my resuscitation before enemies shoot it down. Why would I carry a fragile balloon toy with me into the Valas if the one thing it can do that all other companions can not.. has been removed? It's not like the lore bits provide some sort of advantage in battle once obtained in game. Also, why remove the MOA's ability to hack a console that can still be gimmicked with a cypher?
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