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  1. Speed run king? Rhino...hands down! :)
  2. This entire "update" just doesn't make RJ sound interesting. RJ was bad at the start...was bad (still) after an "update" and now we get even more "fixes"... I may have missed it in the long post but are Liches going to be in RJ and interact with us on Earth like originally promised? No? So this is what exactly? Removing some nodes that are too popular...how about weapons? Are popular weapons going to be nerfed for "game balance" reasons too? Adding Command intrinsic to let me form my own squad in RJ just screams that nobody wants to play RJ so it is a "patch" to a broken part of th
  3. Awesome! Yes! Let's add encumbrance to the game so you use more stamina the more loot you collect. This way long runs will be much more difficult because you will eventually be so loaded down you won't be able to move more than a couple feet without having to rest. Imagine running an hour long mission where you can't swing your melee weapon more than twice because you have no stamina from all the loot you are carrying! And don't forget you can't aim your primary or secondary for more than maybe ten seconds before stamina makes it impossible and you have to lower the weapon
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