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  1. Look forward to running the last mission about 118 times to get one of everything...goodbye 9+ hours of my life... If only I had to run robochicken 118 times to get things I wanted/needed...ah...the joy of Warframe grind.
  2. Thanks! Will try that,,,and yes..annoying.
  3. It seems even worse as a bug when you are running a primary only mission...switch to scanner and BAM you can't get your primary back. Even death does not fix it. Just have to hope your squad finishes mission for you.
  4. I love Strawberry ice cream too! We are almost soul mates! 😛
  5. I agree 100% with this post....I have spent far too much money on those 75% off daily logins as well! Just today I got a 50% off daily login...make the cheap plat stop please I can only play Warframe so many hours a day because work is getting in the way!
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