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  1. Ok so I have read a few of these melee threads talking about the Zenistar and did some basic testing for a new build. BLUF: Zenistar isn't worth the pain with these changes. Will sit on the shelf for me. The main usage for Zenistar for me was always to block a hallway on long duration missions. Oh well...no more....Zenistar joins Telos Boltace...on the shelf never to be used again. Here are the numbers from testing... First things first...the "10 seconds" on the disc is indeed 8 seconds as stated previously in this thread. So all times for the disc should be considered 2 seconds shorter (making the 'change' even worse IMO). Base build: Rending Crane, Primed Pressure Point, Primed Reach Duration of disc....10/8 seconds. Add Corrupt Charge...duration of disc...20/18 seconds. Add Riven Zenistar Locti-acrium (+1 range, +10.8 iniitial Combo, +40.2% critical damage, -32.3% status change)...duration of disc...30/28 seconds. Not everyone will have the riven...so 20/18 seconds of disc without hitting a mob. As other threads have clarified...to increase the disc duration it is all about the melee counter. 2x = 20/18 seconds, 3x = 30/28 seconds, 4x, etc. 40, 50, 60, etc. up to a max of 120 seconds with 12x melee combo counter. The "great" thing about this design is that the combo counter resets once you release the disc. Even better...the melee combo counter resets when you recall the disc early...thus wiping out all the work you did while the disc is out. Using Body Count / Drifting Contact to keep your melee combo counter numbers is fine if you expect to be meleeing while the disc is out...but that isn't really the pattern I have used in the past...so the resetting isn't a big problem for me. In the end, a great weapon with a limited usage is changed into no need to bother using anymore. Sad but DE must have a reason for making things 'worse'...
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