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  1. Your complaining about how others play the game is still funny to me....but to be fair...if you feel someone disliking the mechanics of a boss fight is complaining...who are we to claim your complaining isn't valid...at least compared to the complaining by others about mechanics == difficult. Its all good...your complaint is more valid than the OP complaint...clearly.
  2. This is funny... Hildryn tanking most missions and doesn't even use 4... As for a new "boss" without being a bullet sponge...well when you remove the bullets from the fight it is not possible to have it be a bullet sponge. As for invul stages...well...that is what the fight is about... The fight is horrible...and boring. "difficult" isn't the complaint but sure...run with that diversion.
  3. The lack of a sense of humor is astonishing...but expected on these forums.
  4. Hmmm...sorry for late response to that post but sure seems interesting. Ok, back to my Candy Crush vs Angry Birds posts in Reddit.
  5. I need lots of titanium but can't bring myself to grind RJ to get it...boring. Agree the movie showed hasn't arrived in game and probably never will...just pure marketing 'garbage' IMO. "content" isn't something DE has done...ever (?)... Deimos is as blank for me as most of Fortuna...I would be MR 30 if I was willing to grind all those kit guns, zaws, etc.
  6. Well, the cost of generating platinum should certainly have been recovered by now...the thought that lockdown somehow reduces building and office costs seems flawed. The utilities (heating/cooling of office spaces, etc.) may be reduced some but the lease/rent/mortgage of a building is nearly as fixed as staffing costs. The cost of paying for the office that people are (in theory) going to return to at some point doesn't vanish. Also, a decent company would possibly increase some costs by possibly upgrading the ISP for employees (work from home for DE employee, others, home schooling, etc.
  7. Ah yes, the "no discount" argument. As with any (well, most at least) business, DE doesn't sell products at or below cost and have built-in profit margins. The vendors (those 3rd party companies we want to point to) sell products at a profit to DE who turn around and sell those products at a profit to its customers. The term "franchise" seems to be misused in this post. DE actually does seem to franchise out products to be sold in other places than the official DE store. For example: (not sure all of these sites are properly licensed by DE but For Fans By Fans link is found on t
  8. Yes, another company actually produces the product for DE. Much like any company that wants branded products. This is nothing new. Companies actually limit the quantities of some items in hopes that those items will sale out rather than ending up with excess products. Some branded product deals would include a minimum run requirement...like 500 t-shirts of a specific design so the printing company produce the products at volume to reduce overall cost as well as to ensure profit for printing them. Other branded product deals could be designed with an established minimum cost per unit.
  9. It could be argued that "black friday" exists as a way to clear out inventory and to ramp up sales for new products leading into the holiday season. There is a reason some companies release/announce new products in Sep/Oct. As for digital products and discount...the proper argument would seem that after the initial cost (design, development, etc.) and perhaps the small expense to deliver digital items...why is there a cost at all? Isn't a digital item 'free' once the initial cost is covered? So getting a "discount" for 'pixels' that cost basically nothing seems fair...and should/could be
  10. The rooms all were terrible. The slow movement, the clues hard to find, the lack of purpose of said clues. The boss fight is the worst IMO. The reason the game is dying...lame content. My play time has dropped to logging on and leaving mostly now. No $$$ for various "graphics" reasons. Sad...game was kinda cool in the past...
  11. This fight is another reason my play time has dropped to mostly logging on and running one or two missions and leaving the game for the rest of the day. No more hours of playing for me from a development company that can't keep the core mechanics as part of the game. This fight is "operator mode" without an operator. Lame
  12. Worst fight in the game...basically operator mode (no tenno abilities/weapons) but without the benefit of operator mode. The throw mechanic is completely broken IMO. standing in front of a piece and the item misses! Once again a bad design by DE using modes that don't exist in the game. Lame all the way around.
  13. True...why would players complain about content drought while there is so much unused potential for content that hasn't been delivered to play and instead the game simply stacks grind upon grind and claim that as content. Who would ever think the grind isn't content...the horror.
  14. There is nothing (little?) in the OP that is speaking to "spending money" in a F2P game. Instead, it seems to be a post about open world nodes and "grind" within those nodes? The title asks about "Articles/references to what motivates F2P players to spend money?" yet doesn't seem to really be about this subject matter. A quick search finds articles related to F2P but are more targeted toward mobile games. Still, the general concept of F2P may apply...yet the OP didn't seem to even bother to do this minimal amount of research to support this thread. Link to empirical study on pla
  15. Prior definition of "fun" in Warframe: Grind endlessly for hours to gather resources and kill enemies in same nodes over and over and over using the same game mechanics over and over and over" Indeed...lets not devolve the definition since it was so much...fun...before...
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