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  1. True...why would players complain about content drought while there is so much unused potential for content that hasn't been delivered to play and instead the game simply stacks grind upon grind and claim that as content. Who would ever think the grind isn't content...the horror.
  2. There is nothing (little?) in the OP that is speaking to "spending money" in a F2P game. Instead, it seems to be a post about open world nodes and "grind" within those nodes? The title asks about "Articles/references to what motivates F2P players to spend money?" yet doesn't seem to really be about this subject matter. A quick search finds articles related to F2P but are more targeted toward mobile games. Still, the general concept of F2P may apply...yet the OP didn't seem to even bother to do this minimal amount of research to support this thread. Link to empirical study on pla
  3. Prior definition of "fun" in Warframe: Grind endlessly for hours to gather resources and kill enemies in same nodes over and over and over using the same game mechanics over and over and over" Indeed...lets not devolve the definition since it was so much...fun...before...
  4. Some people argue for 'fixing' current content and it makes sense...yet others argue that only new content will drive new players to start playing Warframe. Why new content? Well those that argue the new content point are convinced the only way to make Warframe (or any game) viable is by gaining 'new' players. It seems the 'new content' = 'new players' camp thinks there is an infinite number of new players that can join a game... This point has been debated and discussed in the past about "churn" and "retention", etc. but fixing the content that is in a game has merit as long as that cont
  5. This entire thread wouldn't exist if DE did the right thing and simply removed Limbo from the game. Remember, during Scarlet Spear Limbo was trivializing content so much DE had to bring out the nerf bat quickly. Had DE simply removed Limbo from the game everything would have been fine... Plus all those players that bail because a Limbo is in the squad would end up with a lower failure rate! Win Win!!! (and because people can't read "joking"....I am joking...well about the failure rate at least... :)
  6. It is true that you can get to rank 30 without these crime scenes but if there is a reward for doing them it does force players to do them if they want that reward. Yes, that is it...everyone wants catalyst or reactors...those are the only meaningful rewards players would rather have over 7000 nightwave points. Not Endo, not Kuva, not riven shards, not nitain...nope just catalyst or reactors. Someone would rather have a different option than points and they are wanting something on a plate...got to love the logic here. Funny...but wasn't the post talking about people with
  7. Well, it may be the dumbest imaginary comment I made up in my head so far...but in the end we just need to remove Limbo from the game and all problems are solved. 🙂
  8. You joined the newsletter and even subscribed to payment site HelpMeRetireFromPlayingGames.gamesforretirement and ended up living in a park (2027, because you spent all your money on the payment site) and playing video games at the local Luckin Coffee store which replaced Starbucks in 2025 as the largest company in the world after Apple, and Google lost the lawsuit against Epic games over Fortnite in 2023. Note: domain name gamesforretirement replaced most .com sites once Twitch took over broadcast TV as the main form of entertainment around the world. Sorry about you living in a par
  9. Maybe MR15 is just so less people have to spend time making new builds that trivialize content leading to the kneejerk nerf response. We are all waiting for the nerfs right? But your post was amazing...really liked it...
  10. Well...this is all part of the master plan by DE to make Warframe 2.0 a real thing before Warframe 1.0 gets out of beta. In Warframe 2.0 there will be a warframe called Swiss Army Knife that can use any four abilities from a list of over 200 abilities and one exalted weapon and one operator focus. Beta Warframe 2.0 will be an amazing visual spectacle requiring two 27" or larger 8K monitors and a PC system running at least two GPUs so we can all see the amazing graphics developed by DE that has no meaningful purpose to game play but is cool and cutting edge all while not having any re
  11. According to the imaginary comment I made up in my head...I heard the following is the reason it no longer works... The 10 energy per kill for Limbo was trivializing game play and had to be nerfed. Welcome to Scarlet Spear 3.0.... 🙂
  12. As this experiment called Nightwave III goes on...finding the clues has become less painful...in the sense that we are learning how to go about finding the clues. The actual mechanics of the clues are not all that engaging...and could be called boring. I too have gone to Youtube in earlier stages to find helpful hints on where the clues might be...but this time they were fairly easy to locate in my situation. WOW...simply amazing that someone that is not part of the "younger generation" is so dismissive of others...elders and egos...hand in hand I guess. When someone claims a
  13. Heart of Deimos...i.e. Heart of "Dread"...is DE's way of suggesting that the exclusivity agreement between Tencent and Leyou which will delay any final agreement with Sony until after the PS/5 is released thus hurting Sony's efforts to bolster its gaming assets in the near term is 'dreaded'... OR... Heart of Deimos...i.e. Heart of "Dread"...is DE's way of expressing the general experience the world has had through most of 2020...while waiting for the final battle in the New War to commence in 2021. In either case, the players are 'dreading' the impending update delay cuz..."cont
  14. While the point of the discussion of NMS as a "scam" is fine...comparing software to hardware seems to miss the point. In hardware there exists a component failure rate...depending on the quality of the components...so each product sold has a chance of having failed components...leading to a DOA (dead on arrival) product. This has happened over the years in the PC market...and is a known issue in the industry. Typically, the solution is to send a replacement product in exchange for the DOA product. In software there isn't a component failure rate...the software is the same for every
  15. Or being part of a larger organization could mean that the resources (people/money/office space) DE spends on marketing, gaming infrastructure, finances, some HR, come community management, etc. could all be shed (reduced) but then those 'saved' resources are not reinvested into the company...they are taken as reducing overhead. Thus leaving DE with little / no extra capital to add "devs" to the team.
  16. I don't even do Kuva missions and I have almost a million (but I don't roll rivens either)...so yea...way to go!!!! Try to force the number to roll over to negative..see if DE supports huge numbers...next target number is 4 billion. Keep us updated!
  17. Your original post sure sounded like one of those 'it is too hard' and/or "won't work" posts so glad you clarified that you are sort of spitballing about why it would be so hard to implement. Now, on to the OP and your points. BLUF: OP concept sounds promising Change client side chat UI to use the current input box as the OP suggested 'input' area Change the chat tab color and blink when 'bad words' are detected (and do not send text) Filter chat text against a local 'bad word' list downloaded from DE server side (downloaded like any normal updates) Chat
  18. The Steel Path...a new game mode where you can use your best weapon builds with rivens for at most three months until DE changes your rivens and requires you to come up with new builds to continue on The Steel Path... This is true 'end game' content for Warframe...chasing the never ending 'ultimate' build... Can Not Wait! Simply The Ultimate Player Idea Developed for Warframe...
  19. Apparently "Dynamic Lighting" is the in game setting for Warframe to use "adaptive exposure"... I get your point...many gaming companies make the same mistake when it comes to visual effects and "playing" with advanced features/technology. The two most common that DE has fallen into as well are bloom lighting and volumetric lighting. This "adaptive exposure" I don't experience because I don't enjoy DE's fascination with graphics that makes the game 'look better' by abusing these technologies so I disable most of these 'toy' graphics features. As others have said...a game with 'okay'
  20. What is your opinion of people that start a new job and expect to be made the CEO in six months?
  21. To the OP and others expressing frustration with the MR tests...learning the game mechanics isn't a bad thing...which is what the MR tests are suppose to reinforce. This argument seems old...the "power level" in Warframe you would have to level up warframes, weapons, etc. to gain the affinity...and this claim that the 24 lockout between MR tests is some how forcing the player to wait an excessive amount of time. Certainly at early MR levels it might be a delay but as a player progressing into higher level MR tests the amount of affinity needed becomes the delay doesn't it? MR 10 -
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