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  1. Yep, the 1660ti is used in-game, not the integrated intel graphics (configured it in Nvidia control panel to be sure), and its temp are 60-65°C on average in game (and even in games where it's used at higher percentage). I already undervolted the CPU at -150mV, should've said sooner, sorry. I use a cooling pad too. Honestly, for the CPU temps, I suspect either an issue with thermal paste or dust in fans (but I get high temp since I started the laptop for the first time, so... maybe not that).
  2. Thank you for your quick response ! In the display options, everything is basically maxed out (with VSync on, classic engine, and directx 11 enabled). I'll post screenshots tomorrow, and will try to find locations/situations where I get fps drops. The CPU "downclocking" (not sure about the word) happens in some other games, but generally not in WF. I'll try reinstalling DirectX
  3. Hi ! Since a couple of month, when I installed Warframe on my current laptop, actually, I got poor performances despite having decent specs (i5 9300h, gtx 1660ti mobile, 16Gb RAM, playing at 1080p). All I'm asking is 60 fps locked, but I often encounter some stutter, low fps in some tilesets, low fps when a lot of ennemies are affected by status effects, etc... Afterburner displays only 40% max GPU usage, as well as 40% CPU usage. My CPU temps are quite high (for now, I'll repaste CPU and GPU soon, and clean the fans), even for a laptop (between 85-90°C on average, max 95°C), but it's
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