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  1. WTS Sicarus Riven [SOLD]

    how much did you sell it for?
  2. This Game is Boring

    I haven't played a video game yet that doesn't get boring after dumping enough hours into it. The question is how quickly does someone get bored.
  3. Why bother picking Mag or Volt?

    You shouldn't make blanket statements about the game when you can't even unock the star chart. Volt has good survivability. 1.Shield blocks all oncoming damage 2.Speed buff+life steal 3.decent vitality.
  4. Buff Avenging Truth

    Most of the the mods from the Ambulas event are unusable. DE had their event (and their increased player log-in count) but then just handed out trash in return.
  5. Shotguns and negative Flight Speed.

    I tested this and it's true. Probably a bug.
  6. Why There Will be No Veterans In a Year Time (read orig. post)

    I just think there should be a tileset with missions at level 70-100. Endless rusn though? no.. I don't want to spend more than 20 minutes in a mission.
  7. Most OP Warframe and Why 2017

  8. Trinity is just a buff bot which nobody wants to play. What is the point to nerfing her..
  9. Aklex Prime could use a buff

    Most Akimbo secondaries have a good increase in fire rate and their recoil is not as exaggerated as Aklex Prime's recoil. Look at Magnus to Akmagnus for example. The Akmagnus has an increase in fire rate by about 42% over the Magnus. And it has limited recoil. The increase in fire rate from the Lex Prime to the Aklex prime is only around 25%. And the recoil means you can't even fire the weapon at its base fire rate because the cursor will go all over the screen. So realistically its fire rate increase (without -recoil) is nought/zero. If you want to hit your target your basically firing at the same fire rate as the normal Lex Prime. At the moment the Aklex Prime does nothing different to the LEx Prime. It just works the same as the Lex Prime but with a larger magazine and very bad recoil. But in terms of fire-rate and being able to dump many shots into an enemy and doing what a dual wield weapon should, it fails at that. The onyl reason to use the AklexP over the Lex Prime is because of riven disposition, that is it. If not for Riven disposition everyone would still be using the Lex Prime.
  10. Aklex Prime could use a buff

    Typically how a weapon performs at level 1 without forma is a good indication of how it will be when leveled up. Well after putting one forma into the AKlex prime and testing it out the first things I noticed. -Very bad recoil which ruins the weapons accuracy -3 second reload time -poor fire rate for dual weapons The conclusion I arrived at = The Aklex Prime needs a riven with -Recoil. It also needs a fire rate increase mod so that you can dump your magazine(otherwise why use a dual wield weapon in the first place. Might as well just use a single weapon). And it will need something to reduce its reload speed to at least 2 seconds..Aklex Prime has good damage but overall with its piss poor fire rate and recoil I think that most of the top secondaries that have less base damage are actually easily out-damaging it.
  11. WHat is the problem with just using energy color? it makes more sense (from an immersion stand point).
  12. Volt Rework Feedback [Post Update 18.13]

    the duration on his 2 is short, but that's a positive. Because the ability can be recast on itself. You don't want a long duration it would just lock the player into a speed boost. The riot shield only uses a lot of energy if you don't have good duration and efficiency. 170 efficiency and 100 duration and the riot shield takes virtually no energy at all. Discharge could use some tweaking. It's in the same spot as magnetize really in that its casting animation is too long for the amount of dmg/cc it produces.
  13. Kuva farming, is it worth it?

    It's better to just sit in trade chat and buy rivens for low prices. Because Kuva farming is too slow. 80 hours of farming for 150-200 rolls? I mean you can finish 8 single player games in that time. Seriously a waste. Just Sit in Trade chat and watch some tv on a second screen and wait for some noob to post a god roll riven for 300p. GG true Warframe endgame.
  14. No.. even if you farmed the resource weekend for 80 hours and didn't sleep/eat/S#&$.. do anything except farm Kuva.. You would end up with about 1 million kuva at the end of the event (with a booster as well). Sounds like a lot of Kuva right? it's about 300-400 riven rolls. Yeah that's not a lot. For all of that work on a double resource drop weekend I'd expect at least double that. And without the resource weekend then it's half, only 150-200 rolls for 80 hours of work (with a booster). Kuva farming is not worth it, in game it's the equivalent of working for minimum wage. It's not for end game players. End game players will just buy the riven they want instead.