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  1. If they nerf Naramon then everyone would just use Zenurik (and vise versa). If they nerf both Naramon and Zenurik then nobody cares about focus anymore. IMO the entire system needs an overhaul. If I was designing the focus system then... 1. There would be no time restriction on when the focus schools would activite. This is a poorly designed mechanic which leads players into.. A: playing passively/loitering at the start of the mission waiting for their focus buff to come into play. B: Not investing all of their focus into a focus school because taking too many abilities increases the timer. Solution, just make the passive buffs start at the beginning of the mission. 2. Obviously if there's no timer then every player would just max everything in a school and there would be no customization. And it would just be a matter of taking every node available. The Solution to this is to just limit how many nodes a player can take in any given school. A.Change the look of the focus system to accommodate. Give the focus schools "skill" trees instead (IE just copy DIablo2/world of warcraft). B:And at level 30 a player should be able to max one entire tree and maybe dump some points into the other/s trees. C: Give each tree in a focus school a theme. Ie if there's two trees in Naramon, then one tree could concentrate on increasing the invisibility duration, the other tree could focus on increasing the damage whilst invisible. This would give players a choice, increased invisibility or more damage. GIve the Naramon passive a cooldown instead of just letting players to be perma invisible by stacking crits. Maybe five seconds at default, and then by concentrating on the duration side of the focus tree a player can reduce that cooldown to 1-2 seconds. 3.Make the active abilities such as "Void" Pulse, "mending Tides" and "Mind Spike" Work with the operator in-game instead of being on a timer 2 minute+ timer. At the moment players only use the operator in the game to catch Kuva. If you give operators the ability to use their focus schools, this would give a real reason to use the operator. Obviously it would be overpowered being able to mind spike or void pulse at any given moment. So just give the abilities a cooldown. For example if a player takes Zenurik then Void Blast and Void Dash will cause the effects of void pulse every 30 seconds. Some abilities such as Phoenix gaze could give a passive perma buff to abilities such as Void beam with a flat increase in dmg.
  2. PMO here or in-game.
  3. Would like to see more level 80+ missions with increased rewards. The rest of the games missions which are level 30-40, are just bland. You can take Ember into them and just run through the map and get top damage.
  4. I have seen a few Youtubers state that DE could've just buffed weaker weapons instead of introducing Riven mods. But I don't see how that's better than being able to buff any weapon how you choose to your own specifications via a Riven mod. As for power creep. That's the main problem I see with the game at the moment. There's not enough level 80+ missions with more interesting rewards. And with the riven system now in play the level 20-40 missions are just bland.
  5. Prices negotiable. Accepting offers on the Spira mod. Highest offer wins. Send PMO on here or in game. Lanka = D polarity. Ballistica = D Pandero = -
  6. He's a bad frame for this game unless you're runing solo or are in a pre-made and everyone in the group is on a melee frame/setup and knows the deal. That's the way I see it. 90% of the time Limbo in a public game is causing more harm than good because the player is incompetent and is ruining the groups damage. I've seen a Limbo stasis'ing everything (even a level 100 bursa) and then spend literally two to three minutes wacking away at it until it's dead. He turned a Kuva flood Exterminate mission into 10-15 minutes when it could've been completed in five. I've also seen one Limbo run through a kuva flood mission triggering and stasising all of the enemies in an attempt to speed run the map. And then when his stasis wore off the enemies decimated the group = failed mission.
  7. Yeah nice funny answer. Realistically though there's nothing you can do about taking self damage in these type of games with launcher type weapons. It's like playing Quake, in Quake launchers caused self damage as well. And you always took Self damage when using them (it was unavoidable). The difference is though self damage didn't equate to instant death. The player just took some damage from their health bar when a projectile blew up too close to them. In this game with mods, when you take a bit of self damage from a launcher type weapon. You're basically dead. End of story. It makes no sense and relegates all launcher weapons into "niche" category.
  8. Just saying. Launcher weapons don't work with self damage in this game. Simple as that. Devs try playing your own game? There's too much stuff happening on-screen at one time in Warframe. And if just one those different elements (spazzy team mates/pets/teleporting kavats/teleporting guardians etc) can cause self-damage then guess what? there's no point in using launcher weapons instead of one of the other quad zillion weapons in the game which don't insta kill yourself. Basic common sense.
  9. Not sure, I haven't had time to test many builds out with this mod. I think Ice Storm is good because +40% magazine capacity equates to +damage on the pandero's secondary fire mode. So basically Ice Sotrm is giving +magazine capacity and +cold damage for primary fire. +tons of extra damage for the secondary fire. It seems as if it's probably one of the best mods to put on the Pandero as it's utility/damage/element all in one. As for Viral. I'm not sure if it's needed if the burst fire is doing 300k damage. Maybe if you get bombards (high health/armor) targets in a sortie, then that is the only time when viral is going to come into play. Otherwise the alt fire mode is killing everything in one click already. And if your group has 4x CP then definitely Viral is doing nothing.
  10. 300k Burst damage. PMO or just leave offers on here.
  11. I'm guessing this is the strongest stat for the Pandero's secondary fire then?
  12. I've never seen a game with this many bugs before. Not even in beta/alpha testing. I literally see a new bug crop everyday. And even found a bug which allows players to do 2billion damage per shot. Yes Two billion damage. I also just joined a Kuva siphon mission on Eris and ended up in a alert mission on jupiter.. wtf?
  13. lol limbo was clearing the entire tile-set with a AOE nuke. How is this good for the game? sure it's fun for you when you're playing as Limbo. But for the other players and the gameplay in general? Is it "fun" or "good'? Maybe think before you post.
  14. Yeah it's dumb. No one wants to overwrite and delete their arcanes. Why even have the option in the first place..
  15. The only tedious part about Kuva farming is having to stand around and wait for the Kuva to spawn four times or more per mission. It destroys the flow of the game. They should've just had a system in place similar to Fissures where enemies spawn in and drop the Kuva upon death.