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  1. lol what is wrong with Volt? And do you honestly think you're going to get a Volt rework when he just had a rework a year or so ago, and is currently better than 2/3 of the cast?
  2. They wont' allow it because .. 1. Players will begin to trade tennogen for plat. 2. Players will scam, keep the plat and not gift the tennogen or vise versa. 3. Trading out-side currency for in-game items is against their TOS. And this would create a loop-hole.
  3. If they remove the scaling from the combo meter (or put a cap on it) then melee rivens might work. But if they continue to let all melee weapons scale at 2x/3x/4x damage and crit, and give them rivens on top. Then why use a ranged weapon? Because they're ranged? Doesn't really matter when frames can bullet jump into melee distance in one second.
  4. Well nothing is required to play the game. I mean someone can clear the star chart with 100p worth of mods. The point is though people play this game to get optimal gear. And time-gating Primed mods by 600 days (2 years... 2 friggin years of login in every day to get the optimal primed mod for your primary weapon) is about the most unreasonable thing I've seen in any mmo/loot fest video game.
  5. Kohm +114 ammo +165 multishot +123 Status -86 Flight speed Attica +252 Critical Chance +171 Multishot -31 dmg to Infested Vulkar +302 Damage +202 Critical Damage -40% zoom Aklex +209 Damage +87 Toxin +45 Damage to Grineer -71 Flight Speed Ballistica +186 damage +91 multishot +35 dmg to infested -52% zoom Pox +59% Fire Rate +90% Multishot +36 magazine capacity -50% zoom PMO/Leave offers here.
  6. No. But the daily reward milestones should've been aesthetic items only. It's not good to time-gate primed mods and weapons by a year or two years worth of login.
  7. THat's normal. I mean they deal with technical and in-game support but they're not exactly game-faqs and are going to tell you how to play the game.
  8. ANyone want me to test some plat for them? just give me your plat and I'll goto the market place and test it for you. pmo
  9. Yeah a bundled discount should be implemented.
  10. I didn't read all of that but I don't see how it's a good mechanic. I have played games with vote kick and players will simply kick a player if they're low rank or if they're playing a class they don't want.
  11. How would you even know if you were blocked? And players block for anything. You didn't get to the mission objective quick enough? blocked. Took too long to get to the evacuation point? blocked. You're playing Limbo? instant block.
  12. The problem is people just over-abuse it. Then the match-making goes to hell.
  13. No they don't. Limbo is straight up troll tier.
  14. They won't because they want you to buy syandanas with plat and not get good ones for free. Hence why all of the syndicate syandanas look nerfed in some form or another. Red Veil = flame is small (they actually nerfed the frame deliberately after it was released). Steel Meridian = the backpack is small. Synoid= needs scans to make the syandana even show up. Telos glows for only a couple of seconds. etc All of the free syandana's have been designed to not really be worth it when compared to what's available from the market place.