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  1. WTS Sicarus Riven [SOLD]

    how much did you sell it for?
  2. I don't see what point you're trying to make. That is the same as saying Loki needs a buff because Zenurick is not a Loki specific power. Focus schools are a part of the game. And even without NAramon, Volt still wouldn't need a rework/buff. He just had a rework eight motnhs ago and he's now better than 2/3 of the cast. Why are they going to rework him again? They're not going to.
  3. Naramon + Volt speed buff = best frame in the game. Even without Naramon he's still in the top 5-10. I don't see Volt getting any buffs anytime soon. But w/e keep asking for them if you want.
  4. This Game is Boring

    I haven't played a video game yet that doesn't get boring after dumping enough hours into it. The question is how quickly does someone get bored.
  5. Sniper rifles third person view

    The option should be there really. No reason why it shouldn't be. PLayers should be able to aim using a third person view, ie "iron sights" if they don't want to use the scope.
  6. Why bother picking Mag or Volt?

    You shouldn't make blanket statements about the game when you can't even unock the star chart. Volt has good survivability. 1.Shield blocks all oncoming damage 2.Speed buff+life steal 3.decent vitality.
  7. So is Euphona Prime the best secondary now?

    It's the best secondary in the game. Just mod it for 100% status and with a decent riven, the secondary fire is on the same level as a Tigris Prime. And its primary fire will still one shot the majority of trash mobs on the star chart (even when built for its shotgun form). It's much better than the Lex Prime, Aklex Prime and Pandero. Contenders for Euphona are the Akstilleto. because Akstilleto is also better than most primaries. And the Pox.
  8. improving the Tennogen economy

    I dont' see how DE can start giving Tennogen away for platinum. When players have been spending their RL money on it over the last four years.
  9. Tax On Platinum

    The problem really is not the tax itself but the rate of the tax. I think the economy has changed, there's more platinum floating about in the market And lets say for example someone happens across a good Sybaris Riven which can be sold for 10,000 platinum. Well they will have to farm five million credits. WHich is what, 5-10 hours of farming credits with a booster? I mean 5-10 hours you can complete an entire single player game, or watch three to five movies. Or earn $200 by going to work. So when this amount of time is put into restrospect it is a serious grind just to trade some items in an online game. The second issue is the way in how credits are acquired. Unless you actively select from a handful of missions which reward a high amount of credits. You will never actually acquire any decent amount of credits. There is no natural way to get a good amount of credits via just playing the game. You must farm, and farming is boring. The solution is just to increase the amount of credits dropped from normal missions so that players do not have to do dark sector/index repeatedly to get enough credits to complete normal trades.
  10. How could DE possibly nerf Loki?

    Meh invisbility needs to be looked at full stop. Loki is no longer due for balance changes alone because all frames have invisbility due to Naramon. But I think in general looking for balance in this game is now pretty pointless because of rivens/power creep, new frames (nidus, octavia etc).
  11. Tax On Platinum

    That is the down-side of a F2P games. It doesn't matter how much money you invest, you're still playing a F2P game. And in Warframe's case the F2P aspect = a lot of grinding to keep players logging on everyday. That never goes away no matter how much money you throw at the game.
  12. Silva & Aegis Prime visual

    I don't really care if it's a mace or a sword or a axe. It makes no difference to the game. I do think though that the devs shouldn't screw around with original concepts. If the original artist designed a sword and shield then keep it as a sword and shield. Don't change other peoples work.
  13. Buff Avenging Truth

    Most of the the mods from the Ambulas event are unusable. DE had their event (and their increased player log-in count) but then just handed out trash in return.

    It's not that the Silva and Aegis is too strong it's just that Status/melee is strong full stop. You can do the same thing with Galatine Prime/Lesion and you will find the same results. Also you can just use a primary weapon with high status such as Ignis/Kohm and spread status and then just quick melee with (with condition overload) for the exact same results. This technique doesn't even require a melee weapon with high status.
  15. End game = simulacrum?

    Seems that way. Where does anyone go to when they want to put more than one cap into an enemy? Yep the simulacrum. And DE are now adding multiplayer functionality to the simulacrum? ok. I honestly don't think this is what players wanted but whatever. .. I mean just add some more challenging content (with increased rewards)to the star chart? If you have the time to add multiplayer to the simulacrum and also captura how can you not add more nodes with higher rewards and enemies to the game world? The star chart is almost exactly the same as it was last year at this same time, the only difference is the addition of Kuva Floods which is on a timer.