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  1. WHat is the problem with just using energy color? it makes more sense (from an immersion stand point).
  2. Volt Rework Feedback [Post Update 18.13]

    the duration on his 2 is short, but that's a positive. Because the ability can be recast on itself. You don't want a long duration it would just lock the player into a speed boost. The riot shield only uses a lot of energy if you don't have good duration and efficiency. 170 efficiency and 100 duration and the riot shield takes virtually no energy at all. Discharge could use some tweaking. It's in the same spot as magnetize really in that its casting animation is too long for the amount of dmg/cc it produces.
  3. Volt Rework Feedback [Post Update 18.13]

    Volt pretty much has everything. Defence(shield). Which can tank unlimited damage based solely on duration (scales infinitely). Utility. Speed augment buffs the entire group, increases attack speed of melee weapons and the reload speed of range weapons. There's also Shock Trooper and Capacitance which further buffs the group. Damage. Shield augments increases the damage of all range weapons. +50% electric damage (and can be stacked up to +200% or more) as well as adding +200% crit damage on top. His "4" ability does AOE dmg (enough damage to clear an entire room up to about level 60 with just one button press). Speed buff augments the melee swing speed which makes him the best melee frame in the game when combined with Naramon. CC. His "1" and "4" can stun enemies for long periods of time. ENough time for his group to easily clean up. What exactly does he need buffed? he's the most well rounded frame in the game. And can Nezha's speed buff swing a Galatine Prime five times a second? no.. Why even compare Nezha's run speed to Volts "speed buff" ability. That is a joke.
  4. Volt Rework Feedback [Post Update 18.13]

    They're not going to make any changes to VOLT, he is one of the best designed frames in the game at the moment.
  5. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    They're not going to completely overhaul a frame they've re-worked already. Best you can hope for is that they change Ash's ULT.
  6. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    Nobody is going to be sitting and spamming Bladestorm in its current rendition. It costs too much energy and there other frames much better at doing that (ie Mesa/Equinox).
  7. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    The player is still controlling the character, so it is interactive. What we have now where the player loses control of actually playing the game, that's what you call not interactive. As for conclave, I don't think any abilities should be balanced around it because 99% of the game is about co-op.
  8. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    Just have Ash send his clones out and remove the kill cam.
  9. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    Well it's used mainly for the armour strip.100% armour strip with the mod turns even the toughest enemies in the game into a pinata.
  10. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    I think after the nerf the only decent build ASH has is duration/efficiency based stealth+seeking shuriken. And that's the problem with ASH and many other Warframes. They have no synergy between their four abilities, which means players end up modding for one or two abilities. And spamming one or two moves (and that's it).
  11. Thanks for the info. Is that price estimate for 2x imprints or just the one?
  12. Price check on... Male Huras Lotus Bulky Color 1 = Gold/Sargas Brown color 2 and 3 = hek green How much per imprint?