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  1. I understand it can be a pain. You make sense here. On my side, I'm getting old and my reflexes aren't what they used to be, the folding vortex helps in a way. I'd like to see this option about pre-selecting your power for Bastille/Vortex. That would be a nice thing if possible.
  2. Yeah, having to choose might be seen as a hinderance. But one has to admit it "freed" a slot for photon strike in exchange for a minor inconvenience. I don't like tapping to switch, that's what makes me forget any power with that mechanic (Ivara 1, Vauban mines...) but I guess to comes to personal preference here. How about choice in control settings? Sounds a nice way to make everyone have his/her fun? 🙂 About it ending into a vortex, I like having a visual cue to recast. I get your point though.
  3. Well, it is a nice rework if you consider most of the skills now compared to what he used to have. The fact that it needs polish doesn't make it any less of a good job. Photon strike has already been modified for instant effect, Nervos has been made less of burden to cast. Combining Bastille and Vortex gives a tactical choice. Mines, meeh, still too slow for what they have to offer. Vauban went from no offense to having more options in that department, is he perfect? No. I agree with you on survival, Vauban needs some meat to compete. I also agree on the needs for a more fast-paced oriented set of skills.
  4. Many thanks and hugs for this! Tested in simulacrum and it feels great!
  5. I don't see the problem here. There's no weapon I enjoy playing that I haven't put less than 4-7 formas on. These will require less than usual with the upgrade of levels available. BUT if it's for the MR, then it's purely a player's vanity point of view. We'll reach MR 30 with or without them, getting there three months ahead of everyone else is a people's problem.
  6. On Vauban. I agree with the majority of comments here regarding his rework. It's nice on the core, but lacks the playability required in a fast paced game for now. Nervos. I love it (even posted this exact suggestion on the day they announced a rework for Vauban, let me have this, I'm old ^^). It's just lacking polish. Not enough reliability on high level because of their movement. Mine layer. Didn't find any situation where I thought "This is what I need to change the tide of that battle". Photon strike. Great ability, just too slow to deploy and lacking in damage without prior debuffs. On high levels you have to throw a debuffing bastille first (or go with weapon debuffs, aka kill them), wait for said debuffs, pack them by folding your bastille into a nice vortex, cast, wait and then voilà! Takes ten seconds. I don't mind photon strike doing explosive damage, but it needs an extra oomph to live up to its great visuals. Bastille. Nothing much to say except it's base range and number of suspended enemies should be slightly up (maybe 15 enemies and 2-3 more meters). Overall. Vauban is a nightmare to build if you want a decent build. Because of his lack of survivability on higher level, you can't really enjoy the whole kit with an evenly spread modding. Range build for larger control and you loose on strength to capture enemies, meaning going back to Repelling Bastille and tactics we've seen before rework for ages. Strength build for damage/buff/debuff and you're toast on energy or duration (which means almost the same for a need to recast). Duration build can be done without much penalties but you'll need more slots and loose again on either, power modifying mods or survival mods. Casting animations aren't the only penalties here. Throwing, travel time, wait for the grenade to hit, wait for the power to deploy. This would be easier if either, grenades deploy time was instant or if the powers were a little bit more efficient in return for waiting. And yes, he needs some love on survival. He could live up to Vauban's name with some armor. TL;DR : Great rework but needs tweaks. Nervos clunky, Mine Layer forgettable, Photon Strike lacks something, Bastille could enjoy a 10% buff, frame too squishy. Final comment, don't get me wrong, I love it. There's just room for improvement so that Vauban can be enjoyable on high level difficulty.
  7. This. Although there's a way to go around that if you had the same experience I had. Looks like running any grineer mission at that level triggers a kuva spawn and counts as an alarm. A friend of mine ran the first attempt and he got the success. I didn't. Took us two extra perfect runs then we switched to Pluto for corpus and I finally had it completed.
  8. Worst year? *laughs in The War Within delay* I don't mind at all waiting for any warframe content.
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