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  1. After further testing, spectra vandal skin just reverts back to normal skin ONLY IF used with a thrown weapon. Hope this can be fixed at some point. ^^
  2. Oddly enough, my spectra vandal shows up with the regular skin. I used to have the correct vandal appearance at first, I changed a few colours here and there then decided to revert back to the default one. Since then, the weapon looks like the regular spectra despite all attempts at getting the vandal one.
  3. A few days ago, we've discussed among friends what direction vauban rework could go with tesla grenades. How about tesla rollers that would patrol within some distance of vauban? We could a have them launched altogether in the same manner as the roller grenade trap on the kuva fortress and they can follow you on the field. Or maybe have a trap (or the option to use it as a trap) that would spawn teslas around like corpus snipers and their rattel trap? Something like this would be a little more dynamic and less time consuming when under fire than spamming 1 for little effect.
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