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  1. 1. Melee 3.0: Updates? Release Date? It's been over 2 years. 2. The New War. Release Date? 3. Empyrean: Concrete Release Date, how will the build your own arcwings be farmed? 4. Removal of platinum charges to speed up build times: Come on guys, at this point its ridiculous. 5. Content aimed at Veterans! Since so much has gone into the new player experience, will you be doing anything for Veterans? Raids, high level group content, rewards, actual challenges that we don't have to come up with ourselves. 6. Stalker, the Gustrav Three, and faction attacks: Way too easy with so little drop rates. I have not gotten the Brakk blueprint in almost three years. Three. That's messed up. 7. Semi auto rifles are useless in the current meta. 8. Scythes and single handed swords are underpowered, too little range and damage. Any buffs to incentivize use? 9. Drop rates for Gauss parts and his weapons are absolutely pitiful for the requirements to get them to drop. 10. ZEPHYR DELUXE. WHEN. 11. Will we ever see frames with customizable mechanics similar to Octavia? She was something genuinely new to the game, and her gimmick was actually useful and rather powerful. 12. Frame quests. The way we have had to farm frames as of late is grindy and unsatisfying. I understand that a lot is in the works, however Octavia's Anthem and Chains of Harrow were both two amazing quests that genuinely brought lore and character to the forefront. 13. Hey Kiddo...When will the man in the wall be expanded upon? We've been waiting over two years to find out who he is and what the hell is going on there. 14. Iron Wake is useless, will there ever be an actual incentive to return more often? 15. Why do we need to farm standing for Flappy Zephyr for the in game arcade if we have already built Zephyr and Zephyr Prime? Same goes for Wyrm and its game. 16. New Spy Vaults: It's been forever since we got any new vaults. I would appreciate a challenge here personally, I know a lot of other players aren't as much of a fan of this. 17. Any plans on expanding Zaws? I've been pining for a sword and shield zaw ever since POE. 18. Ivara's augment for her 2. Can that/will that ever be changed to what the design council actually voted for? 19. The Warframe Mobile app: Will it ever be updated to match the current UI of the game? Also will there ever be additional functionality added beyond farming materials from drones? 20. Will there ever be any additions to the Submachine primary class the Baza started? 21. Do you plan on removing the ability to purchase resources? Considering how easy most are to farm, it doesn't make sense to sell them for platinum. If they were sold for credits that would be more far in my opinion. 22. Please stop saying "Soon" and tell us whether something will take more time or not. I know it's a meme at this point but I'm sick of hearing it. Tell us what's really going on. If you need more time on something, tell us that it's being looked at further and improved on before it's ready instead of keeping us on the edge of our seats. 23. Please give Paulo a raise. His work on frames and improving them has been the best thing to happen to the mechanics since forever. I'm sorry if this seemed like a lot, or if I was being harsh. I've been playing warframe for years now and I love it and the community around it. However, there are a lot of issues that have been popping up more and more, as well as some serious burnout issues that I know I and other veterans have been experiencing now. All I want is for the game to be better and improve. I understand that you guys are working on a lot right now, but you put so many projects out there as they're being thought up and then either never bring them up, refuse to address them, or ignore it entirely until the community backfires. I hope that everyone at DE is doing well.
  2. Is the armor set new or is the same from last year?
  3. Next Tennogen round when? Take my money plz
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