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  1. Is there a way to get into the discord still?
  2. that was my original intention actually. I just wasn't sure how it would take haha
  3. The warframe of Fear Manipulating the emotions of enemies and allies alike, Setto rallies his allies to prey upon the fears and weaknesses of the enemies they face. Innate Polarities: Dash in the Aura slot, one dash, and one "D" Base Stats (Just suggestions) Armor: 225 Health: 125 Shields: 75 Power: 125 Sprint Speed: 1.2 At max rank: Armor: 300 Health: 225 Shields: 175 Power: 175 Sprint S
  4. I really do hope that his rework is good. I love his theme so much, hopefully it'll be Limbo level quality <3
  5. I still have some relics with frost prime parts. I could help you out if you like. :) I managed to pick him up with the last prime access, but I believe the relic I have has his systems. I'll double check when I get home.
  6. (I'm getting torbjorn vibes XD) However: I seriously like this idea for warframe. I've been wanting to see a frame like this for a while, and he would be a very unique addition to the tanky frames. I'd play him for sure.
  7. Ohhh okay. I got confused there, I thought it was just weapon damage. I understood the part about the buff if they stand behind a blunt, I just doubt that many people would. I feel that doesn't really fit around the rest of his kit, considering he's a demolition warframe, he would be running all over the place setting off charges and such. I understand that, but shields regenerate, health does not without an ability. Shields are how I keep banshee alive, so I can see where you're going with that. I feel that the amount of armor you have balances that though. I guess I'm imagining hi
  8. I enjoy the idea of a demolition inspired frame, however, he seems to be a biiiit OP. I know it's just an idea at this stage, but I'm pretty sure if he would come to fruition he would have way less shields (Say 350 at rank 30) Also his passive is very niche. You'd have to use a weapon like the Penta or the Zarr to get any use out of it. Is the cook system ment to be like Nidus's mutation stacks? (just out of curiosity) His third ability has a bit too much variation inside of it. I would think that a great replacement for that would be a buff to allies weapons, giving them innate blast damage o
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