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  1. TYPE: Mod Bench DESCRIPTION: Missing Mods VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Open Mod Bench \ Incomplete \ Sort by Name \ Enter Necramech into Search Box EXPECTED RESULT: One of each Necramech Mod not owned, in my case: Necramech Seismic Wave, Necramech Slipstream, Necramech Thrusters, Necramech Streamline, Necramech Stretch OBSERVED RESULT: Necramech Streamline & Necramech Stretch are not listed here. REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time.
  2. TYPE: Codex DESCRIPTION: Missing / Duplicate Mods VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Open Codex \ Universe \ Mods \ Sort by Name \ Enter Necramech into Search Box EXPECTED RESULT: One of each Necramech Mod, either lit for owned or dull for not owned OBSERVED RESULT: 15 Mods visible, 4 duplicates, 5 missing. REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time.
  3. Heya Swapped in the Ebisu Fishing Spear and the Necramech Launcher and got reset to only the Hotkeyed Gear items. Did not notice at the time, only when in the field and trying to apply something I had in the wheel beyond the ones left.
  4. TYPE: Combat DESCRIPTION: Bounty Vault. Fighting Necramech. Using Ivara, Tombfinger with Toxin. Ivara has Prowl active with full shields. Necramech has Static Shield active. I shoot, I die. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: As Description. EXPECTED RESULT: Shield Gating is no defense against ranged Toxin damage reflected from the Necramech. OBSERVED RESULT: Death. REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time. Reference for Search: Necramech, Instant Death, Toxin Root cause is determined to be Toxin build on Tombfinger.
  5. Heya Just a note that I can no longer determine how many Intrinsics I have gained after completing a Railjack Mission.
  6. Heya The only drop I was missing is the Necramech Statue, and it still has not shown up. Was going to wait until next week to log it, but given the script has already run... I have now received 2x Hydroid Prime, 2x Athodai and 1x Necramech Statue. Thanks
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