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  1. Heya With the older Arsenal layout, it was obvious at a glance that I did not have a companion equipped on several Loadouts due to said companion being in Stasis. Now that the Companion is "hidden" behind another UI element, I find myself heading into Kuva Survival without a companion due to said Stasis. Can we please get a color or other differential to denote when we have an Empty Companion / Gear Wheel / Vehicle in the current loadout.
  2. Hi Folks My initial Kuva Kraken was a Radiation 36% Bonus. My most recent vanquished Lich had a Kuva Kraken with a Radiation 38% Bonus. Figuring I may as well use Valence Transfer for the extra 2% percentile points, I tried to do so. Response from the Game was that I could not replace the 36% with the 38% as it was Weaker... "Unable to transfer. Cannot replace an innate damage bonus with a weaker damage bonus of the same damage type." Confirming that I had the 36% Kraken equipped, and that the 38% Kraken was the one I selected during the Valence Transfer process.
  3. Heya Maybe read the patch notes for the latest Update which states that the planets have swapped, such that Carbides now drop on Ceres...?
  4. Heya Running a Requiem Rescue. The squad all reaches the extraction and go invulnerable while selecting Relic Reward. Hostage Target DIES during this, as lag during the reward choice leaves us unable to assist him. Mission FAILS, no rewards gained.
  5. Heya Limbo is once again dropping the Telemetry Keys when entering the Rift during Kuva Fortress Assault.
  6. Heya Just ran the Kelpie Spy Alert on Sedna for the Requiem I Relic. 1 ) This is not showing up as "Last Mission Results". 2 ) I did NOT receive the Relic. Which on top of the <100% Kuva Flood drop rates is making me rather unhappy.
  7. Heya Another Kuva Flood / No Requiem Relic here.
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