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  1. Just played the Lua Exterminate mission and enemies would fall into the ground near the extraction. The were directly under the ground. Only NPCs could fall through there, I couldn't. Screenshots show the extraction ramp they are stuck in. Screenshots were taken with F6. https://imgur.com/a/ndBJuKU
  2. Just did a few rounds of Salacia (Corpus MobiD) and there was tons of stuff wrong with it. Mobs get stuck on environment: At one point there were about 15 of them in a single corridor - unable to move. Mobs spawn without aggro: They are just in the middle of a corridor and start doing stuff once they see you. Mobs are way too fast Melee hits didn't seem to register well for me: I'd jump towards them with my Onorix as usual but deal 0 damage.
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