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  1. I was doing a kuva flood mission a few minutes ago and when I went in operator mode and the cutscene for ambulas triggered, my frame became completely invisible to me but everyone else in the party could still see me. What I'm guessing happened is since the frame wasn't rendered for the cutscene, the game unloaded it but didn't remember to reload it when the cutscene ended.
  2. Not sure if it's a bug but occasionally I don't get any rewards from disruption on sedna and other non-jupiter disruption nodes at all.
  3. I'm actually MR24 if you actually played the game and looked
  4. When's the content tho
  5. I got excited when the redtext mentioned skins, but it's just for weapons almost nobody uses, and still no wukong deluxe despite both his rework AND prime coming out recently? What? Also where the content at.
  6. nekros' irkalla skin doesnt change with energy color anymore Edit: yes I have tried other colors
  7. can you change fishing items back to reusable bps?
  8. Could you make loot mods detect the scannable items?
  9. Fish still spawn inside of rocks/the ground near the shore making them completely unreachable.
  10. can you fix randomly failing missions after a host migration
  11. Is there a fix for the permanent voting screen during fortuna missions yet
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