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  1. theres a huge progression blocking bug in railjack missions. if everyone doesn't enter the objective area/isnt there when the countdown is over/at the same time, it locks new people from entering, but also prevents you from entering or leaving the area.
  2. I ask regularly and everyone ignores me. I've been desperately trying to find anyone to help me but no one plays railjack.
  3. Do I need full avionics maxed to qualify for any compensation at all? That doesn't seem very fair. I've been working on it since day 1 almost completely solo since no one in my clan will help me, and the matchmaking is atrocious and always says there are no groups available on any area. I'm only at rank 7 for my avionics because of this yet you decide I'm not eligible for anything even though I've put hundreds of hours into it and slogged through working through all the areas with mk1 weapons?
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