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  1. Why can't rifle skins be used on the Gaze but all pistol skins work for secondary kitguns?
  2. thank for finally fixing the nullification bug
  3. Could you please fix this bug? It makes it almost impossible to do vaults sometimes
  4. I've been doing isolation vault bounties to try and get the necromech mods and parts, but every single time I enter one all of my abilities get nullified and surpressed along with my teammates. This usually results in everyone dying, and sometimes me or everyone in the party can't use any abilities for the rest of the mission until we die and respawn. I don't know what triggers this but it happens consistently whenever I enter an isolation vault after the toxicity phase and we are about to fight the necromechs.
  5. the description for the Ebisu fishing spear says it is completely silent and will not alert fishes/infested, yet when I use it it alerts everything nearby and scares fishes away. https://imgur.com/a/KWWunvE it seems like a waste of standing at the moment due to this bug
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