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  1. Once the correct sequence is known and used, the lich rather that being outright defeated (like it used to be) now flees in saturn proxima for a final showdown
  2. Like a similar topic with spy missions, completing 20 waves in Neptune Proxima defense mission did not counted toward the elite act for nightwave.
  3. As someone that uses tigirs sancti as main weapon I have not encounted that at all, anway I also tried with Vaykor Hek, with 18 multishot and 20% status chance in simulacrum, I have not seem this either, a couple of time I did have a 0 status effect, but most of time I was getting 2-5 effects.
  4. From what you said so far. the correct sequence should be Lohk - Netra - unknow mod Oull is a wildcard, it will always work no matter where it is as it replace any mods, but it does not force change a sequnce. in your case im assuming lohk is known to go in first so you are attempting Lohnk (which passes), Oull, which always work. and fails on netra in 3rd, now you said netra is known mod but it not work in 3rd therefore you can tell oull is replacing netra, so you are attemping Lohk - Netra (Oull) - Netra. If you inisist on using Oull, make it be Lohnk Netra Oull.
  5. I am assuming that Lohn work in the 1st slot, if netra is known mod and it does not work in 3rd, it goes in 2nd...
  6. With the sister of pavos udate, they changed lich a bit, once you get the correct mod sequence, instead of being outright defeated, lich (and sisters) flee into railjack mission, so you most go there to actually finish it.
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