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  1. I already mentionned this but giving a choice when genrerating Lich would be nice to tone down the bad rng when looking for a particuler weapon, my past 5 lich sequence is Seer-Brakk-Seer-Tonkor-Seer.. Not really better than having 3-5 seers in row.
  2. Not a bug. Scattered Justice adds Justice effect along multishot on the standard Hek. Vaykor Hek have an innate Justice effect, hence its why that mod cannot be equiped
  3. Some degrindification would be nice. Originally requiem murmurs to unveil a mod was 50/50/50 (total : 150), then it was made 30/30/70 (130), now its 36/60/84 (180), something like 30/40/60 (130) would be more reasonable. Make murmurs reveal mods in the correct order would be nice too; it would eliminate the pointless death that occurs when you know 2 mods but niether goes in first then when you know the final mod (that happends to be your 1st in sequence) you still die because your 2 others were inverted. Finnaly, when killing a larving to create a lich, after the missison 2 lich choices could be offered (both excluding kuva weapon of last lich); it would reducee to amount of grind and frustration for getting a particular weapon
  4. Same. All acts reset; Did not lost any standing. Redoing the already complted ones did not gave me extra standing but it actually did reset progession on in-progess ones like the syndicate mission, I had 6 out of 10 done; I tried to do the 4 I were missing, but I did not got anyway completion.
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