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  1. Once the correct sequence is known and used, the lich rather that being outright defeated (like it used to be) now flees in saturn proxima for a final showdown

  2. As someone that uses tigirs sancti as main weapon I have not encounted that at all, anway I also tried with Vaykor Hek, with 18 multishot and 20% status chance in simulacrum, I have not seem this either, a couple of time I did have a 0 status effect, but most of time I was getting 2-5 effects.

  3. From what you said so far. the correct sequence should be

    Lohk - Netra - unknow mod

    Oull is a wildcard, it will always work no matter where it is as it replace any mods, but it does not force change a sequnce. in your case  im assuming lohk is known to go in first so you are attempting Lohnk (which passes), Oull, which always work. and fails on netra in 3rd, now you said netra is known mod but it not work in 3rd therefore you can tell oull is replacing netra, so you are attemping Lohk - Netra (Oull) - Netra. If you inisist on using Oull, make it be Lohnk Netra Oull.

  4. I have run into this bug a few times too. For me this bug seems to happend if I completed other objectives (e.g a gallion, sentinent abnormality) before going to the pulse turbine where that door would bug and not open, but if doing pulse turbine first it would not bug.

  5. Mods like viality and redirection always calculate with unranked values.

    In Voidrig case : base health is 1500, so the mods, maxed, will add 1800. (so voidrig at rank 30 you have 3000 + 1800)

    Same goes for shield , voidrig have base sheild of 500 so redirection will add 1100.

  6. Not too sure what you are meaning with it not proc. anyway. As it says you must kill 12 guys while you are dashing or latching into a wall, if you touch ground it reset to zero. Now the trickier part is the "without triggering alarm" This is likely the part thats makes you auto fails the riven; many mission types have an instanty triggred alarm like survival and defense, but also mobile defense when you are defending the data thingy. which mean you will not able to attempt unlocking this riven in those mission type.


    I suggest you try unlocking it on Lua - Plato, this tileset have no alarm panel so the enemy can't trigger it but you will still have to keep latching and jumping from walls to walls. Loki is nice for thi as his passive increase wall latch time. an AoE weapon helps too so you do not really have to aim.


    Another way to cheat it (unless this been patched) is to go into a grinner extermination, leave everyone alive and wihout trigging alarm (again loki is nice for this) find evac this will cause most grineers to rush the the evac. So when enough have gathered, wall latch and kill.



  7. Building Rhino around Iron skin; e.g full armor + power

    Il y a 1 heure, protecttheplanet a dit :

    "just put more health on rhino"

    ok man ur missing the point. make rhino have 600 health instead of 300 but his iron skin only 20k instead of 60k? seems a S#&$ty trade off.



    Until a nuffier or a scrambus dispell it instantly

    Anyway, an Iron skin rhino e.g no survival mods like heatlh or sheild, have a side effect of sacrifing compagnoin that realies on -link mods so you kind of need to use other mods like leader pack or sentinel.

  8. Le 07/01/2021 à 12:59, (PSN)DaTa-76 a dit :

    Salut Tenno !



    J'ai acheter  l'arme "Bubonico" sur le marché Mardi  le 05/01/2021  cependant se schéma n'apparait nul part , pas dans ma fonderie , pas dans mon inventaire ( j'ai vérifier les armes Arkwing aussi ) du coups je ne l'ai pas , pourtant il m'a bien débité mes platine puis il me marque sur le marché que j'ai déjà acheté cette arme.


    J'ai attendus un peut pensant que l'arme arriverais mais non toujours rien


    Il y a un bug ?




    Si tu as acheté l'arme sur le marché avec des platines, tu n'as pas aceté le shéma mais bien l'arme déjà construite (incluant un cataliseur et un emplacement), regarde dans ton arsenal, si est n'y est pas, contact le support.

  9. I had a simialar issues when I was missing 3000 mastery points, all items in profils shown as mastered, try looking at your weapons, compagnoins, warframes using the ships's codex console instead; Display by rank, unranked items will be displayed at buttom. (in my case it was missing Skiajati - i just completed a mission with it then it gave me the 3000 xp)

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  10. Screenshot links are broken but 100% sure that your are equipping riven on a wepaon's variant like prime, vandal/wraith/prisma. The inventory riven always shows the stats for the standrard weapon, but for most case, a wepaon's varaint have lower riven disposition.

  11. I will take a guess here cuase google trnaslate is not helping, my guess is you had a toxin chakkhurr at fisrt, then you managed to get a radiation chakkhurr.

    Now my guess is what you did is to equip the radiation one then you fused the toxin one into it, which overrided radiation with toxin.

    What you should have done is equip the toxin one then fuse/consume the radiation chakkhurr into it which would have resulted into radiation.

  12. Currently I,M using catchmoon and shoot it until it dies with Atlas Prime since he have tons of shield, health and armor; shild gating acting as a safety net agaisnt Necramach's damage return; Golem are useful for distraction during Necramech fight and helps keeping enemies away from loid/otak.

    I tried with Nyx but with so-so result, liely due to the fact I never used her other than affinity/MR gain. I will retry properly in a futur time.

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