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  1. Your passive is useless. It won't take long until you get to the level where hits take you from 100% health to dead.
  2. Her 1 would be worth it if you made it permanent until it dies or is released. Mind Control lasts 20-50 seconds depending on your build. In my book, it's rarely worth the energy that was spent on casting it.
  3. Here is the funny thing. She is actually more useful in Steel Path than the rest of the game where you don't really need her CC and her armor and shield strip. The price she pays for that is her two near useless abilities. Well the last does have a very good niche use if it still works.
  4. Okay, this is a flat out idiotic lie. Wisp, a high strength (300%+) build, is very, very good in Steel Path up to the point where you start running into things in longer running missions (defense, survival, etc.) that can one-shot you through your health regeneration and Adaptation. She has a lower effective health than other warframes that have higher armor and/or damage resistance abilities combined with Adaptation, but Wisp is immortal to anything that can't one shot her.
  5. No. You have a split second to make that shot before the mobs are scattered everywhere. Do not try to use that to defend such a crappy power. Once the nuke damage stops being relevant which is around the sortie level for nukes, then it becomes the worst CC in the game. The only way to change this is to give it some sort of duration. She sucks at k-drive with Merulina. Every other frame in the game is better at k-driving than she is. Add modding to it. It's garbage. If nukes stop being useful around sortie level, then abilities that do static damage fade even before then. It's a waste of a ability slot.
  6. Actually, there are a few bugs with Nyx's Psychic Bolts. They now require a target whereas before they did not. You could cast it with no target and bolts would seek out the nearest target. Instead of releasing 6 bolts, it releases 1. Instead of armor or shield stripping a mob at 130% strength, it turns it invulnerable to all damage for the duration. Dropping down to 100% didn't make a difference. The mob while affected with get Baruuk's buff icon. This might need to be patched before inventive players find interesting ways to grief their fellow players with it.
  7. That is a sad, pathetic example of synergy. You want to see synergy? Try Mirage, Kompressor and add Arcane Pistoleer if you don't feel like reloading its small 12 round ammo supply. For 50 seconds or so, you emit a wave of bubble death wherever you point the pistol. As long as you generally aim head-height, you never have to reload.
  8. Yareli is similar to Banshee. Same style of caster frame. The same base paper defense. Her CC is moderately worse with exchanging Silence for the near useless Aquablades. She exchanges the game breaking (bosses excluded) damage buff, Sonar, for Merulina. If there was ever a record for a gimp trade that has to be it. Are you kind of tank with Merulina? Kind of. Until you get to Arbitrations and above where way too many things pop you off your k-drive and some tilesets just seem to do it randomly to you. Hmmm, how often do we see Banshee players? I have a feeling if this frame is going to fade very rapidly into obscurity once the k-drive novelty wears off.
  9. It's also horrible on Kuva and Orokln Derelict tilesets. For other posters, please, please, please stop saying she is a CC frame. She is an insult to CC frames. She has her one which is randomly targeted version of Nezha's Divine Spears with less synergy than it and her four which is a knockdown ability with zero duration. She has to be the worst frame at CC.
  10. Change her passive. While 200% added crit chance is nice, it feels like we are being herded into a already very small set of weapons that will work well with her passive (and paradoxically does not include her signature weapon). I have been dusting off weapons I haven't used in ages like Akvasto Prime to see if they would work well. Sadly they don't for Arbitrations and above if anyone was curious.
  11. Her k-drive should become her passive. She just gets a HP buff while on it. That gives a another power to try to salvage her.
  12. I would put a support ticket in. I know it only showed up for me once I leveled Yareli up high enough to use the ability.
  13. 1. Sea bubbles also need to travel faster. I can outrun them on Merulina. They also don't seem to use the energy color of the frame. I will have to double-check. 2. No. No. No. Don't tie all of our defenses to that damned k-drive. There are way too many maps where it sucks. 3. See above. Pull damage resistance from 2 and add it here. So she has some defense when not on her board. And also have the blades do more damage to mobs affected by 1. Is that synergy? 4. It is Warframe. All nukes suck past the starchart. I think the mobs scatter at the end just kills it as a useful power.
  14. You have to level her first to get the ability before it will show up in the arsenal.
  15. What is hilarious is that as a status based weapon which really isn't buffed much by Yareli's passive despite it being her signature weapon. Yeah, I know DE that you didn't want to make it 40% and create an instant monster (very debatable), but 6%?!?
  16. Time to help the noobs. It still is the best primer. Hint: When shooting a pack of mobs just wave it over the pack. As soon as the beam touches an enemy, it applies its statuses. A good mouse flick and you primed the entire pack in less than a split second. Hell, they could nerf the beam count down to one and it would still be the best primer. /sigh
  17. Spoken like a DE dev. Put these mods on weapons that can add a lot of statuses quickly. On a Kohm you can stack 5 statuses by itself. Add another 1 from the warframe. There you are now dealing an additional 480% damage provided you can kill something.
  18. Put her DR on her third ability and leave her health pool on her second ability. This leaves her with some defenses when the map doesn't support her k-drive.
  19. I was thinking she was bad on the Orokin Derelict maps with all the broken floors, but I had to grind some new Parazon mods on Kuva missions. Those missions were pure torture.
  20. They should have split her defenses between her 2 and 3. 3 provides the DR and 2 provides the large health pool. This way you aren't trapped into using 2 to survive and thus locked into a single weapon. It's kind of funny as DE was just saying recently they wanted us to use a variety of weapons and then they release a warframe that is locked into using just one.
  21. It feels like she should be a intro level warframe rather than a frame you are picking up much later in the game. It's hard to say something good about a frame so bad. Well she does have one thing that she is good at - she looks cute. Plus, something else you can add to the list. With her limited and counterproductive CC, she adds almost nothing to a team. Banshee and Nyx put her CC to shame and they are OLD. It is really odd as most of more recent warframes have been really strong in their own right and great additions to a team. They just wildly missed the mark with this one.
  22. Kohm does really well (barring ammo economy) with Galvanized Hell and Savvy. The cone shaped AoE and the pellets applying a lot of statuses quickly really help it. The Kuva Hind on the other hand kills better with Galvanized Chamber and Aptitude, but it's single target kills just can't keep pace with the Kohm and nowhere close to any decent melee build on a SP Defense mission.
  23. Ditto on Wyrd_Oh comments. I would also add that having all of her defenses tied into her Merulina ability results in two things: One, she gets a rather boring to play at high levels with her 3 and 4 doing non-scaling damage and you are limited to only a secondary weapon. She is probably only matched in this one dimensional style of play by Valkyr. This leads to the second thing: Two, you die almost instantly (barring the DDK/shieldgating exploit) once you are off the k-drive if you want to melee or use your primary.
  24. Her animation break excuse is sadly just a lie. I have run Wisp with weapons with Berserker, an attack speed Riven and Wisp 70% haste and have never noticed a problem aside from the animations playing so fast you can't see them.
  25. Everyone has forgotten shotguns. /cry For example, Kohm with a couple of shots will top my previous example. It will actually give you an easy five statuses with a two elemental build. +400% damage (on top of all the other bonuses) as long as you can kill with it. Kuva Kohm can kill at SP, it's ammo economy is sadly garbage. It's not completely worthless, but it will probably be obnoxious at levels under 80 with those mods. At levels over 80, I expect it may serve the same function as Nukor as a primer for people that want to use a different secondary than Kuva Nukor or who want to push Kuvor Nukor to greater heights. For people focusing on their primary or melee weapon, then the Kuva Nukor will be the primer of choice. Here is an example. The warframe that want to use will dictate which elemental mods you need to use since it is difficult but may not impossible to change them through the Helminth. You could add magnetic damage from Pull or fire damage from Fire Blast, but this gets into cast times and whether the delay would cause statuses to fall off as well as those abilities being not optimum abilities. Example set up. For an CO Melee/GA Primary "soon" Nezha - fire (Fire Walker), knockdown (Divine Spear) Kuva Nukor - radiation, microwave, (and your choice of two more*) - toxin, magnetic Melee (or Primary) - slash, impact and/or puncture, viral, electricity There you go 10 statuses all by yourself. No help needed. Currently, this will give your Melee with Condition Overload +1200% damage. After the nerf, it drops down to +800%; but are there any other mods that come even close to that? And then we are about "almost" hand it out to every weapon. *On one hand, I wonder how quickly this next release is going to come, so there may be plenty of time to have fun with CO until then. Heck, it is not like CO is going to be worthless by any stretch of the imagination. It will still be the best mod to stick on any weapon regardless if it is a crit, status or hybrid type weapon. So, let's say I want to play Saryn instead of Nezha. Well, my Toxin based Kuva Nukor is no longer optimum. I am duplicating and thus losing a status and 120% damage. So, what you want to do is get all four of the base types (fire, cold, electric and toxin) of Kuva Nukor. I know, I know. You are about to say I must be nuts for suggesting that someone potato and forma four almost identical weapons. That is the beauty of CO, you don't have to. In fact the weapons can be unleveled for all it matters. The only mods that you need to put into the Kuva Nukor are the three (or possibly four) 60/60 elemental mods that will give you the two statues that you want.
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