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  1. Same. Also I bought the shotgun riven instead of kitgun riven. Is it another name bug for the riven like the lotus' gift alert 2 weeks ago?
  2. TYPE: In-Game, Sister of Parvos DESCRIPTION: Sister ranked up twice even I only stabbed it once. The game recorded my stabbed her twice when I only depleted her first health bar and never damaged her second health bar. Also in the same mission when she is fleeing and in invincible mode, the animation of me stabbed her played and now she is level 3. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Unable to reproduce EXPECTED RESULT: I should only stab my sister once and she shouldn't be level up. Even she level up, she should only level up once in a mission OBSERVED RESULT: She level up to rank 3 instead of rank 2. Also she fleed to Jupiter, skipping Phobos entirely. REPRODUCTION RATE: Only happened once
  3. BTW why you keep so many of it unused? DE will not give us any new offerings until next season
  4. I actually spend all the cred I have before this week because I fear I will forget to spend it. Guess you should use my tactic next time.
  5. Was doing the sister mission and my sister spawn. I knew I didnt equip the right requiem mod so I dont want to stab the sister. But when I getting close to her and used the melee button with Baruuk's exalted fist, it cause the mercy kill on sister to happen and the sister rank up even my intention was to not mercy her, and I'm 100% sure I never press the interaction button (default as X).
  6. @Robisgreat10 Yeah I see and I just go thru the mission too the reinforced glass you were talking about. I guess DE removed the ability to scan it cos I can't scan it as well. I think there is no way for you to scan it anymore even tho it exist, it is no longer scannable.
  7. All quest now use the new tileset, so there is currently no way for you to find any reinforced glass in game.
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