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  1. https://riven.market/list/PC nothing, maybe 10p if ur lucky
  2. on top of that Garude will most likely share her 2 Was thinking ember/volt/oberon 1 with augment for ultimate eidolon hunter or some status immunity skill for that annoying knockdowns in orb fight
  3. After few runs with no problems i started getting this message evey trime i try to start the mission A way to fix it is to start some other node, exit and start jordas golem, but it rly shouldnt be like that Pls fix asap
  4. Since Steel Path is supposed to be some sort of endgame and sortie is also "challenging" with its high lvl why dont we combine those two? Some of the sortie rewards are completely useless for experienced players so id rework the reward table - removing endo and anasa for sure, doubling the kuva at the very least, 7 day boosters?, 3x forma bundle?, already built reactor/catalyst?, adding some other stuff that would be of any use? Id even make a bid for some low chance plat rewards (non-tradable) so u can purchase cosmetics etc Basically making it worth your time to choose SP srotie over regural one Stopped doing sorties few weeks ago cause i came to conclusion its not worth my time - best i could get was kuva since u can never have too much of it, even if i got riven and it wasnt worthless its kinda hard to sell them with current trading system in WF and takes a long time. Other rewards? Rarely of any use.
  5. Raskol

    Big boi kavat meme

    yup, made special build just to check how much up it goes - not most effective but u can do it
  6. Idk if its "art" but idk where else to put it, just wanted to share 😛
  7. Its hard to estimate prices nowadays since all bots are dead Only thing that is left t is https://riven.market/list/PC but u gotta search for similar riven manually jutst make sure to set to <month or less since some offers are very outdated
  8. Seems im devoted enough after all lol Asked a friend to taxi me to Mot - exactly the same build just with fragot as statstic (since i forgot about it earlier) and no Saryn "help" Suprise suprise - performs just as good Im uploading a short clip since u require a proof, will be on main post in few min
  9. If i were more... devoted, i could rerecord is solo on some higher lvl planet to prove you wrong but im not, sry Either test it yourself or belive me (or not XD)
  10. Saryn doesnt matter, hes there cause we do SP togother - he was too far away to proc corrosive on my enemies anyway Best he did was to have CP but idk what he uses
  11. It benefits from statstick passive and gladiator set as Drachnyn mentioned, enemies would have to be like idk lvl 500 to make scaling relevant 😛 Other than that i see your point, i just find Baruuk very pleasant, easy and powerful for the SP
  12. I mean id compare frame to a frame and not frame to a weapon In that scenario comparing Baruuk to Mesa or Saryn is more adequate Im taking my time doing 2-3 planets/day and didnt want to wait til i get to max lvl - im sure dmg wont be any worse then here
  13. idk if there is but its clearly slower wo pfury maybe its not most optimal in terms of paper dps but since im using viral with nearly 100% chance to proc id say its not half bad
  14. Ill try it, its basically my initial build when Baruuk first came out Adaptation might be overkill in that case since the only issue with Baruuk is that restraint meter to charge, im not even close to dying by just sustaining 9 daggers at all times Not rly, melees take more hits to kill enemies (at least from cold start) and they lack the aoe potential of serene storm (high range and punch through including walls)
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