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  1. Quick glance and tldr its about reserving all rights to the data they collect on you so they can do whatever they want with it and u cant complain The usual thing
  2. thats why im asking, idk if i should scam someone or is it safe to open it :P
  3. Was kinda hilarious to see all the rant that shotgun riven gives everyone crappy kitgun rivens instead I havent opened mine and im wondering is it just kitgun disguised as shotgun still or is it fixed? They made another alert so i suspect its still kitgun and making 2nd alert was just easier to do
  4. i did but nothing new on the new tab, typed darvo but still nothing Im now suspecting that i already have everything that he sell so it doesnt display for me lol
  5. DARVO’S PET SHOP IS NOW OPEN! thats pretty straightforward to me
  6. where is it anyway? checked at him but he only has out of stock pandero and clem mission
  7. Since i was a fool and subsumed all frames when helmith first came out and its been a while now since they added those extra 5 ranks i started to loose hope that DE will give me my exp for oversubsumed frames So with invigorations added i wonder whats the best and cheapest way to lvl up helmith since i cant obviously subsume more frames?
  8. was on empty relay at fist, when i tried to rejoin there was only 1 "tennocon" relay but it hooked me up with just a normal one os idk will start sending tickets in a few days if i dont get it cuz thats bs to make things unnecessarily complicated with that relay crap
  9. Couldnt find the info anywhere - does the bonus dmg apply to the procs at all and if so does it apply upon first shot or only for the following ones? Lets say i have a weapon like daikyu which is meant to 1shot enemies with slash procs, would the galv aptitude increase its value upon 1st shot?
  10. Compared to majority of missions that take 1-3 sometimes 5min, no its not Point is, SP dailies take only bare minimum of the endless missions and award you with some pretty useful stuff, abris too tho they encourage you to stay longer Syndicate missions has been neglected for a while and i belive if devs would look upon this matter they might agree with me
  11. I can see a trend with all new missions that you get a reward after 1st rotation (5 min, 5 wave, 1 interception round etc) while endless type of missions for syndicates still take 2 rotations to complete I think this should be unified as not many ppl do syndicate missions so youre being forced to play solo most of the time and it feels horrendously long with little reward (bit more standind doesnt make it worth it)
  12. There are very few thing u need plat for, as mentioned before slots are the main one Farming your way through is part of the fun Maybe its not the best advice coming from someone who has huge stockpile of everything including plat, but i mainly spent it from time to time on skins if theres smtg nice
  13. I dont mind the expansion, it looks nice and time will tell if its good but i came here to say... I very much dislike being cheated I farmed every single frame all over again, even those that are horrible to farm, in order to max out Helmith and have it all unlocked Ill use an example: paid full price for a car being sure is whole but now i find out its missing 1/3 of the parts, no refunds obviously (cant refarm frames to subsume) I still hope this issue will be addressed, dont punish your most devoted Tenno for their devotion
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