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  1. Does the Operator know why Desert Skates are named the way they are? I always thought it was because they -WERE ABSOLUTE CRA-A-A- slid around in the sand!
  2. I recently encountered Zanuka in the hidden area of the tilesets and kept getting teleported back in. This resulted in me getting kicked out multiple times. Has this been fixed or is it still there?
  3. Passive; Broken warframe will regenerate health and shields at an accelerated rate, nearly double the original amount. 1st: Spring Warframe jumps up into the air, leaving behind a blinding smoke 5/7/10 meters. Pressing the button again will cause him to land at the cursor and create a shockwave 5/7/10 meters. This ability consumes 50/30/15 energy. 2nd: Probe Warframe extends part of self to knock enemies back. A wave of tentacles lash out, and any enemy caught takes 500/700/1200 damage and the is ragdolled away from the warframe. Any other enemies that get caught by the ragdolling enemy are ragdolled as well. Any enemy that strikes a wall due to this ability takes 10%/20%/30% of their armor as damage. This ability consumes 130/90/50 energy. 3rd: Fluctuate Warframe enters period of breif invincibility. Any damage type that it is struck by it becomes 60%/75%/90% resistant to. When the duration ends, the warframe releases a 15ft shockwave that deals damage equal to the damage it took and of the same damage type that was inflicted. This ability consumes 160/100/70 energy. 4th: Harness Warframe temporarily unleashes self, causing the white debris around it to act up and crackled, dealing 100/250/500 electric damage to nearby enemies. Any ability cast while using this ability have an additional 25%/40%/55% efficiency. In addition, pressing the button to end the duration causes a blast of void energy to come out, dealing 5000 damage to all enemies within 10 meters. This ability consumes 20/15/10 energy per second.
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