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  1. Love it! These new UI changes seem to be very well thought out. I like that a lot. I agree that prime items need a whole new look for the prime interface to work. It also wouldn't go too amiss by allowing labels to be on by default and you can turn them off in settings.
  2. How would you guys do Warframe if you had Ready Player One levels of VR?
  3. Meh, I just hop around a few lovely games I have that all seem to update at different times. I end up getting burned out on this game? I go to another and there's new stuff! Sure, sometimes there is overlap, but I enjoy the games nonetheless. My Answer: A mixture of hope, lootn' & shootn', and the fact that this game can be terribly funny if you find a good build. Take, for example, a Guass with max sprint speed or a Grendel that specializes in hurling peeps off cliffs. Love that kinda wacky.
  4. If we are getting kingpins for all the different factions, would it be possible for there to be feuds between our kingpins that we can side with? If we are getting kingpins for factions, will Sentient and Orokin kingpins follow? Or will it just be there for the original 3? Finally, if we do get to use kingpins in Railjack, does that mean we can obtain a Corpus, Grineer, and Infested themed Railjack a few months after launch?
  5. Thanks for the update of the update! won't have to worry about it dropping unexpectedly then. And thanks for telling me how many pages of stuff I'll have to read. It'll be a gem!
  6. ? So it is? Huh. Well, I was playing during that time but decided to devote my time to the forums. Guess I just missed it. Nice username, btw. Reminds me of my old one I used.
  7. Mmm. I wasn't accusing you of scoffing. I was just saying it's still pretty impressive. As for players, Steam charts goes by the months, and the month isn't over yet. I bet my plat that it'll stabilize by the end of the month. Things like this happen all the time. So long as the content drought doesn't go for a year or more *Cough cough TF2 cough*, the amount of players on steam should stay the same. Note this is steam exclusively. This isn't talking about XBox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, or just having the vanilla launcher. I'm fairly certain there are at least 50,000 people playing a month, at least. IDK about you but I think the game is still going strong. The game 'failing' signs will likely be a lot more obvious than this, like a 60% dip in player-base total, or a megathread devoted to angry comments. Still, can't wait for this new update. Even flushed out my dojo to look pretty and have enough space and forma. Hope you're as excited as I am.
  8. Same. DE, please never fix ragdolling. I love it especially so when I get to see rare floaty-bois that just escape the map and die due to fall damage. I have way too much fun pushing dangerous enemies off cliffs to their deaths. In fact, I wish we had more of that. It'd be totally fun to have an event themed around stunlocking enemies until they were pushed off the map.
  9. Just checked it.... Seems to be doing fine? having about 35k players on average is nothing to scoff at. Still at least in the top of steam charts...
  10. Now that you say that, I'm vaguely remembering an update when that actually did happen. It's been a while though and my memory isn't what it used to be. And the wait is killing me too. I think it's slowly killing everyone. I can't wait to get my hands on Grendel and start eating things like Lyphantis, Konzu's lunch, and potato.
  11. I mean, to be fair, they got Plains of Eidolon out on the month they said they would. It was broken, but it got released. Same will prob apply to this update. It's def going to be this week, cause next week would put too much stress on the dev team. They DID say they were going to release the Halloween content with this update, and getting that content the day BEFORE Halloween sounds like a bad move imo. Might as well rip the band-aid off.
  12. Unless it's been asked before, in case refer me to response, what's going to stop daggers from falling out of fashion? Swords are no brainers; Dual swords are cool; Polearms have long range; there's not a lot of staves, but they do stagger quite well; hammers do giant slam damage and are hard hitting; heavy blades hit hard and wide; whips can be used to pull people to you; fists strike fast and normally have a gimmick; and rapiers are fancy as all getout and are a nice balance between hard hits and fast combos. Glaives and gunblades are a whole 'nother ball game. Daggers... they feel like they've been thrown to the wayside. Are we going to be getting a part to the combo system that makes the enemy open to finishers quite often? Or are they just going to act as shorter swords that don't swing as fast as fists? Or maybe we could get a gimick where they act sort of like Kunai?
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