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  1. The info is in game on the orbiter news console, between conclave and navigation. At least i thought it was. I know it is in the news section of the warframe app.
  2. Im having the same problem. Im 27.5. I need 15k to get the umbra forma. That is 300 fugitves or 100 appearances, which means 33 to 50 hours of just grinding for them. Literally impossible at this point. To bad i have stuff to do. It is nice to know that season 2 is still not ready, yet we are losing season one, depriving those people that could still get useful rewards out of it from doing so, yet not giving anything to replace it.
  3. Go into orb vallis, afk for 20 minutes, move around and they will spawn. Leave, reset, repeat
  4. I unfortunately will not be able to reach the umbra forma, having started too late. And it really irks me because I will be ~15k faction away from it, one more week and I would have it. or about 40 hours of grinding for the fugitives, maybe longer. I hate that gameplay affecting items are locked behind the both the time and resource gate that is the nightwave ranks. Some of these missions are near impossible for the people that have yet to participate in those game modes or don't have time to play. Currently there are 7 acts valued at 3k, 3 at 5k, and 1per day for 1k. This is 43k per week, or 7 weeks to max not counting fugitive captures. I would rather see 5 1k acts per day, with the catch up mechanic available so if you miss a day, didn't finish all the acts, or were unable to finish all the acts because you didnt have the solaris united standing to fight the profit taker for example, you could go back and complete them. This would incentivize people to play each day, could be used to introduce different game modes or objectives to new players, and provide veterans something to do each day, rather than getting all the weekly ones out of the way. Additionally, I hate that the items able to be obtained by the creds are less reliable to obtain now than they were with alerts. Before, I could reliably get 5 nitain/day in addition to any cosmetics or vauban parts that appear. Now, I got 300 wolf creds over 6ish weeks, and there was an additional wolf cred granting alert for I think 375 creds. that is 375 during 42 days, which could have been 210 nitain. 375 creds can only obtain 125 nitain and are also needed to be used on the other rewards, whereas previously they weren't mutually exclusive. Not to mention the down time between seasons. This slows down the gameplay time gating people worse than they were before. If the intention was to make it easier for new and veteran players to obtain the items from alerts, without the chance of missing the alerts, then Nightwave fails horribly. My recommendation would be: Create the 5 daily acts worth 1k faction, as outlined above. Implement a catch up mechanic, Save the progress for acts that timed out. I.E. If you have to complete 3 spy missions on a daily act, and you complete 2 before the timer runs out after 3 days, then once you complete the current acts and go back, you dont have to restart the act to complete 3 spy missions. Keep the faction ranks, but remove the rank rewards from them. Instead, place all of the rank rewards in the cred offering store. For the rewards that are exclusive to a season, such the umbra forma, or wolf cosmetics, make them only able to be purchased from the cred offerings store once. Or once per season in the case of Umbra Forma. This way gameplay affecting items like the Umbra forma aren't locked behind a 7-week long wall. Additionally, players can choose their purchase order priority. I for one would rather get that umbra forma rather than cosmetics. When creating a new season, just create a new story, reset the ranks, and add the items to the cred offering store. Rank ups now grant creds every rank, much like when you prestiege after rank 30. Since Rank ups now take a minimum of 2 days, grant 30-50 creds per rank. If 5 Nitain are 30 creds, this is on par with 10 nitain per 2 days + cosmetics from previous alerts, but arent as time gated. Do not make a new credit every season, unless they are only used for the credit specific items such as wolf creds for wolf of saturn six cosmetic items so that people wont stock up the creds before the season and buy out the store immediately. I.E. Wolf armor requires Wolf Creds, Umbra during wolf season requires wolf creds, umbra during season 2 requires season 2 creds. Periodically release events like wolf hunt after the season and grant that currency as a reward. This allows new players to be able to obtain the older rewards that they missed out on. Generic items such as Nitain, Aura mods, alt helmets, etc., can be purchased for any cred type, and the creds don't expire. Remove acts that require players to spend resources. Especially the potentially expensive ones such as Forma 3 Items, Gild a modular item, etc. Instead, promote the gathering of resources such as collecting x amount of resource. Completing relics. maybe crafting items. Kuva farming, etc. With catch up, anything blocked could be unlocked before the end of the season, and if not, it is one 1k act, not a big loss from 5k per day. Introduce new acts to complete game modes that didnt have acts before, such as ~shudder~ archwing missions & defections ~shudder~, orokin derelict missions, assassinate(specific or general), Infested Salvage, whatever mission. Or to kill specific types of enemies(Corpus, Grineer, Infested, Corrupted, etc.) This promotes diversifying the players' experience and gets them to try new things or retry old things. Controversially, keep the w/ friend acts as it promotes socialization and group finding. Potentially monetize it by selling for platinum act packs, that provide a series of acts that can be performed for already completed season creds. Since with number 11, creds come back periodically, this only pays for convenience, not pay to win. Or maybe have them sellable by Baro or through the Cred Offering store.
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