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  1. Oh that sucks, is this mentioned in the patch notes?
  2. I'm using a silent banshee with the scoliac,I'm using the Narramon focus tree.
  3. Hi, after the Saint of Altra update my focus farming method seems to be not working. I normally go to Adaro on Sedna with 2 greater Lenses on. Before the update I was getting around 70k per run, now I get 25. I do have an affinity booster activated. Does anyone else having this issue
  4. If people like your content they'll sub, think you've posted this in the wrong place
  5. You cant buy everything... its there for a reason. play the game and grind like its intention....
  6. If you purchased it sh should be waiting for you wh when you next login
  7. Is there any chance we could get cross save for the switch? This would be very neat!
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