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  1. If you join someone else whos hosting orb vallis (you have to be not be the host). Theres a way to glitch the score, your friend starts the race n gets close to the end of the race, then you start he finishes and you play the race as normal. The game reads it as the optimal score and gives you optimum score for example top4 scores of 'Pobbers drop' have 3150 score with optimal testing and no collisions max speed I only legitly got 2939, theres probably ways I can improve my score but when I tested with my friend he got 3150 first time n he even missed a gate which he had to go back for, he didn't even use any boost mods so he shouldn't of even been closed to 3150 score. Just wanted to post about it to get it known incase you want to fix this bug. I'm pretty sure this bug has been used in other k-drive races but this is the only one I can 100% confirm since other races have the entire leaderboard with the same score.Pleas fix this.

    Also there is another method I have heard people use and been posted about already, where you start a mission n the mission score counting down counts as the one for the k-drive race and this also gives optimum score which makes people who did the races get max score which is also something needs to be fixed, both ruin the experience especially those who want to get on the leaderboard without glitching/bug abusing.

    And for all the people who actually attempt to go for high scores ignore the glitch ones since they aren't true scores, they cheated the scores.

    Have a nice day




  2. Seriously de again, you make the sentient ship spawn on a buggy node. And i spent 30mins going in and out of mission and it never spawned. Dont make us wait 3hrs for the sentient ship to have it bugged out completely and not spawn for us, you make it the worst grind there is in your game and even then its broken, if you going to make us grind like hell for a weapon like this MAKE SURE IT SPAWNS AND WORKS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Seriously DE of all the times you could put the update in the game you had to choose it at a time that the SENTIENT SHIP WAS HERE, you make us wait 3hrs per rotation and only get it for 30 minutes THEN you put an update interrupting our farm, I got a shebu piece and had to finish the mission as fast as possible cause WHEN WE STAY IN MISSION TOO LONG YOU KICK US OUT AFTER THE UPDATE, and id lose my shebu piece... BE MORE CONSIDERATE you put the 3hr rotation mechanic in, you have 2hrs and 30mins too upload this update to the game... BUT NO YOU CHOOSE IT AT A TIME WHEN WE ARE ALL FARMING LIKE CRAZY ON THE SENTIENT SHIP.... seriously can you not, that was not a pleasant experience n im pretty damn sure everyone feels the same.... thank you for frequent updates makes the game more playable, but seriously think about when you upload them to the servers cause that was hell!!


  4. Revenants 4th ability blinding my screen and my eye sockets, making me unable to enjoy and play the game effectively as I can't actually see anything due to revenants strobe effect as his lasers spread out everywhere and when you are near him that's all you see and it gets so frustratingly annoying as it just gets in the way... is there any way you can make it invisible to other players so that we don't get blinded, cause its really annoying.... thanks for any help

  5. I was doing a vault run on ODC and got in to a special timed area zone which i cpompleted and looted in there was these moving lasers that are everywhere in orokin stuff, while i tried to mele it and accidentally stood ontop and it moved uowards with me on it and pulled me out of the map. I was able to wander around n stuff but unable to get back into the map; please look into this problem so no other user encounters it as i did its very inconveniant when soloing. Thank you for taking time to raed my bug report


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