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  1. In the secret labs there are amalgams thata are supposed to be dropping mods like kavats grace and gale kick. Whenever i pick up a mod from them i get orokin cells instead and no mod.
  2. So i had found out a while back that the Paracesis would take the "Synthetic Eidolon Shards". the way i knew this was when i had a few and no other shards in my inventory and the blueprint had it saying 2/5 and so on. so i went ahead and farmed up to 4 and then i captures a Terralyst today. the blueprint now said 5/5. Thats 4 synthetics and 1 normal shard. i crafted the weapon and rushed it with 30p. i leveled it up to max and then put 1 forma on it and then i checked my Eidolon shards to see how many brilliant ones i had now from the capture. and to my surprise there were still 4 synthetics in my inventory. i mean since the beginning i figured it was odd synthetics would count towards the craft but i figured it was also my only way of finally getting the weapon since that Terralyst cap took an hour and 2 mins. (my pc is a toaster and my laggy freezing pc extends the night time past its global state. which is the only real way im able to get even 1 shard atm). Anyway so the reason im posting this is because i wanted to let you know of this bug and potential exploit and i also would like to ask that you remove the 4 Synthetic Eidolon Shards from my inventory as they should be. thanks a bunch! -Ninjalink123 edit: added photo
  3. The clan map legend needs a few fixes. •can pop up regardless of the map being opened first and stays open even after the map has been closed. •the legend does not change the symbols listed even after going into other rooms and seems to only reset when opening menus. (esc) •the sound of it opening the legend only plays the first time unless reset using esc.
  4. What happens when a bunch of ppl who want to abuse this 'real' data stuff and spam trades with eachother using thousands of plat. Would the data shown for 'average' trade prices change because of these ppl spamming trades like this. If i worded that poorly. An example being: one guy has riven and the other guy trades maybe 5k plat and then they trade the plat and riven back and forth to alter the data. Hope things go well.
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