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  1. The only thing I could think of is that if this isn't a bug or oversight, that you simply can not use Admin because DE doesn't want people that join the clan to mistake admins of the clan as being Admins of the game. Seems like a bit of a long shot though.
  2. Hm, that is odd, back when I went to farm her I got it on my first run. Helping a friend out we got it on our second run. We had it set to open each time. If it isn't dropping after 20 attempts when set to solo then that definitely is an issue. The drop chance for the Neuroptics is a 22.5% chance drop I believe, so it should have been a 1 in 4-5 chance.
  3. Sadly I'm going to assume no, even though you bought it and it wasn't what you expected. It's likely nothing will be done to compensate you. The best thing you can do is either keep it or sell it for whatever it's worth to get some plat out of it. But hey, if DE actually reaches out and helps you out then that's great!
  4. Honestly I think the forums is just a place for us to scream into the Void. Not many if any issues ever seems to be fixed no matter how much time has passed. Now if it was a bug that occurred within the passing year and it still hadn't been fixed, I'd blame it on Covid. The fact of the matter is that bugs that have been around since the start of Warframe (which by the way is almost 10 years old on Xbox) still have yet to even be addressed as existing issues.
  5. Player to player connection should really cease to exist. That's honestly the worst way to go about connecting players. Come on guys, it's 2021, not 2006.
  6. What exactly is the problem? Lag? Disconnects? Host migration?
  7. The guy literally left first and when I sent them a message regarding the fact that they just caused us all to lose our rewards they replied with 'not my problem'. So yeah, basically there was no care that they just screwed over 3 other players who were doing their part in the mission and got nothing.
  8. Ever since Orphix Venom dropped I have had nothing but issues when it comes to the Cambion Drift. Problem 1) Fishing It's near impossible to fish now, most times fish refuse to spawn so if you want even just a few you have to go running all over the Drift just to snag some. Not exactly ideal if there's a specific fish you need parts from to spawn as they just won't. Sometimes they will spawn during Hot Spots and will continue to spawn once the spots vanish but it's very slow (averaging one fish after about 10-15 seconds with no other fish spawning until the first one is hooked.). Usi
  9. I'm still wondering when they're going to fix the range issue with Grasp of Lohk. I have a high range and the grasp grabs weapons but I need to be dang near hugging the enemies just to get them to fire.
  10. I had an issue with the one where you had to suspend 5 enemies at once with a heavy attack. I ended up completing it 10 times and it never fully said I did it. It would pop up at the bottom of my screen when I did it, but going back to my orbiter revealed it still had it listed as something I needed to complete.
  11. Can't say I've ever had this issue, the only time I've run head first into lasers and triggered them was when I accidentally used my Loot/Enemy build (meant for consecrations to hunt animals) instead of my Spy build. Definitely sounds like a bug.
  12. Same thing happened to me when trying to do the second level of the OV event. Got about 10 Orphix kills in, earned myself the Lavos BP, host migrated forcing the game to believe everyone had left sending us all back to our orbiters with no rewards. The host basically walked away with the reaped earnings and then told everyone else to go f themselves.
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