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  1. Yeah, I do not know why but I can NOT leave Cetus. I Always return to Cetus when I try to leave. I hope you are already aware of this and will fix it in the near future! :)
  2. The Returned Ghoul Purge seems to have a little bug related to the codex entries spawned by enemies. I picked up three to five entries telling me all that i found the FIRST "Rictus"-Codex. Luckily I got all of the entreis I picked up, but the notification was wrong.
  3. 8 out of 10 times I am stuck between the plains and cetus. If I go for bounties I can chat with the other players but I can neither enter the plains nor cetus nor can I use quicktravel even if the option is shown to me. I waited 10 Minutes before had to leave cetus to do something else than running from one door to the other. While the others got rewards I got none and was stuck with the task to enter the plains... which as discribed above does not work. PLEASE, I BEG YOU; FIX IT. I LOVE WARFRAME BUT THIS IS GRINDING MY GEARS! D:
  4. Still noticed on PS4: So far there was not any Axi L1 offered After 20+ bountie-runs some people got zero Neo relics After accepting bounties from Konzu they sometimes are only shown as a quick information on the right before disappearing (being cancelled) Have been stuck again for 5 minutes between Cetus and Plains
  5. (PS4)Neltran

    Warframe x iam8bit Collaboration

    I knew it was a good idea to ask my grandpa for his player! BUT! Sadly i can not move on to "continue the shipping method"
  6. (PS4)Neltran

    The Best Defense - Melee Creation Contest!

    THIS, Sir, is the WORST name you could have chosen! Do not use that so easy even when it is just for a game!
  7. (PS4)Neltran

    The Best Defense - Melee Creation Contest!

    Name: Arbitration Type: Greatsword Stances: All Heavy Blades Fraction: Tenno (Arbiters of Axis) Discription: This Weapon, though of its unconventional use, was a failure in the eyes of the Arbiters of Axis, because in their opinion "defense is not the best way to attack". For the handle For the whole sword (Please notice that the second picture shows the sword in a defense and in normal position. The first one just Shows how the blade looks different to when the blade is used in defense) I thaught that a Tenno could use anything as a shield, since the topic is "the best defense". So I thaught, why not really make my defense the best attack? Brief Description: Just like Silva & Aegis the Arbitration creates a shield. The Tenno can hide behinde the blades shield, which is big enough to cover the Tenno crawling behind it. It is used just like every other heavy blade, but I beg for its finisher, when enemies are aware of you, to be different from the others if no stance is equipped: The blade is pushed into the Opponent, whereupon the shield is activated, which shreds the Opponent! But do as you please, I would be honored if my post would even be noticed by DE. :) Of Course I would like to give it a high damage, but make it slower than most of the other melee weapons. What do you think? :)