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  1. OH COME ON, some of us were really busy or lost internet while the event was happening. You cant say its unfair, we're spending money for void keys trying to get it, and you guys just got it for free. And i don't know why mine dissapered from my foundry, did this happen to anyone else? I DEMAND DE SENDING ME ONE... :L
  2. GIVE REAPER PRIME A BUFF! Polarity slots arent enough, it needs better stats; Damage and such. Something that makes it special, I mean judgin by how rare it is, it should be one of the best heavy weapon!
  3. THEY NEED TO BUFF THE REAPER PRIME! So much time for a weapon that sucks! I've been saying this alot through the forums lately, but understand that it really needs a buff because I really like this weapon and many does, but when it sucks this bad, its really dissapointing. P.S Excuse my english grammar, it isnt my first language. :I
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