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  1. What if there was a roll count bonus, and after a set amount of rolls, you basically get to pick your stats. Say every 30 rolls, you can pick a stat, and it’s now locked into the riven. It would still take quite a bit of work to roll a riven to what you want. but at least you could be working towards a goal, and not just rolling the dice indefinitely.
  2. Nova is more versatile IMO. Her 4 can slow, speed, or simply prime enemies for double damage. She can also achieve some really nice damage reduction with her 1. Mesa is a murder machine with aim-bot. She also has great damage reduction. She can be used for CC with weapon jamming, but I do t think it really compares to Nova.
  3. The status rework killed it. It really wasn’t bad if you got the status to 100% pre rework. My Akbronco was quite strong. But corrosive, and gas being the way they are now kinda left it in the dirt. I still don’t see why viral/slash gets to remain so strong In comparison. Great job with the “balance” DE...
  4. Yeah, you should still get the PS buff. You’ll get better performance out of Steel Charge though. Less hassle than growing power too.
  5. Im just giving my 2 cents on it. I’m pretty much done caring what DE does with this game. The update that this thread is all about did a lot of things that didn’t sit well with me. The status rework left things much less diverse than before, while DE claimed to be creating more diversity. More half baked content. More empty words. I’ve spent a lot of time modding weapons in Warframe, and most of the neat, niche builds I’ve managed to come up with usually end up nerfed. Getting pigeon holed into playing how DE wants is not going to keep me around. that’s why I don’t see Impact/Puncture being improved in any meaningful way. They’re mediocre for a reason. I’d love to be proved wrong.
  6. The best thing you can do with pretty much any weapon that has Impact/Puncture; is to get a riven that removes it. I’ve had hundreds of negative Impact/Puncture rolls, and it’s your best option as a negative 95% of the time. Maybe DE will make changes in the future to make their procs more useful. I just don’t see it happening. Most weapons with high crit/status are Impact, and Puncture based. I’m quite sure that this is a balancing tactic used to hold the weapons back, while making the stats look really good. If a status overhaul were to make their procs more useful in any meaningful way, I’d fully expect many weapons to be reworked/nerfed.
  7. This has been teased for well over a year now. I could care less about the next half baked content release DE. Pets are great, but dealing with the antiquated state of stasis is very off putting... let’s hope it’s not a rework along the lines of the current status rework either. That train wreck needs rolled back into the station ASAP.
  8. Par for the course in recent updates. It’s really staring to feel like they could care less about anybody who’s spent a lot of time, and effort figuring out their game. Every time with the claim of “expanding options” yeah right DE...
  9. What was so wrong with almost getting rid of the need/use of Pizzas? Double energize was great, but it still wasn’t guaranteed energy. In it’s current state, the cool down is a joke. The amount of effort involved in obtaining a double set always was, and still is a massive investment. Not cool DE... the rest of the changes seem ok. But not this one.
  10. This update is garbage DE. You claim to be expanding the “meta” but in reality, it’s been narrowed quite considerably. I really hope things continue to change, and for the better. The current state of the game is no bueno.
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