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  1. You keep getting focus. It just piles up. I have millions in every tree, and nothing to do with any of it. Maybe DE will expand the trees in the future.
  2. Rivens are great. They provide a large amount of build diversity. Their big problem is all the RNG involved in obtaining anything close to what you want. Kuva farming feels like a futile effort 95% of the time. I’ve done my best to “go the distance” with rivens, rolling some up to 300 times. Even so, I’ve still had to settle for less than ideal stats in most cases. Making them a bit more rewarding for the effort you put in; would go a long way in reducing insane market values, and help alleviate burn out form excessive Kuva farming. Raising the minimum disposition to .75 would
  3. Riven pricing is a bit of a nightmare. The trick is finding someone that wants what you have. Generally, you can’t sell rivens with bad stats for more than 50p. Sometimes; if a weapon is very popular, you can sell unrolled/bad roll for a couple hundred, or more. Plat whales will fork over insane amounts for specific rolls, but the odds of getting what they want is very slim. hope hat helps, good luck with the market.
  4. It wouldn’t bother me if they made extra packs. I have it all anyways, lol. A change I’d like to see for the accessories, would be the ability to choose the 90 day boosters that you want. I have over 200 days of affinity booster. I don’t need another 90 days tacked on next PA...
  5. I run into this far too often in pubs. Just yesterday I was at Hydron getting some levels, and one of the players started barking at everyone with “don’t do that, you’re getting in my way” “rabble-rabble” like yo, we’re here for 10 quick waves. I think we can put up, and shut up for a few minuets. Pre-made squads are still a thing. Go find some people willing to let you manipulate them in such ways if you must.
  6. People need their outlets. Let them have it. If region chat got canned, then the other chats would get flooded with the overflow. It’s a necessary evil, if you will.
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