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  1. Thematically, why not have the Lich "die", only to have their super augmented corpse teleported away and resurrected by the Queen's Kuva magic; creating an undying enemy that constantly haunts and taunts you with the fact that the Tenno's Oro/"immortality" is nothing unique and anyone with Kuva can replicate it. Having the lich not magically instakilling you is a good step, but the Lich still feels like some anime villain going "Hrng, you're strong kid, but you're not worth my time" who then escapes
  2. Why not have them """die""", play the larva's resurrection/revive rising animation, THEN laugh menacingly and teleport away in a flash of red? Just to taunt the Tenno that the Oro immortality thing that we're supposed to have is nothing unique or mystical at all. Plus, it's better than them kneeling down and puffing away.
  3. Steve said (confirmed a Twitter question, to be precise) that Railjacks will eventually be usable as glorified/fancy loading screens; presumably between starchart missions/open worlds. Is there a plan on how the implementation structure would work? Opt-in, mixing between Railjack users and non users, squad only, etc. Or is it merely an faraway objective with no clear design/implementation plans yet?
  4. A year ago, someone asked Steve on Twitter if Railjack would work additionally as a (possibly optional) glorified loading screen where you would replace the current landing craft loading screens with "live" travel between planets and galleons with you still in the Railjack. Steve said then that it is 100% an eventual goal, but is that objective still on the table? I'm asking because I have vague memories of Steve saying, post Tennocon, something along the lines of "Railjack content would be isolated from regular gameplay". I wanted to check whether I misinterpreted some words or if the goal was scrapped. Or if I just have brain rot. Edit: I can provide link via PM to the twitter or reddit thread (or just twitter screencap) if reference is needed for the stream
  5. When should we expect the update that turns the Kuva Liches into the undying liches that we're familiar with? The ones that die and resurrect endlessly instead of the ones right now which are kinda resurrected/augmented once from larvlings to "lich" and are basically The Six Million Kuva Men. Also, what's the progress of the Devil Trigger mode and what boons do we gain from using it?
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