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  1. I vaguely remember one of you guys saying some time ago that Railjack (was at least in a visual sense) was supposed to also work as a replacement for loading screens; going from open worlds directly to space and vice versa, going to and from missions from the railjack as well. Did I completely misremember that or was that an actual consideration at some point that was scrapped due to the effort not being worth it?
  2. Inspired by Steve's twitter post: From a purely animation/visual standpoint, what is the style that future melee finishers are aiming for? Very fast and smooth facestabs and cleaves (like some finisher moves of some older AC titles) or extremely exaggerated finishes (e.g. stabbing, lifting, then holding an enemy up for several seconds before killing them/using overkill animations/etc.)? Or maybe both kinds of finishers be developed?
  3. What's the reasoning behind this? Did the change inflate the DPS numbers somehow? Did accidental self kill numbers skyrocket due to it being semi auto? Is that stat for Ogris Wraith but leaked accidentally to the regular Ogris? I mean I'm still gonna use mine, but the semi auto change made it way more fun and satisfying to use.
  4. You still need to use baits. Looks like they're just removing BPs from Hai-luk and replacing them with premade baits for sale (like in Fortuna)
  5. On the contrary, I'm asking so that I can try to explain Riven's design intention (which I don't exactly know) to people with varying degrees of salt. They did base it on usage at the start (like the wiki quote you put), but seemingly switched to basing it off of damage potential/numbers Regardless of what they base it off of, I need to know where they're going with Rivens so that I can try to explain it to some people who are frustrated with rivens. Do they have a target/marginal potential DPS for all weapons? Do they want all weapons to potentially have the same damage/utility? Is it literally just to shuffle usage statistics around? A matter of too much macaroni, too much cheese? That's something I need confirmed. I can't just go around preaching random, unverified assumptions out my rift and claim it as the true intent the devs wanted.
  6. I know it's WIP, but regarding the stomp: Is it possible to have the animation of his right leg pull back faster as he's falling down? Or perhaps tweak it so that he doesn't crash down immediately? In slow motion, he very clearly has the right leg readying up in mid-air and continues to ready his stomp as he falls down; before finally stomping at landing But viewed at regular speed, it looks like he's just zooming down at mach 5, lands gracefully on his left foot, and only then charges his stomp. Perhaps we could have the right leg animation go faster when in the air, then accelerate down. Maybe make the rationale that if he's on the ground, he needs to charge up and put all his strength on his right leg whereas he doesn't need to put as much effort due to the help of good ol gravity
  7. What exactly is the purpose of Rivens? Are they designed to be in a constant state of change to cycle the weapons the players use? Are they supposed to take all weapons to a similar level? or are they supposed to give a 'flat' increase in power (an MR4 worthy weapon becomes an MR4+5 worthy weapon)?
  8. Apart from balance/design, Is there a technical reason that we can't have mods with selectable ranks? I have a weird urge to get 1 rank of every mod that I have (mostly to use unused mod slots/points in builds) and now my mod screen is basically a space CVS receipt. Even if it requires you to consume all ranked copies into 1 adjustable mod, it would do wonders to my (and others') bloated mod catalog; IF it is at all possible
  9. Will Psychic Bolt still be cast as projectiles or reworked as an AoE? If it's still cast as projectiles, will it seek out random enemies or will it seek enemies that aren't debuffed yet?
  10. With Melee 3.0 coming soon, will the current Finisher animations be looked at. The ones we have now are slow, clunky, and breaks the flow of the game; even with fast attack speed.
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