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  1. Might wanna play khora and loki before claiming new on what has been a mechanic since .8
  2. The second you see something and then think about the grind about it before what it does or what it is, stop playing.
  3. A weapon that expensive being the best in class is never going to happen, ala fans burning tennocon to the ground. Point of fact is the best hammer in WF is also the logistically cheapest, cause hammers are kind of bad unless you're loki Ivara ash Inaros or equinox.
  4. I think you missed the part where the sibear and hema had nothing to do with weapon concepts and everything to do with sheldon and steve creating false scarcity and seeing how players reacted for financial and logistical reasons.
  5. Which are what exactly? The drakgoon is a flak cannon and got nerfed, the brakk was the only actual shotgun and had its damage cut by 100% and the quartakk doesn't count. No, no we do not. We have half assed grenade... thing and a gun with shells large enough to do AoE, not the same thing. You'll care plenty when it does innate slash and has 50 crit and 40 status.
  6. Which one? There were three.
  7. that 300 forma is hinged upon playing 12 hours day of vial/node gathering and then another 12 hours per day nova/synapse/stropha. Nostalgia isn't all it's cracked up to be.
  8. akkad > venka > pet > all duration and speed mods > 1 minute > riven
  9. Pretty hilarious you guys think there's going to be some earth shaking S#&$ happening in Orokin Hallway. Because what's going to happen is kid is day and adult is night and other than separate grinding resources it's not going to mean jack S#&$ to the story, in addition to be being exclusive to the area.
  10. Hate is one of the best weapons in the game, Dread can hit double red-redhead crits, and despair is the only thrown weapon in the game worth using.
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