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  1. Pretty much. And there's no way in hell DE is going to allow umbral flooding given that it can be put on melee weapons.
  2. Pretty much a venom cannon on burst mode. there are about 50 guns more powerful the absolute side grade prime.
  3. Sort of, in that it's related to DE's ongoing transition to dx12. Until they get their S#&$ together, you can count on frame drops of up to 70% in modes with lots of active asset swapping like ESO and Index.
  4. 100-200 at best. While the stats are good and the neg is actual harmless on said weapon, those are simply not the stats people are looking for in a lenz riven.
  5. No. There are now empirical studies that show harder and more difficult mechanics and situations directly influence and color user interactions to a far greater degree than everything except overwhelmingly polished or "advanced" visual presentation, and WF stopped being hard other than hitting an external failure state when operators were launched. Being killed as even Nyx or Banshee stopped being a thing with the introduction of tweenagemurderhobo and operators were steadily buffed thereafter, and the game became easier and easier, and player dissatisfaction and expression thereof h
  6. Or just remove khora or the two mechanics she utterly abuses from the game, because it's pretty clear what's broken here and it isn't geometry, and if you really think Steve and other people watching player metrics was fine with a particular group of players making six figures of kuva per hour, I'd like to also have you point out in the past when that level of farming was ever kosher. ever.
  7. Can we not talk about railjack ever again?
  8. Nope. If DE provided said check gear as the thrust of progression ala Bitter Black Island in Dragon's Dogma you would have a salient point. If DE had not repeatedly acknowledged over the course of four years that enemies whom are immune to everything being a bad design context, you would have a salient point. Gear in this game IS content, not a means to progress through it. Your model and context neither apply nor do they compel any argumentation otherwise.
  9. How about the part where both of them are pretty much worthless now.
  10. The Necramech as an old war artifact is fine, and using that in the context of the Old War is fine and engaging. Space Wheelchair is forced content for an arbitrary mode and Space Hallway and Red Hallway and White Hallway and Skyrim Hallway are no different than standard hallway tile set. None. The reason they run like crap is they're designed the same as the other hallways. Tweenage Murderhobo is literal design greeble and plays like design greeble and feels like design greeble. As a game designer of approaching twenty years, if your core loop stops being of interest and engageme
  11. HP sink is not a challenge of any kind or type.
  12. Might consider turning the head into a full bastet head with even symmetry.
  13. Without those after the 150 mark if shadows go down and you're not quick enough on the uptake, you will likely be instaspanked.
  14. Steel charge Umbrals x 3 Equilibrium Health Conversion Adaptation Shield of Shadows Despoil Arcane Grace Arcane guardian have fun never dying.
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