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  1. Oh no. Another three minutes I'll never get back, 30 seconds if I have Khora or Mesa or Saryn or [insert female frame that isn't trinity or nyx] back.
  2. DE has gotten exactly four things exactly right at launch in seven years. Not really sure why you'd think this time would be the charm, and again Ducats will be around for streamer's remorse.
  3. 1. I didn't forget the time zone and didn't get the gun. 2. Baro is a thing I hear.
  4. is not even close to the best ss, and we haven't even covered rivens. Literal definition of sidegrade, nevermind that making a submachine gun turn into a machine gun doesn't even fits the gun's point on the roster in the first place. I mean why don't we add the sniper combo to the synapse while we're at it. Why not. Anything to avoid direct damage and utility increases that were the entire point of primes and prime access in the first place. But hey instead let's do some mediocre as hell changes to things already in the midlle of the pack by design and charge a hundred and fifty dollars for it, and then scratch our heads as to why the player base is shrinking. Yes, indeed what a mystery. The one bonafide upgrade program in the game that didn't have player problems or any issues at all, let's nerf that all to #*!% AND throw separate riven designations on top while we're at it. Nobody asked for this. DE solved a balance problem that didn't #*!%ing exist and have unmitigated temerity to charge the price of two and a third full price games for three in game vehicles, and two of those vehicles are literally worthless. There is zero reason to use Inaros Prime over Inaros and the Panthera prime is actually worse than the original, and the Karyst prime while hitting far harder than any other dagger is still a dagger.
  5. Fortuna and Cetus have Bounty #6.
  6. Certain Infested and Moaning Picasso Sculpture Mobs have damage pulses that essentially ignore shield gate because they hit often enough to mitigate any BS grace you would get, in addition to the likelihood you simply procc'd toxin more than once in a short period of time and it's not a bug. As for build, it's pretty straight forward: Umbrals, All three shield mods, Adaptation, Arcane Grace and if you're that worried about it arcane toxin resistance.
  7. I don't have to make mention of those because it's implied, the same way Zephyr's strength as a glass cannon pre "upgrade" were implied. The more telling issue here is you think there's an argument and there isn't, just all the people that used the kronen stance weapons as a macro farming crutch instead of a piece of the arsenal. and your synthetic tact on the burston is again whataboutism at best, at literal best. and there we are, thanks for defenestrating your own argumentation handily, and it only took you three tries. You're basically arguing like someone going to evo or TYT or Electric Cancel and using a midtier character that's won you plenty of local matches and led you to gain a completely skewed understanding of how the game and your fighting vehicle works, of which you've immediately taken to the innerwebs to proudly display, whereupon at the actual event and in practicality's eye not only do you get bodied, but you do so by someone using a gimmick character who's simply using you an exhibition of game mechanics, most of which you weren't even aware of. I'm not going to invoke "git gud" because it's easy and cheap, but you clearly didn't do your research then or now, and reliance on anecdotal evidence never pays off, so maybe do some watching and reading before opining without a bedrock of hard evidence. Meanwhile in the real world 150 dollars for the best weapon in super underperforming category is a terrible purchase, and Inaros Prime is hot garbage as an upgrade vehicle and DE is deliberately ignoring what is obvious as both a premium purchase and frame advancement vehicle, and Zephyr has never not been able to evaporate entire tiles since her ult rework, which was well before her prime was ever conceived.
  8. That would be you, actually, and your attempting to ignore base damage versus fire rate is incredibly obvious, and sorry but any argument where you mention the burston is right out the window, fullstop, not even going to waste the time or energy on that. Literal whataboutism. And at the risk of elitism, I'm simply going to say your zephyr treatise lack ANY experience with using the character at all, with the right AoE weapon she was the de facto farming frame for high level mats and derelict rewards, period, which according your completely artificial and incidentally completely anecdotal paradigm resulted in instant death the moment she stepped on to the tileset, nevermind at least two content creators showcased exactly how and why she made three and four hour plus runs a thing.
  9. No, it's bad. The tiberon is a useful gun and was a useful gun and a tiberon riven made it a beastly gun, and the kronen was slept on like #*!% because all people thought it was good for was macro spam, which is exactly not the way to have ever built it, and as for Zephyr, throw an Aoe weapon on her even back then and she would literally evaporate anything she hit and she was one of the few frames where power strength actually scaled to hit a like a truck. Zephyr was the reason the tonkor got nerfed. Enough said. Inaros Prime package brings nothing new to the table. Zero. nada. bad. not meh, but outright #*!%ing bad, and frankly if we're talking real talk, the Karyst already hit like a truck, it just couldn't compete in any way with the Venka Prime; which ironically enough has been now obsoleted by the Karyst P.
  10. The waypoint system has been broken since update .9, aka SIX years ago. Six.
  11. A prime pack that is by far the worst one ever released. Inaros should have had +50 health and +75 armor and got "sidegrade" handwave epitome of laziness "upgrades" and the panthera is hot garbage. 150 dollars for one weapon that actually can kill things but is still the second worst category of weapon after Sparring is not worth ANYONE's money or investment. If I knew any better I'd say making a PA this bad was deliberate.
  12. Might wanna reread that, then.
  13. ... What exactly do you think armor does?
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