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  1. Except where stated the Kohm and Detron are immune to riven changes cause status.
  2. and the assumption that endgame should revolve around a tacked on feature sink is a bad one.
  3. Because that mod is the only thing that makes daggers and claws worth a damn. Forest for the trees. There are weapons that need BR, whips and S-words aren't in that category.
  4. The cool down would have to be absolutely enormous and essentially prohibitive, because the alternative is making both the attack and mod not interact with ANYTHING. Any limitation you parse out can be worked around, and has been. Mirage, Ash, Loki, Chroma, Wukongx2. Because warframe's synergy model is both implicit and explicit with additive and multiplicative enhancements balancing this combo only works under absolute stricture, which in turn means a lot of players would simply abandon it period. They use it now because it's completely broken and no other reason. If you turn this move into Combustion Beam or Vulcan Blitz you might have a method, but the likely outcome is still "this mod is now garbage, #*!% DE, #*!% this game ruined forever reeeee". If you make it only hit a single target or have even a ten second cool down, people are just going to drop it entirely. Maiming strike itself doesn't engender satisfying play, the completely skewed results it produces does. No one is going to tolerate "does a flat ten pecent of the target's health in additional damage" at max rank. We are waaaaay past that. Argon Bees and Pointy Scope, whatever the successive crit+ rifle mods are; they rely on killing a previous target with a "skilled action" (headshot) and then amplifying an existing effect to an already engaged player in an engaged action. Maiming Strike is literally hit macro 1 and no more care need be placed. I think the most telling element is this like the one thread saying hey guys rational solution for maiming strike circa Melee 3. There are a metric asston of CO threads and posts. The people using MS know that it's fundamentally and exponentially broken.
  5. Because I enjoy playing warframe, not watching it. If I wanted to watch it I would just go on twitch. This is also not hyperbolic. I wish it were, but it's not. In other games where something this absurd exists there A are either hard counters by the enemy, and/or B there's an associated risk with attendant damage received increase or logistical limitation like it's a super move only doable with a full bar of _____ or it has a contextual command and consequence chain limiting abusability. None of those things exist here, and on top of that there are weapons and mods directly designed to tailor this move into the only thing you do in the game and doing so entails no penalties and in addition gives you both logistical and mechanical advantages. In an action game, this is death. When you have a convention like this that trivializes ALL content in a given playspace this hard, boredom is the next thing you're going to entail. This has been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt over thirty years of gaming. This is the equivalent of enchanting fortified iron daggers in Skyrim. You go into whiterun at level 2 or three, You leave an hour and a half later at level 80 and there is literally nothing in the game that can deal with you anymore. Any challenge the game can bring to bear is now meaningless. The only thing stopping this build thereafter are immunity phases by bosses. The problem here is WF is a cooperative game, and this removes any semblance of that. The only salient defense against the move and this mod stacked is have giant time sink healthbar or simply be able to utterly ignore it entirely. Neither of those facets creates compelling gameplay or promotes problem solving enjoyment. You can make a tangential subargument that this mod simply super highlights an existing premise and issue where radial dashing attacks are simply way WAY too strong, that excitation overtook common damn sense and you simply need to adjust the numbers to return things to a sensible level, but frankly the damage is done and both the move and the mod itself are exactly that, polarization is completely entwined with both and you're going to have a hard time extricating it. The move and the mod itself don't have a permutation or a variation. Just raw amplification that serves no purpose other than to trivialize the grind in an almost symbolic way. When you take up the whip/paracheesus/gamps and this mod, you're essentially saying you're done playing the game and now only farming exists and only popping all the pinatas has meaning anymore. You've stopped playing the game itself and you're just playing to fill the empty boxes in the spreadsheet. The move isn't !dramatic damage! ala jojo, it's a conveyor belt and simply emblematic of DE's inability to find the line between fun and grind reliably.
  6. The only growing here is needed on your part. 1. Melee frame. Melee focused frame with immobilization based powers coupled with healing to incentivize further melee exploiting. 2. There are already five other DoT frames one of which is even already a melee specialist (Ash), contrary to DJ khaled another one isn't needed. 3. Sandstorm does hella damage in small areas as the enemy takes damage per hit per object. If you actually used it you might know that. 4. I don't have a problem with Saryn at all, I don't need another one because fire based is already on the way and antimatter based one already exists. 5. Your premise is literally redundant. Wukong now does hard disruption on demand and one of the few gimmicks Revenant can do at will is roll over minions as fuel and power. And incidentally also has a "healing" offset tied directly to that. Apparently you missed it. Redundant, never mind Nidus has literally what you're proposing except it heals and explodes. 6. Titania and every "fix" tried and applied. Enough said. 7. "easier to kill" you mean like his one and four do now as that atterax mirage sweeps through the room with a pause to check if anything lives or not? 8. Inaros is the other side of excalibur, except radial status and damage are traded for healing. And it works according to design. Calibro doesn't need fixing and neither does Inaros, and the amount-played metrics fall in line with that. 9. You're basically asking for Hildryn without an exalted. Hildryn already exists. 10. You want interesting Inaros, whereupon you just randomly smash buttons all day against moving numbers? Here ya go: Super exciting button smashing every mission.
  7. That was kind of her deal since day one. Also the last three "caster" frames either have inifinite armor strip, infinite regen or infinite radial/linear death, or any combination thereof. (or one of those while having 99% DR).
  8. Rather have a petition to remove it from the game entirely. Better safe than sorry.
  9. So basically Saryn with a hawk mask, then. While turning Khora into metal Nidus proved a rousing success, turning Inaros into BeetleBorg Saryn is only going to raise complaints far and wide about power creep this and broken gaem leaving forever that, and while some of those complaints are justified, turning Inaros into incontinent Dimitri from Darkstalkers isn't changing the direction of anything other than giving Inaros moar damajes and reducing utility versus smashing all the drain buttons even further in an already skewed game. Speaking of afk, Limbo, Khora, Gara, and the undisputed King Afktavia own that category hands down, not even a contest. AFKing has also been a problem since U8 and your proposition doesn't cover the why at all. You are what is known in the vernacular as a "bad teammate". Inaros is the first frame in the entire game to have 100% power to Frame synergy, to be later perfected by Nidus into a complete ne' OP package, which is prolly why Khora's and Gara's reworks followed the same model. Inaros can literally CC and entire room and heal others while doing it with utter impunity, up to and including things that only Khora can heal as well. You not doing anything with those facets is entirely on you. The entire point of Inaros is to be self sufficient while providing a gameplay and mechanical hook, never mind a not insignificant portion of WF's playerbase play the game solo or in twos because outstanding hypertryhard stellar community that any PVE game with power creep almost invariably turns into, and Inaros fits this niche perfectly. I'll let you in on a little secret; Saryn is boring and takes rather little skill other than pop operator mode every 30 seconds to use effectively on a near indefinite basis, and with a punch through shotgun and radial melee can simply mouse1 her way to and through a several hour anything that doesn't involve protection. Since they're going to turn Ember into Orange Avian Saryn real soon, pretty sure that role is filled, and Inaros doesn't need to copy anyone. Inaros getting worked over is probably inevitable but rather little needs to change, and there's quite enough creeping DoT frames as it is already.
  10. You bringing a rubico to begin to "endgame" content spells out exactly how clueless you are, never mind relying on an incidental proc versus frontloaded damage, in addition to HC having pretty much zero effect on any prime snipe. If you actually knew what you were talking about this topic would covering the vectis for endgame if you were actually obtuse enough to bring a snipe to longer than an hour content. But good job laying out your ignorance in several other venues as well doubling down on synthetic discord tech.
  11. Your defense of a discord hipster build is about as quality as the build itself. meanwhile in the real world: or heeey whadda ya know double, and you can even still get +50% between the builds with subing hunter munitions for the riven and doing viral, why the hell you think viral is of any use against sortie level enemies is probably another theoretical chain of imaginary 100% procs complete with dramatic music and cheering or the like. Meanwhile again in the real world, you'd be three tiles away with a trail of bodies you didn't have to check for bleed procs, ever, even with EEE or enhanced enemy armor in play, and boss or special enemy proc immunity has absolutely no bearing and also doesn't waste both forma and open mod slot alike. Remember kids, synthetic discord builds not only hurt you, they hurt anyone dumb enough to listen to you.
  12. Given your build is about 50% of what the rubico's potential damage is, perhaps mod research is in your future.
  13. Khora Gara Trinity Inaros Nidus Gauss Loki Mesa Rhino Limbo trivializes the entire damn game with his sidestep Wukong Maybe even Ember in about 2 weeks. BTW melee scales to a synthetic x6 after the rework thanks to x3 base damage+CO. The starchart isn't endgame unless you're mr4. I'm going to assume you aren't mr4.
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