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  1. Except not and the reason the player's ready to go their gear is better than your tacticool brozimato video copy and they just prefer to play the game than wait for you to attempt to confabulate your orange number tryhard build when the available build works just fine.
  2. Slash is better than Impact. For impact to be better than Slash it needs to do approximately 16x the damage vs max DR. You think I'm exaggerating and then you do level 300 content for whatever particular reason.
  3. Epic yarn you have spun, but the solution is build Umbral Nidus and don't worry about stacks. Nidus is fine. Your understanding of Nidus is not.
  4. Yes let's make Nidus even more annoying than Limbo. Brilliant.
  6. A. All of those settings are available in game 😕 B. DLSS is blurry as hell at size larger than 27" C. I sincerely hope you aren't hosting. D. DE considers reshade as a hack and if you get banned for it, zen desk isn't going to give a S#&$.
  7. Pretty simple, and also nice skate around the issue at hand; the OP refuses to accede the simple principle that A liches can't be walked over like most of the content in this game by mashing m1 while moving forward, and Steve and Scott have both indicated this will be the design mantra moving forward especially in light of armor 3.0 being a thing in the works. You're just going to have to start playing smarter and relying on collective player knowledge and copypasta wiki simply isn't going to cliff notes you through the star chart anymore. Ding Dong the Lich is Dead. BTW this theoretical ultra ~immunity lich~ you were speaking of doesn't actually exist, not even for Rhino, never mind if you have access to L100 one shotting gear, you can knock a lich HB pretty quickly, no matter what combination of stuff it has. Period. Funnily enough a player with this exact complaint dropped in our PUG as well as my "slash immune" lich, and both were laid to waste in seconds via the Venka Prime, and heavy strike hammer or scythe build would had the same exact results: with the lich unable to get out of downed state until the right combo was reached or the lich retreated. 100% status weapons with corrosive and fire do much the same thing, irrespective of what resistances the lich is supposed to have and once again your wall of complaints has already been dealt with in much more contextually appropriate subject other than guess who doesn't know to use the damage system? As if anyone is paying attention to the fact you can't even kind of tell between the difference between opinion and fact. But by all means, draw up another giant wall of text when "I don't like liches" would have sufficed literal days ago, and the op's "impossible lich" is rather easy to dispatch via any combo above and Gauss, Equinox, Saryn, Ember, Wukong, Revenant and even good ol Nyx provided you don't expect running forward while mindlessly smashing m1 to just carry you.
  8. It's cool that you want to beat a dead horse of a topic covered far better, more eloquently and with better cleavage in much more contextually appropriate topics but red crit heavy weapons are available at mr5 without a riven and the OP needs a solution, not empty rhetoric and red crit heavy attacks are the universal answer regardless of any other issues at hand, nevermind there are at least five frames more than capable of removing DR protection literally on demand.
  9. You'll find red crit slash weapons work on any and every combination of resistances, especially heavy attacks.
  10. Except you're setting up a time and place weeks in advance that has nothing to with the problems you're talking about, involving members of the team that nothing to do with the problems you're talking about, and if you SERIOUSLY think the devs aren't aware of the problems and weren't aware of the problem before xmas vacation even when they pressed the "ship it" button, you might wanna do some research on how modern compartmentalized game creation works. DE made the bed their currently lying in, and they're aware. Very much. Acknowledging that is another entire subject, and even yet another subject is doing so in a timely and contextually salient venue and time frame. Contrary to what EA and Activision tell you, marketing and design do not gel on a synergistic level during before feature hardening occurs, and attempting to make them do so is why Blizzard is currently hemorrhaging employees, stock value and money. Maybe put the sign down for two hours and listen intently and then pick the sign back up and attempt to climb the waterfall with no ladder to speak of.
  11. Then you're doing it wrong, because in the empty and dead sea of corpses of the land of Exaltia, where the husks of any male frame plus titania litter the carrion dunes, the dual queens of Scratchy-Pants and Make the Cowboy song noise and Press 4 to Win, Why Ever Play the Game stand far and alone. Also lol at refusing to swap out mods on an exalted weapon. Did you know mods are changeable on demand and but mah forma is not an excuse? True Story. Now on Neflix. Yep. Definitely doing it wrong, even on a Rhino Lich. It does work on them. Except you did a damage build instead of a hits per second build, and then switching weapons. As in many instances throughout history time and space the problem is between the monitor and chair. Protip: Bring a red crit weapon, even immune enemies will take slight damage.
  12. Infested have a universal ranged attack for a reason. That reason has nothing to do with "sniper nests".
  13. Actually that is exactly what DE need to do by literal rote definition. They chose MMO monetization, so now they need to provide MMO content, which means infinite neverending content. If you think I'm supposed to be feel bad for a company that made 200M net profit last year because "omg guys it's hard to keep up, be nice, it's so hard", umm... nah. Not really. Especially after they're powered by the notion that they are renting you your account and it's actually their account and they're just giving you permission. Well guess what, Mrs. Landlord, fix your house. Live by the sword, die by the sword.
  14. Corrosive and cold work much better as they directly attack pre health defenses. The dread's chance at a status proc are junk if you want to maintain giant red numbers.
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