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  1. This is how gambling gets integrated into games. This is how absurd EULAs get implemented as official policy. Gaming is universal, gaming is social. At no point should this veer into fluffy snowflake fifis territory, but if a company doesn't respect its audience, it is precisely how the road at companies liked Blizzard get paved, for both employees and consumers alike. It is never a road you want to be on. Ever. There is always a balance. Ignoring that balance on either side of the line is simply a recipe for crappiness and mediocrity in the best of cases.
  2. When you figure out the difference between design intent/use and stats, hit me up.
  3. You are bad at guns and should stop.
  4. Have you considered maybe the exergis IS a pistol? The spirex had a prototype.
  5. OpenGL and Vulkan are essentially the same API. Vulkan is in fact the direct successor to OpenGL, and is likely the API that will see use unless by the time WF is 100% ready for cert on mobile that their version of DX has full extension compatibility for mobile platforms. While there are several games that cross and open under DX out right now, I'm pretty sure they're using their own versions to do so or more likely relying on UE4 and Unity plugins to manage graphical fidelity across platforms. DE doesn't have either of those things going on so they've likely written their own.
  6. You haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about.
  7. That would be the entirety of RJ in general.
  8. Neither of those things happened. Watched the entire stream, was at a relay the entire stream.
  9. No. This is same problem as the athodai had. No notification, no drop.
  10. You want something that does continual damage in batS#&$ pulses or Burst ala Synapse, Phage or Flux Rifle (not the Tenet one which is about as meh a sidegrade as you can get), Brakk, K Nukor, Spectra Vandal and the hands down best melee because of stupid stupid DR is either karyst or venka on a butt standard CO build with a stance that barfs out slash procs like candy aka Stinging Thorn and Malicious Raptor. There nothing special about mods needed other than "does damage rapidly".
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