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  1. You get a forma for 8 minutes of play, so you'll find most players play about 3 literal days worth of time for several hundred forma. Min max melee requires 7 forma, min max lich requires five and min max nonshotgun require every slot if running crit and riven and pistols require four... up to eight depending on gun and mods. And for every player saying "i don't need optimal nur nur blar blar", all you have to is look at views on minmax channels versus views on fun factor channels like mcgamercz and anyone who says they don't minmax is frankly a bald faced liar.
  2. Rivens created before the riven range nerf can roll negative IPS regardless of weapon state or stat. It's not a bug, it's an old riven.
  3. Magnetic is viral but shields and absolutely wrecks anything with shields even on Steel path. Blast simply needs to proc double status states again to be useful in builds.
  4. Nope. Primes are now strictly sidegrades and mr junk food. The last Prime worth a crap was the Karyst, and the last prime before that was the Pangolin.
  5. The comedy gold is you trying to defend bad design by pointing out bad design.
  6. Objectively false. Because no one plays them and DE isn't going to pay a main designer to normalize legacy content when they can make you pay 200 dollars or more for sidegrades. This is a vanity project, not a game. It's also a business, and you ignoring those facets of production doesn't mean they stop existing.
  7. You're describing a generic situation with semantics covered not only by several other frames far more efficiently, but by helminth and operators as well. He bring nothing to the table other than "I don't feel like actually playing today, let's just limbo it"
  8. They both suck. Limbo sucks period; he has no synergy with any other frame or there is zero nuance to his usage; you either die or you just break the game entirely, there is no shade of grey anywhere to be found. Either you gimp yourself on purpose or you 100% trivialize any content the game has. Wukong went from having no role or purpose to being Overcompensation Crotch Bulge Frame Incarnate. The only public games I play are Sorties and sortie I have run in the past year has a Wukong with every sprint mod, a bramma, and a kronen prime, and they along with their gender swapped counterpart, the Nukor Mesa are invariably blowhard tryhards that fail the spy, fail the rescue, and blow up the console/vip and their teammates on radiation defense/mobile defense/rescue. Without exception. Every time.
  9. This is how gambling gets integrated into games. This is how absurd EULAs get implemented as official policy. Gaming is universal, gaming is social. At no point should this veer into fluffy snowflake fifis territory, but if a company doesn't respect its audience, it is precisely how the road at companies liked Blizzard get paved, for both employees and consumers alike. It is never a road you want to be on. Ever. There is always a balance. Ignoring that balance on either side of the line is simply a recipe for crappiness and mediocrity in the best of cases.
  10. When you figure out the difference between design intent/use and stats, hit me up.
  11. You are bad at guns and should stop.
  12. Have you considered maybe the exergis IS a pistol? The spirex had a prototype.
  13. OpenGL and Vulkan are essentially the same API. Vulkan is in fact the direct successor to OpenGL, and is likely the API that will see use unless by the time WF is 100% ready for cert on mobile that their version of DX has full extension compatibility for mobile platforms. While there are several games that cross and open under DX out right now, I'm pretty sure they're using their own versions to do so or more likely relying on UE4 and Unity plugins to manage graphical fidelity across platforms. DE doesn't have either of those things going on so they've likely written their own.
  14. You haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about.
  15. That would be the entirety of RJ in general.
  16. Neither of those things happened. Watched the entire stream, was at a relay the entire stream.
  17. No. This is same problem as the athodai had. No notification, no drop.
  18. You want something that does continual damage in batS#&$ pulses or Burst ala Synapse, Phage or Flux Rifle (not the Tenet one which is about as meh a sidegrade as you can get), Brakk, K Nukor, Spectra Vandal and the hands down best melee because of stupid stupid DR is either karyst or venka on a butt standard CO build with a stance that barfs out slash procs like candy aka Stinging Thorn and Malicious Raptor. There nothing special about mods needed other than "does damage rapidly".
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