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  1. All of Wisps and Revenants abilities are great, so can't really go wrong with either of them.
  2. This year has been very poor in terms of quality content being added to the game, or existing content being expanded upon or improved.
  3. It does need a lot more improvements and incentives to work on Steel Path. Right now I really don't think it's worth it.
  4. Octavia bores me, I'll probably go Baruuk and just punch everything.
  5. Is it usually less than 60 when completing all missions? I didn't go the extra mile on any mission really, I accidentally hit continue on certain defenses which made me do 10 waves haha. Other than that though I steel essence did drop a few times, maybe I got lucky.
  6. Completed Steel Path, earned myself a total of 60 Steel Essence which isn't as much as I would have liked. I'm probably going to do a long endurance run tomorrow to grab more Steel Essence, though I've heard many stories from PC players receiving trade bans from earning too many Steel Essence in a mission. Hopefully this has already been addressed and isn't as big of a problem on xbox, I guess only time will tell. Disruptions I'm a bit disappointed with, I felt like their weren't many hordes of enemies added to Steel Path Disruptions when compared to the other endurance based missi
  7. Crashed twice today fighting Profit Taker. Usually if I don't crash one of my squad mates will almost always crash, so one of us will be left feeling frustrated. Would love if it was fixed.
  8. The health mods increase the base health of your warframe by a percentage, but by base, it means what the warframes health was at level 0, not level 30. If you gained only 90 health from Physique, then I believe Chroma's base health is 100 at level 0, which is why this mod would give only 90, as that's how much you gain from a 90% health increase. The wiki also confirms chroma prime's base health being 100. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Chroma/Prime Hope this helps!
  9. Their are some players in public that go out their way to troll though, by hopping on one of the side turrets, and just absolutely spamming all the flux energy you have, shooting out 5 void holes in a few seconds, and then not gong to the forge to refill it. So I can understand why some players wish side turret users be unable to use the Railjack abilities. This isn't a problem in all squads but is something you can run into in public squads.
  10. My Wukong clone is like this. Often if my clone gets knocked down, he won't get back up again so I have to keep resummoning him, seems to be a recent bug but it's very annoying for wukong players.
  11. Doesn't the vay hek bug still exist where upon loading into the mission, you can just run to the final room and Vay Hek will already be there? It's been in the game for a long time. Either way it looks like 5 minute run solo isn't bad at all, I wouldn't want DE to make this easier, I'd expect to see some players thinking about bringing a damage boosting frame to a boss fight. Hopefully this will encourage rhino players to remember to use Roar too, as on Xbox their are just too many rhino players that only use ironskin and never use roar.
  12. I'm not sure about the idea of new weapons starting at 0.5 Riven disposition. Their will be some pretty bad cases of non-Primed versions of the weapons being stronger than the new Prime versions of weapons due to the gap in Riven disposition between both weapons. Imagine for example, Corinth just being an average 1.0 Riven disposition weapon, and Corinth Prime releasing with a 0.5 Riven disposition as well as mostly being a side-grade to the regular Corinth. Riven users will mostly end up using the regular over the prime due to the gap in riven dispo being wide enough that the regu
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