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  1. No this is a bug. On pc you can actually reload once you have gunnery 9. Just check out the gunnery intrinsics on the warframe Wikipedia. It clearly states once you reach rank 9, if your turrets overheat, hit the R key (reload on pc) to instantly begin cooldown on turrets, causing it to cool down back to 0 in just 0.5 seconds, instead of the usual 3 seconds. The turrets will also make a certain sound effect to show that this action was completed. The point of rank 9 gunnery is the ability to cool down the turrets in half a second, something that apparently quite a few of us console playe
  2. I can confirm, we currently cannot use gunnery rank 9 on console as their is no reload action on turrets right now, it's also nowhere to be seen in the Railjack Configs for controllers.
  3. This bug is a real pain to deal with, many trades have been lost due to this ignored bug.
  4. For me personally, I find both exterminates and disruptions to be the most efficient for murmer farming. Sure in exterminates you're not likely to find 10 Kuva Thralls due to the mission being too short and their not being enough enemies. But I average about 6ish Kuva Thralls per exterminate, and most of these exterminates take me about 1:30 - 2:00 to do. I find this average to be much more efficient than missions like survival where you'll get 10 Kuva Thralls, but the mission taking just over 5:00 usually. Disruptions I love since you can get 10 Kuva Thralls and still extract at ab
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