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  1. Can this please be fixed already? This is happening way too often for my dojo, I'd say 1 in 3 people I invite to the Dojo to do a trade gets stuck inside the Railjack, and so many of these players seem to have only experienced it once somehow because they get confused with how to get out of the Railjack. It wastes so much time, some even leave without doing the trade because of this.
  2. This is definitely true, I've had to encourage mesa players to not spam peacemaker on Liches the whole time, and is causes them to have an absurd amount of damage reduction, which would eventually go away if the mesa player would deactivate peacemaker and wait a few seconds.
  3. I've tried mot a few times but it never puts me in a squad, and no one ever joins my squad even though I'm on public :(
  4. The alert version of endurance isn't great to stick around in since you stop getting mission rewards. The survival for example starts at 5 minutes and ticks down to 0 instead of going up. So squads won't stick around due to no rotational rewards in the mission
  5. Wonder what the cost will be for each mod. I should be safe as I think I have just over 1000 vitus essence currently.
  6. Someone mentioned that DE Rebecca posted that it will be in the arbitration store, apparently the post is somewhere on reddit, but they forgot to link the post.
  7. I was happy seeing the galvanised mods be a part of steel path. Playing high level content in order to get more powerful mods, that's what you'd expect from most games. Harder enemies = better rewards. Steel path really needed this too because it just lacks so many good rewards. Most people farm it to get steel essence for kuva and Riven mods, which personally I don't really need, so naturally I lacked any real incentive to go there. With the galvanised mods being there, I finally had a reason to do more steel path, but now they've been moved due to too many complaints.
  8. Least some of the new mods and arcanes can trigger in other ways. Such as on hit, on headshot, on melee kill, etc.
  9. I know, and I never said steel path was the only way to do high level content either. I said these mods are just catered to players wanting to do higher level content. If someone isn't a fan of steel path, Arbitrations, long endurance and things like that, then they won't need these mods. Personally I don't mind new mods and rewards being in higher level content missions such as steel path, since we didn't really have any good rewards anyway. Just mostly relic packs, Kuva, the occasionally weekly rotation of a Riven mod and like 8ish+ weeks to see an umbra forma. I'm not a fan of how it currently is, especially since the much higher level veteran players tend to just use their stockpiled platinum to buy top tier rivens, so they skip out on the Kuva and unrolled rivens. Their really is a lack of insensitive to do steel path, so having a little more reason to go there is nice, but this is just from my own perspective.
  10. These mods are only good if you're looking to do higher level content. If you don't like or enjoy playing higher level content, then you won't need these mods, since as you've implied, you don't want to do higher level content anyway.
  11. The whole "mastery isn't important" thing isn't valid anyway. They DID talk about Mastery 30, what it had to offer, the rewards and blessing, all before it released. So it should be fair for others to be curious as to why DE haven't really mentioned anything about legendary rank 1, you'd think it would have a little more hype than mastery 30.
  12. Considering they talked about Mastery 30 before it released, and legendary ranks are a new tier, they may be saving the info about it for Tennocon possibly. Though if we definitely get this new Corpus lich update before then, we'll reach legendary rank before then.
  13. You mean "I couldn't care less"? That's when it means you actually can't care less because your level of caring is already rock bottom.
  14. Well since we aren't getting mastery rank 31 and are instead getting legendary rank 1, to me it implies that it has something to offer. Not sure what though. Could be a new reward, a cosmetic, access to something only legendary rank players have, like a level 9999 spawning simulacrum. Who knows, we can speculate til it releases, but I'm at least under the assumption that it has to offer something different otherwise it would just be called mastery rank 31 instead.
  15. I do like that the newer frames get a few patches weeks after release. I wish several of the older warframes could receive the same treatment.
  16. I agree, it's important to be level headed when properly reviewing something and forming opinions on how it should be improved. So we can have a proper discussion, and hopefully others won't turn it into an argument.
  17. Not a fan of the kdrive, but honestly I wasn't a fan of her 4th ability either. All it did was throw enemies up in the air. They got back up and still needed to be shot down with guns. It's a pointless 4th ability, she's a water based frame, make her summon a whirlpool on the ground or something, spinning enemies into it and around it, rusting their armor which reduces armor level too while also being good crowd control. But just throwing enemies up in the air and that's all? Very disappointing.
  18. I mean it's not wrong for us to voice our opinions. If we feel she can be improved before release, then then give your opinions and fair critique. Certain frames such as garuda and others originally had different abilities, but got changed before release due to negative feedback on the abilities. This warframe could still potentially changed IF enough people want her to change.
  19. I agree. For me this warframe is going to be too uncomfortable to play in the vast majority of missions outside of open-world areas. Imwne vuping int something every seconds and being flung off your k-drive. Sure you and your friends might get a laugh out of it every now and then, but eventually it will become annoyon, then really annoying, then replaced with another warframe that is clearly better to move around with than using a kdrive in a mission.
  20. I'm not sure if this is completely true If I remember correctly, when I hit 99% on warframe, I was only around 98.8% according to Google. So I assume if you were to reach 99.8% or around there, it should round up to 100%
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