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  1. The kuva lich system is the worst new content I’ve ever seen in warframe, I’ve played for 4 and a half years, any new players who are worried about it simply shouldn’t. Shame on Rebecca and Steve for showing off a better version at tennocon then leaving us with yet another rehash of the star chart with random death progression system. This is abysmal.
  2. The lack of console tag here smacks of elitism, don’t be that guy (unless u are this individual)
  3. In addition: Yes I could have had these things if I really wanted to, but the streaming culture makes me sick to my stomach and I want no part of it. I want to play my game the way I enjoy doing so. Ah who am I kidding the game I loved is long dead....
  4. Having played this game as a completionist for years, you guys at DE truly suck for making me miss out on a bunch of cosmetics since you started doing this.
  5. The difference between DE saying they’d like to implement a plethora of snazzy ideas and then going on to release half baked, broken and totally disconnected systems along side each other is why we don’t have most things showcased over the last few years. They can’t pull it off. But hey the people love watching a devstream with countless anime references.....
  6. How about spending 3 hours grinding these disgusting rehashes of the star chart... farming a lich that has a gun I already own... killing next larva crap... another weapon I already own. I need ONE damn weapon for mr28 and of the last 4 lichs I’ve summoned I’ve gotten 2 duplicate ayangas and a duplicate twin stubba. Even harder to understand on PS4 because pc can trade lich and we have to wait for that update, meanwhile getting duplicates galore. This update sucks.
  7. I called the aksomati with Ivara too long ago!!! Can’t believe it, sad there’s no lacera tho
  8. The whole lich system is ridiculous. DE have clearly let the increase in revenue get to their head. I miss having a fun game to look forward to content updates but I don’t see any future content coming without some batS#&$ ideas that some other dev implemented well in a game solely around said mechanic. Jesus Christ Canada.
  9. All they have ever done is change the things we love for some S#&$ we threw away years ago... my lacera out performs my scoliac in every situation I’ve used it in since the update. They used to be really cool at sticking with what they were good at, listening to the fans etc. Now they just have some crazy ideas that are way above their skill sets and the only thing that suffers is the the ones who play
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