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  1. Please patch the game and get the party summary off the mini map. No one can see where they are going.
  2. Mad5cout

    Gara Shattered Lash

    Please allow Gara to move while casting this. Thanks.
  3. Problem: One of the reasons conclave is not as popular as it should be, IMO, is the current restrictions regarding polarities on mod slots. In short, I am not going to destroy my end-game PVE umbral builds simply so I can go do conclave, which has little global gameplay rewards and benefits. The type of mods I would use for a conclave build are completely different than those I use in PVE. Basically what this means is that to have a conclave frame, I currently would have to have a second copy of that frame to polarize for those specific builds. Not going to happen for most players. Result: Most people build their frames for PVE endgame and ignore conclave altogether and it never gains traction. I predict that this same issue could also happen with the ship battles depending on how those are structurally organized. Solution: For all conclave or future PvP game modes only, I suggest allowing every player to pick whatever polarities they want. This could be done in a couple of ways: 1. Everyone gets 5-6 polarities to use or not use as they choose. 2. Whatever slots each player has been polarized for PVE, they can choose different polarities in PVP mode for those same slots. IMO, this not only solves the issue of having to compromise or destroy builds for the different game modes, but it also means that PVP matches become much more about skill rather than how long a player has been around and how much they have farmed. Of course, there still will be differences based on which mods each player has accumulated but, particularly with option 1, the playing field would be somewhat leveled. I feel that if this were implemented, you would have more people participate in conclave and players who are at the end game may find this as a much more viable option to occupy their time, because they don't have to sacrifice their hard work to participate.
  4. Mad5cout

    Remove MR restrictions and use a meta score

    Not only do I think it, I know it. Having skills unlocked is not the end all be all of how a frame performs. Some frames are built around their first skill (e.g, Saryn) and lose virtually nothing in terms of playability and power in forma resets. When you are MR25 and everything in the game is leveled and all you have left is maximation of everything you own, this process becomes tiresome. When low- or mid-level, you can maximize time by doing multiple things at a time - leveling gear while doing fissures, bounties, unlock nodes, farm materials, etc. - that are actually meaningful for your personal gameplay goals. When you get to max MR, this (as in doing multiple things that actually matter for your gameplay) is no longer possible because of these MR caps. Other than releveling forma'ed gear, the only things you really need are things like focus farming (ESO), get new/rare mods (Arbitration), run sortie dailies for rivens, or do eidolon hunts. I don't even really need fissures anymore except when I run out of forma BPs, which are often easier to just buy with plat at this point in the game. And to be honest (LISTEN UP HERE DE), this is one of the reasons you lose longtime players because they get effing annoyed with unnecessary barriers and forced grinding like this. Removing annoying restrictions like this is likely to keep experienced players around longer. I know the frequency of my playing has decreased ever since I hit this wall. It isn't just about content drought. Some of the problem is stuff like this.
  5. At MR25, with every mod in the game, my newly formaed frame is about 20x stronger than a MR 6 with their first level 30. Locking out things like ESO, Arbitrations, and even Sorties using MR, in my opinion makes little sense at this point in the game. There should be some type of meta-score that uses the mod numbers and quality that you are currently wearing that determines your entry. This would also theoretically eliminate the possibility of someone coming to a zone like this with a level 30 frame with no mods on. Sincerely, Bored AF of leveling in Hydron
  6. Koro, Kuva Fortress. Like 8 spawn on either side of the bridge after you plant the explosive.
  7. Mad5cout

    Drum Contest Is Now Closed!

    Mad5cout Presents.... George of the Jungle on Taiko Drums. George. George. George of the Jungle, Watch out for that tree!!! *Backflip* Nailed it.