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  1. I once did the calculation for trying to get a Gold drop on a relic. If you take the % chance you will get a particular relic from farming a mission, with the average runs to a sure drop on the gold drop for that relic, AND the amount of time it takes you to farm 100 trace, it is something like 6 hours or more of gameplay. It isn't about being lazy. That is just a #*!%ing stupid expectation for one PART of an item.
  2. For the love of God, please finally allow us to break down relics into trace without running entire missions to do so. Every single one of your loyal fans who have been playing for more than a year has about 3948047 relics in their inventory with no hope of ever completing them all. In addition, when farming specific items on specific relics, the time required is DRASTICALLY protracted by the need to farm trace, which is by far the most time consuming part of the entire process. It is completely imbalanced with the time it takes to acquire specific relics and to run enough of them to get the roll that you want. I would give my left nut to have it so where we could breakdown a relic for even 5 trace. Maybe it requires an orbiter upgrade purchase from Baro that appears every week so it isn't a pain to get. A relic decombobulator that costs 1000 Ducats or something. SOMETHING. Community up-vote this so they understand how needed this is.
  3. Mad5cout

    Mastery 28 Test

    Just an idea here: Maybe make it so that the canisters don't disappear into thin air when you throw them while jumping.
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