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  1. First, I have no complaints at all about making changes like this. Often changes to the base mechanics are the only thing that keeps things interesting. BUT, you have to do it in a way that isn't annoying. When you changed to damage 2.0 ages ago, I literally walked away from the game for about 2.5 years. There is only one way to make this okay and not induce every level 27 player to leave the game: Give us a two to four week period where our melee weapon polarity slots can be changed at will. Even a FREE 498327590832745098234758902347509 forma pack so I can fix all my weapons would be woefully inadequate. I am not willing to grind old content for months to redo all of my melee weapons. I'd rather walk away from the game forever than do that.
  2. I am not asking to get the parts faster. I am asking for my trace to either last longer or to not take twice as long to farm simply so I can farm the thing I actually want. In other words, I am sick of the Disneyland farming system. You know, where you wait in line just to wait line just to wait in line? It takes about two times as long to farm the relics to unlock a prime than it does to actually farm the relic itself and it takes about four times as long just to farm the trace to radiant that relic to get what you need. The economy of the whole system is out of whack. And the result of this imbalance is having 938427590834287590847590 relics in your inventory that not only will you never use but you could never actually get through because of the disproportional drop rates.
  3. Folks this is pretty simple. All I am asking for is for the relics to have a parallel system to converting mods to Endo. This system already is in the game for mods and it works great. There is no reason relics shouldn't be the same or similar. I wouldn't even care if the transfer rate were literally 1:1 per intact relic and scaling up to something like 5-6 for a radiant one. I am not asking to never farm trace again. I am asking for there to some semblance of common sense to the system.
  4. Peter I know you have been around forever but 90% of your posting is glancing at a post, reading completely past its meaning, and the crapping all over the idea with absolutely meaningless information. I am well aware that the CURRENT system is getting traces from cracking relics. My precise point is that this system sucks and is absolutely a waste of time because of the low payout for the time it takes to crack one. That is the ever loving point of my post and you somehow feel that redescribing the current S#&$ty system that I just referred to is somehow a valid response to that criticism. It is quite telling that anyone who has been playing for a while has well over 200 relics just sitting in their inventory. The balance is off. Even if they do keep the system, they trace drops need to be increase - literally doubled at a bare minimum. I am MR 27. I came into this most recent Prime drop with 1400 trace - currently the maximum a player can horde for a prime release. I burned through all of it running the new relics in a day and a half and I am still missing 4 pieces, all of which require radiant relics to effectively get. That is about half of the parts that came out that you need a radiant relic to obtain. The incentive to buy the Prime Access should be the platinum, exclusive skins/bling, and not farming. It shouldn't be an excuse to make those of us who do choose to farm have to suffer a horrible system. Otherwise, Warframe turns into a type of "pay to win" game. If this type of market system were implemented in a competitive game, the entire steam community would be crapping all over it in the reviews. Bottom line: Just because you drank the cool-aid and have extremely low expectations does not mean that the rest of us should.
  5. 6 year vet, MR27 here. There is nothing I hate more than farming void trace to radiant relics for new prime parts. The RNG is so low on the parts that I always run out even if I am maxed at like 1400 trace when the new gear drops. Then I get to farm trace for hours. This is literally the part of the game that I hate the most because the drop rate is so friggen low you have to run at least 5-6 relics just to unlock the one you actually need. Let's say it takes an average of 3 runs (sometimes it takes one, sometimes eight) to get each part. That is an average of 15 trash relic runs just to get ONE part. On average, 11-12 parts drop every prime release, translating to on average 165 trash relic runs to get enough trace to unlock them all. Even if you did ALL of those in 3 min capture runs, that is upwards of 8 hours of real life time running trash relics just to get enough trace to unlock all the parts of a single prime release. This is a horrible, horrible system. It makes me want to stop playing the game. SUGGESTION: Let us trade/crush/craft trash relics into trace. The quality of the relic dictates how much you get. Then I would actually have a purpose for those 98473509837489 rad relics I have from grind ESO for focus (incidentally, grinding focus is my second most hated part of the game but I will save that for another thread).
  6. Bug 1: My clanmates and I got a cumulative best score of over 20K for our ghost clan and received only the terracotta trophy in the mail. Please fix this. Bug 2: The nullifier pylons in disruptions nullify you for the rest of the game until you kill yourself. If you happen to be in operator form when this perma nullification happens, you will be nullified in operator mode for the rest of the game and completely unable to transfer back into your frame. The only way to transfer back in is to get your operator killed, but, unlike when this happens to your warframe, your operators death does not reset you. You will be nullifed again every time you enter operator mode for the rest of the match. Honestly, if the nullifier pylons can't be immediately fixed, they should be removed from the game mode until they are. That is game-breaking horrible when you are trying to do endurance runs and have to kill yourself just to play the game.
  7. First, thank you for such a cool concept frame. Suggestions: 1. Balefire: Please get her fist out of the LOS of the target reticle. I can't see what I am aiming at. This ability should completely change with Aegis Storm active. The rate of fire should double (because there are two), the damage should be lowered (say because power is diverted to thrusters), and it should be FREE to fire in this mode. Because parity. Just like Baruuk Serene Storm or Valkyrs claws or Mesas Peacemakers don't cost anything to fire when their ult is active. The alternative might be to make these only come up in Aegis Storm and make them free to fire, like Peacemakers and completely change Hildryn's first ability to something else. 2. Shield Pillage: This should be castable with Aegis Storm on. Just like Barruk can continue to cast Lull and Desolate Hands to recharge his restraint meter with Serene Storm on. Parity is good. 3. Haven: The energy drain floor is too high 6.25 shield PER ENEMY. At higher levels with a lot of mobs and with max range, this gets just ridiculous especially for the low damage it does. Maybe this would be worth it if the damage ticks increased with Aegis Storm active. And this is on top of the static drain the ability already costs. Make the static drain slightly higher and the floor on the per mob drain should be more like .25-.5. 4. Aegis Storm: This is super buggy right now. Things that are not on the same level as you (like down even a small hill or staircase) are completely unaffected at the moment and this needs to be fixed. Please, make the balefire just come up automatically when this is activated and make it free to fire. The shield drain on this is equally ridiculous as Haven (and you can apply my suggestions above to this ability also). However, it would be more manageable if we could use the balefire to knock down mobs (with no charge to fire) to manage the shield pool and how many enemies we had stacked up. Also, please make it so the mobs don't drop to the ground and start moving when an energy orb is pulled out of them. Again, make shield pillage castable in this form. If you are worried this makes her basically invicible (even though I can think of about 5 other frames that essentially are), then change Aegis Storm to only slow enemies down like Nova's MP instead of levitating them like Bastille. So, just to give an idea as to why I am making these suggestions. Right now most the YouTubers are trying to leverage Hildryn's shield gating mechanism to make a tank. That's fine. Not my playstyle. I made Hildyn a into a Valkyrie with high efficiency and max range and basically fly around with her 1, 3, and 4 active all the time. While it is currently manageable at lower levels, when I play high-level content like ESO or basically anything with Infested in it, this build becomes unviable. While I think every frame has its weaknesses and some builds work better than others, I feel like most of them are flexible enough where I could say "this isn't preferable here but it works and I think it is fun." With Hildryn's current configuration, the build I describe simply won't work in higher level content, particularly with infested. E.G.: Derelict survival? ESO/Arbitration with infested mobs? Forget about it... I feel like the suggestion I made above would make her serviceable with Aegis Storm in these situations.
  8. Moa does the pee pee dance, lifts one leg, squirts oil on to the ground, and puts its leg back down.
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