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  1. It looks like what DE did to "fix" the data mass drop was to add a blue beam troop drop that has a 100% chance to spawn a guy with a data mass on him. The problem is that there isn't a 100% chance that the blue beam drop happens. So you know DE: What breaks it is if you fly in on your arc wing and/or aggro/kill any of the troops at the base you need to cap before the drop happens. How you can currently make it work: If you drop out of your arc wing before entering the yellow zone and walk in AND do not aggro existing troops, the blue beam drop happens right when you walk into the zone. You can also sometimes get a data mass to drop off the regular guys using a Pilfroid, Ore Gaze Atlas, or a Nekros. DE, please fix this. It is still bugged.
  2. If you are not going to fix the data module drop, make it a hacked console already. It has literally been over a month that this bug has been in place.
  3. I love Baruuk... Thank you for a great warframe release before the end of the year. Some suggested tweaks: 1. Add a Baruuk Suggestions subforum just like you have done for Garuda. 2. Make his restraint meter affected by efficiency. That is high-efficiency results in faster restraint loss when using his first three skills and slower restraint gain when using his ultimate. 3. Add a buff tooltip in the hud that shows you exactly how much damage mitigation you have as a result of losing restraint (his passive). 4. Sleep duration counter seems to currently start when the enemies start to slow down. This shouldn't start until they are actually asleep and the slowdown should be a stable count of some kind that is separate from the effect duration. 5. If you have lost your elude protection from making an attack, that should be visible by stopping the phase effect on his body and it should reappear when the protection is up again. Currently, it is a static effect. 6. I suggest switching lull and desolate hands, making them his third and second ability respectively. This would give some parity between desolate hands and gara's splinter storm. Then, and this is important, I would make lull a targetable AOE like bastille or cataclysm. To me, this balances Baruuks first three skills better with similar frames. 7. Ultimate is great but it would be nice to get some clarification on exactly how the mods on the weapon itself are (or aren't) affecting this skill.
  4. If repeller systems doesn't drop in my next two runs, I am literally quitting this game until they fix the tables.
  5. I should not be stuck at max rep, rank 3 Vox Solaris for 4 days solid of grinding Fortuna Bounties because I can't get a repeller systems to drop. You need to fix these drop tables. This is stupid. Also, please allow us to skip or at least don't make us wait for that vent kid dude to finish his 2-minute speech at the beginning of Bounty 3. Chek, chek?
  6. Confirmation threads: No data mass dropping: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1046103-profit-taker-bounty-1-bug/ Base cap bug: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1048111-profit-taker-phase-1-recurrent-bug/ Fishing phase bugs: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1047525-orb-heist-mission-1-fishing-bug/ Another base cap bug: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1045816-profit-taker-phase-1-softlock/
  7. I have done this enough times and lost enough loot and time, I feel like DE should mail everyone a large package of bounty rewards for Xmas to make up for this.
  8. Not sure if you are aware of this but that is really bugged. Bugs I have observed so far: 1. You get to the fishing and no amount of fish will complete this phase. 2. You can complete the fishing phase but only the host can catch fish that count for the tally. 3. You get to the base cap phase and no data mass drops. 4. You get a data mass to drop but the hack doesn't start after you insert it. 5. The base capture completes but the bounty does not advance. Please fix this.
  9. Part of the issue is continuous bounties. A group finishes one bounty run to completion and some people leave while others stay to start another bounty run. The game reads this as a fresh game and opens it to any player loading orb v., including those who merely clicked on that node in the star map or left town with no bounty in hand to do random tasks like you are talking about. It isn't really that player's fault they got matched with a team in the middle of consecutive bounty runs. They shouldn't be punished for a game mechanic.
  10. Mad5cout Presents.... George of the Jungle on Taiko Drums. George. George. George of the Jungle, Watch out for that tree!!! *Backflip* Nailed it.
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