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  1. That would suck imagine getting your clans dojo destroyed then what ? rebuild and research everything again ? xd
  2. this is the first time i write on the forums i belive
  3. I dont know if this was already sugested elsewhere so if it was my apologies. So the idea is a invasion of your clans dojo by grinner, corpus, etc. where clan members have to defend the attack. The enemies levels could be based on what clan members are currently defending the dojo.
  4. so let me get this straight what they did with this update was nerf gara change the crosshair we loved and knew sinse the dawn of warframe changed the operator so it looks like its always tired as F*** also still no fix for the moon :|
  5. is there some way of changing how the reticle/crosshair looked and behaved before the update ?
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