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  1. Usually on hills or at dawn. It's like it simply doesn't register. Had it teleport away to when there were 5 lures around. Had it die instead of capture 4 times today. 3 Tera and 1 Gant so far
  2. This has happened twice today. There are sufficient charged lures and it dies instead of being captured. Practically standing on the lures, so range isn't the issue. Only happened while it was retreating back to the water and died before it reached it. Is there some rule that requires extra at dawn?
  3. And then getting stuck on the floor or railing or something and taking damage from it. Please DE; can we get at least this small update to Titania?
  4. Yes. This is basically meant for the frame that is doing the healing and support. Not really the damage dealer per say (though I do have a decent Rubico/Lanka) but keeping the damage dealers alive and such.
  5. Yes. though in practice the 1st ability is hard to aim at the bouncing tenno on the ground and hitting yourself with it isn't ideal. Which there was a way to dispel it.
  6. Alright. just saw that to. Missed that little bit before. Still; not a shortage of enemy fire on the eidolons. And it blocks just about all incoming fire to if I follow how it's functioning (big bubble sucks in shots to hit the little one instead of their original target)
  7. To make sure I understand how it works; Each time it's shot but friend or foe, it fires off a healing pulse? So if I blast away with my secondary after putting it down, it should heal anything in range?
  8. Q; Does Amesha's 2nd ability heal Eidolon Lures? Just what it says.
  9. That likely sounds like the case. It is quite possible that it wasn't supposed to give Stealth XP in the first place and it was simply corrected. All stealth wise, as it were.
  10. AFAIK, it's not even a game balance issue at all. Just a simple quality of life issue. The code is pretty much already present for the archwing missions. Should hopefully be able to just simply port it over.
  11. Probably a Frequently asked for Feature. Simple and straightforward quality of life update. Either check if it's on the sentinel and have it apply to her Razorwing mode, or simply include it. If you don't mess with anything else, Just add that. Particularly with how she can get hung up on floors and doorways and walls in Razorwing mode. And Archwing already does this when you run a mission. Sucks up the surrounding loot. Could we please have this ported over to Titania?
  12. dkt0404

    Melee through walls... A better option

    So, if I'm understanding the thought behind this; Your objecting to the loss of a silly mechanic that let melee weapons hit things through walls where they both really shouldn't, and is just silly that it used to. And your defense for that objection is DE having somewhat sketchy collision detection code that doesn't let you still hit through objects? Don't you just have to take a step to the side and swing again? I guess I'm not following how that is a major problem worth as much fuss as I have been reading? 😕
  13. dkt0404

    Melee through walls... A better option

    Out of curiosity; why would you think melee *should* bypass LOS when primaries and secondaries don't without a mod? Seems perfectly reasonable and expected for melee weapons to have the same conditions as the other weapons.
  14. The interaction between the two was really spotty before but it's even more so now since the gear wheel has been removed and put on 3 seperate ones that don't respond while on the zipline Is this intentional or a side effect? The interaction with the two could really use some work. In general, Ivara has real trouble using gear items while on her zipline since she can't access to the gear wheel and has to rely on hot keys. Could this be fixed?