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  1. I've recently addressed a similar post in a different section of the forums so, since the answer applies to both, i will quote my initial reply: Realistically there's another outcome other than "not spotting the aviachea" which i haven't mention and that is having them spawn inside structures -which has been well addressed in THIS post- but honestly that has never happened to me so i don't really know what are the odds of that happening.
  2. That's a good question, there's no mention of a range in the wiki page of the tranq rifle but after doing some tests in the plains the range seems to be around 150-170mt from the target. It is worth mentioning that after 170mt of distance from the target the game seems to prefer de-spawning the capture target (in the case of non-lure hunts) instead of stopping the bleeping so... take these distances with a pinch of salt
  3. I had similar issues with a friend of mine. In my case using a VPN proved to be a good workaround for your UDP port problem, perhaps it is worth giving a try?
  4. The hunt doesn't freeze, you're just not spotting the Avichaea. As you can see from the screenshot below, they're kinda hard to see and are often found at rather high altitudes so like Son suggests.. you should look up. Now, the tranq rifle could definitely use a little "rework" or "tweaking" to make the targets easier to spot instead of making them look like irrelevant particle effects in the air or blend into the ground (the case for the Plains), I'll give you that but.. that's a whole different topic. Also keep in mind that while looking through your tranq rifle scope, if
  5. I'm honestly not sure how to describe the whole picture because after host migration nothing really made sense. As made obvious by the title, I was grinding some credits in the index, the ping was rather stable at around 70-90 (practically no lag) until all of the sudden the enemies froze in place and shortly after host migration took place. Upon loading into the mission again I was surrounded by enemies and, after clearing them up, I began noticing that there were no more spawning and the timer kept ticking down. I capped the 15 or so credits I was carrying in the hope that it could
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